Neil Diamond - Classic Diamonds With The London Symphony Orchestra

Capitol Records; ℗ 2020 Neil Diamond, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

Classic Diamonds With The London Symphony Orchestra Tracklist:


I was skeptical. Symphonic arrangements of Neil’s most famous songs? I hated his “Movie Album” in the 90’s and feared this would be a return to that. Good news: It’s not. It’s super fun hearing these gems reinvented with brand new orchestral arrangements, and Diamond’s voice in full form. And while I LOVE new, original Neil Diamond albums, I’m kind of hoping there’s another few volumes of this. Not many artists would dare change one hair on the head of their biggest hits, but with this album Neil Diamond is bold enough to mix things up and bring different colors to his work..and it’s the perfect gift for a troubled year.


Another greatest hits album some of the songs were good but most songs are not as good as the original how do you suggest you try before you bye Pandora is a great site


I really didn’t expect to love this album as much as I do. My first reaction was..oh no another compilation. This is SO MUCH MORE! Neil’s voice is still strong and the nuances he brings to this outing make this very familiar material feel new. Holly Holy definitely a stand out! Rock on, Mr. D and stay well💎💎❤️


After hearing Heartlight, I couldn’t wait for the release of the rest of the album. Beautiful renditions of all my favorite Neil Diamond tunes. I am a lifelong fan of Neil... my 6 yr old grandson is also a fan. He requests his music when he needs confidence before swim lessons and falls asleep listening to his “Meal” Diamond favorites. 😀


Just listened to the whole album, so good, so good, so good. Old songs with a new twist. Holly Holy, I’ve been this way before, and Play Me are stand outs.

Waren B.

Amazing Strings. Another gold record on Neils wall.


I cant wait to hear the others!! I do wish he added some more deeper tracks also though. like Lady Oh or say maybe. but I can REALLY use this album right about now. and Neils voice sounds AMAZING.

Memory of Dad

I love listening to Neil, his music brings back so many memories of my dad who always had him playing. Neil’s music is uplifting and positive. His music will always be special to me. #missingyouinheavendad❤️


I have all of Neil Diamonds albums. Aways seen him in concert when he comes to Philadelphila. PA. Glad he decided to put more music out.


I’m very excited for this to come out. I’m a 26 year old police office who just loves Neil. I play his music even with inmates in the backseat and they even like it. Neil reaches across all age groups. Love ya Neil. Would love to meet this man

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