blink-182 - NINE

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NINE Tracklist:


People are acting like bands can’t change to the style that they want. Of course it’s not the same old blink, cause Tom isn’t there. But he left for his own personal reasons. Even if you don’t like it, you should still support them.

Trust and Us



Been a Blink fan since Buddha. It’s been a pleasure to watch them evolve over the years while staying true to what everyone fell in love with at their core. But this is waaay too far removed for me. Best song on the album is like 40 seconds long. Sad to see how bad they have become.

Nice change of pace

The only song that even comes close to the orginal Blink is "Blame it on my youth". Its like I am trying to keep an open mind but I guess I got spoiled with the likes of "Going away to college" and "Please take me home" and What's my age again...

shasha bojee

Solid album. Been a fan since Dude Ranch. Nine keeps growing and growing on me. I love it! Great production too.


Just plane old bad music. Only gave it a star cause it won’t let you post without. Love Mark and Travis with my whole heart, but wow this is bad. I even listened more than once. Bad. Sorry guys. Hope you’re at least having fun doing it.


It’s a solid album.


Darkside was definitely the best song in my opinion. Hopefully they continue to make more good music in the near future!

For The Youth

Go back to your roots. Our roots. I can here the roots deep in the auto toon. But it’s cool if this what u want to make blink but. It’s not for me if this is it. Also if you are trying to sell out let us know. Do it for the youth!!! Punk rock!!! Show the youth today what real punk rock is.


This is a really good and catchy album, and it’s one of the best alternative albums I’ve heard in a while, but this isn’t just classic Blink-182, except no heart to speak of... ... MORE OF THAT PLEASE! Make more songs like no heart to speak of, put them on an album, and you’ll have THE BEST modern pop punk album


This is a nice fallow up to their last album. Though not exactly like California, this is something they would have released after Untitled. Though some of the songs on here don't quite match with there '01-'03 materials. It still keeps that Blink vibe while venturing to newer genres.


I grew up on these guys and they have greatly influenced our generation. I have passed legends, like blink, on to my kids and they love it too. This is possibly top 10 best albums of all time for me. California was a great album and I didn’t think they could top it. Well, they have accomplished this in my humble opinion.


People forget blink never had a set sound or genre. They make music they like. Stop trying to put them with one or the other and enjoy the great songs they put out


That is missing is Tom. Other than that, this does sounds similar to their older stuff. But like I said earlier it’s missing Tom’s (good) whinny voice . His vocals would put it up hire. But don’t get me wrong this is great.

Remy Loves Blink

Finally gave NINE a listen in it’s entirety (admittingly late for someone who once claimed blink as their favorite band) and I was left feeling.... confused. First they are trying to send a message to kids, then crying to mom, then talking about melting records? None of this music has consistent themes and I have no idea what generation they are trying to appeal to other than the wrong one. Sounds like they took riffs from old blink songs and tried to make new ones (someone please agree with me that Generational Divide is a Dogs Eating Dogs rip off!!). I don’t feel like I can relate to any of this stuff. I miss Tom.

Sam Houston

This is blink in 2019 in full glory. The guys have found their new sound. They’ve found creative confidence, or at least given themselves permission to bring in elements from other genres. The result is a mix of songs that explore pain and sorrow, backed by music that moves between pop punk, modern alt rock and alt pop, emo, and even some Latin beats in parts. One of their best albums in years 🤘 <3

Sal vicious

Just no.


Sorry for the D&D pun, couldn’t be helped. There are few good songs on here, but I think the California (both deluxe and regular) was far better and had more of the punk rock feel to it with it still being relevant to the very pop force fed society of today. NINE seemed like a good concept to sell to a larger audience than what they currently have, but hey, money is money.

Jimmy Gorgonzola

I'll start singing a chorus along to the music and realize it's the chorus to a different songs. That's how cookie-cutter some of this is. Blink has never been Radiohead but geez some of these paint-by-numbers tracks sound exactly the same.


I understand why people dont like this album. But i personally like it. It is nothing like old blink but it is catchy and cool. I just wish that travis did a bit more hardcore drumming. Of course there are songs with good drums like generational divide and ransom and no heart to speak of but i need more. I dont understand why people hate on Matt. I think that matt makes an awesome edition to the band. Also the intro first time is FIRE. It is the best song on the album. I just think that it is so so catchy. But i am not disappointed. Even though i wish they rocked harder i think that this is a good solid album from blink. Thanks guys.


Had higher expectations after California, which was a great album.


A very good album that fits blink in the modern age and does it well. I’m not a fan of pop music, but the instrumentation and song writing on this album is fantastic. Mark Hoppus does a good job with the low end and brings energy and life into his singing, Matt Skiba has good guitar work and breathtaking vocal performances, and Travis Barker is a literal god. All in all I think this album is superb and is definitely worth a listen if you have the time.


I think I’ll go die now...( R.I.P) blink-182 1995-2005

The Yeeting Cow

Blame It On My Youth is a wonderful song, don't know why all the hate. Now it brings me back to all the good times I had in summer.


Dark side!


sorry for all you haters. stop with the whining and comparing to old blink-182. This collection is an awesome set of songs!!! Has it all! As musicians all 3 of these guys are great!!! The back beats on these songs bass and drums just kick it!!! Love the guitar, and Matt;s vocals are great. I am enjoying each and every one of these songs more and more with each listen. Thanks guys for making a great set of songs. 'NINE" is awesome, beginnimg to end. I am tired of negativity. Just enjoy... and please continue to create and play new music as well as your older stuff!!


This is not “rock”. Please make actual rock music and not this poppy stuff.


I love it!!


Angels and airwaves sounds more like blink then this crap should be called +44 nothing genuine unlistenable trash they seriously need Tom back they lack creativity and vision and heart and passion very generic bland the same song structure for every song boring awful I don’t count crapiforna or this garbage cannon. I would rather have a high pitch ringing in my years it's defining


I mean, it’s okaaaaaaaay....I guess. I heard this on Amazon Music and I’m kinda glad I didn’t spend money on buying it. I hate the mix. Mixing the guitars really low on some songs. Sounds like crap. I don’t know who talked Blink 182 into going this direction with this album but they need to stop. Go back to the self titled album formula of writing songs. I like Black Rain though. Listen to it.


first listen i thought i hated it. but after a few more listens i loved almost every song. Happy days and BIOMY were the wrong choices for singles and shouldnt have made it on the record. Heaven, pin the grenade or no heart to speak of wouldve been better singles. black rain is a personal favorite as a long time Skiba fan,it couldve been an Alkaline Trio song. better album than neighborhoods i think. tom can keep his whinny singing in ava. loving this refreshed sound with Skiba. recommend every song except Happydays and BIOMY


Not many bands put out albums I can listen to from beginning to end, but blink has made yet another. They may sound a bit different but I don’t think I need recycled music. There sound is still blink and sounds good


The album is decent, but the dark undertones from Matt Skiba and overproduction from John Feldmann make this sound more like a modern Alkaline Trio album than a Blink 182 album. As a huge Alkaline Trio fan, they haven’t had a great album since Good Mourning (Crimson was decent) It’s not bad, but I can’t tell if Matt joined Blink 182 or if Mark and Travis joined Alkaline Trio... That being said this is way better than the last few albums they had with Tom...


Don’t even know what I just heard

👎🏿 ads

Love how their instrumental sound is the same but without Tom they still make the best of it.


Solid Album it feels like Matt really hit his stride on these songs. It sounds really cohesive and complex. I might be a little impartial because, Matt is my favorite singer songwriter; the guy has amazing lyrics. My only complaint is that it sounds maybe a little to polished in places.


I've been following blink since dude ranch and this is by far the furthest departure from their core. Although it's not terrible overall, the sounds does sound like it is trying to appeal to everyone with exception of Travis's couple drum solos at the final breakdown, meaning their evolved genre is more pop and geared to the masses. In other words, it seems a classical story of rock selling out to LA's bottom line agenda of selling heaps of records versus selling music that is true to form. I can listen to the album on some usual days, but it's nothing special and I wouldn't recommend it to legacy blink fans. California on the other hand is well rounded, has substance, and is a good stepping stone in the right direction. This album however has a left pivot to left field, "going nowhere." Probably a more suitable name for this album. And not to end this on too terrible a note, but good God does it sound like a pop punk bad in Hollywood wrote this album for them, or did they slap this together in the background? I mean, why the hell is the album so short?!


This is definitely a great album! The second half of the album hits different. I love this!


I don’t hate the album. It feels like alkaline trio mixed with simple creatures and added a dash of +44, a few tracks have a flair of boxcar racer meets angels and airwaves. However even though I love all those bands separately I do not think it combines entirely well, and as a result it makes a very EMO-POP Blink instead of a PUNK-POP Blink-182.

Mr. Mooseknuckle

A Blink-182 record for grownups.....


It’s pretty great


y’all just say you like this album cos you’re afraid you’ll be a “fake fan” if you let yourself critique any of Blink’s releases


Blink182!!!Keep ROCKIN 4Ever




After hearing the singles (aside from Happy Days) I was worried, but Blink came in clutch. Can’t stop listening!


I love the diversity of songs on this album it’s really cool and great!!! This was quite a nice suprise to listen to!! Breath of fresh air!!


On the bright side, neighborhoods sounded a lot better after listening to this.


Odio que


...have sold out...


There are a few really cool moments on the album; I did enjoy California more. Feel like Mark’s voice is getting worse and worse; shows more on the majority of tracks on this record. It’s like he’s “speak-singing” I’ll wait a year or so to check out the 12-15 other tracks when the Deluxe edition is released, before I buy anything. I enjoy Matt being part of the group; and of course Travis- who at this point in time (especially with the release of California), plays a significant part in the band’s level of success and relevance in today’s music scene.