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Out of Body Tracklist:




I can’t say enough about how this albums gets me right in the feels. NTB brings the whole package on this one - excellent songwriting, composition, orchestration and sounds. Very timely and relatable themes with hooks that stick with you. Fabulous job!


This is one of those albums where every song is great. My wife and I love it! Arguably one of Need to Breathe’s best! Well done gentlemen.


This band is great! Even though bo had to leave, they still managed to have some great lyrics to their music. Make the bass player have a solo song!!! It’s time!!!


This band continues to crank out phenomenal music with incredible lyrical writing. They fly under radar but should be on everyone’s list the minute they do anything!! By the way, they have one of the greatest vocal frontman of any band out there!!


I had never heard of this group before but they Have been around for 20 years?. If all their music is this good .... what I have been missing !!!


Best album yet!

mimic vampier starlight

Not good enough

Resident Bad#@&

It’s different but I love it! Might be their best work to date! Bear’s vocals really get to shine on the album. Love it!

God seeker76

This album is so full of soul, hope and truth. Thank you NEEDTOBREATHE for this incredible collection of songs.


I preordered this album, and EVERY SONG IS AMAZING!!!! JUST discovered these guys back in March, and can't believe one of my three grown children never mentioned them!!!! Wonderful lyrics, instrumentation, and just all around awesome listening experience!! The "Experiencing Out of Body" concert was phenominal as well.


Seriously...listen to the entire album from start to finish before developing an opinion. The clips from iTunes don’t give the album the respect it deserves, in my opinion. I love every song and have listened to the album on repeat for the past 3 days


Not going to lie, it’s odd hearing something that’s unquestionably Needtobreathe but with the void of Bo’s voice & instrumental influence. That said, Tyler Burkum filled the spot better than anyone else could’ve and the rest of the gang still brings that signature sound.


I’m not sure why I’m surprised by this album...everything they do is with high quality and a level of energy that just makes you want to dance. I’d give it 6 stars, if I could.



Swiftie Swiftie Swiftie

Greatest love of all time is over now


If you like NEEDTOBREATHE you’ll live thus album. If you’ve never heard of them you enjoy it too.


Everyone was waiting to hear the first album without Bo. Some weren’t going to give it a chance. Some insisted Bear would make the band sound like Wilder Woods. But I was excited. And man, I’m happier than I thought I’d be. The last 2 albums were phenomenal, but took me some time to get into a lot of it. Some of the songs seemed outside of their realm. But the fact is, these guys have evolved with every single album, and this one is no different. There’s as much heart I’m this album as any of the others. There are 11 songs and out of those, I loved 7 instantly, and the rest I’m loving more each day. So many of these songs evoke a feeling or a memory. They make you think, they make you feel, or they make you move your feet. And also, there’s no trace of Wilder Woods in anything but the vocals. I will always love & miss Bo. But Bear can lead this band without him without losing what makes Needtobreathe who they are.


Been a fan of this band since 2007 and this album is my favorite yet. The cohesiveness of the tracks and the artistry in the lyrics really showcases how the group has deepened their craft over time. This album should be a strong contender during music award season!


Love every song on this album. They continue to make great music.


I’ve been a huge NTB fan for a while and this is their best album yet! From start to finish it is just absolute perfection! I love every song and there is not one skippable song on the whole thing! Great job guys!!

Mike Moore 0824

Every time they put out an album I always worry it won’t live up to their past genius. They put my worry to ease each time. I enjoyed every moment. Thank you guys, you did it again!!


Up there with rivers and reckoning

Thread of Light

Great music, but they released two songs off of it as a little EP, and it’s not including those as part of this album. So for those that bought those two songs, our choices are to buy the entire thing again, or spend just as much buying the songs we don’t have. Rip-off


Awesome as usual!


I’ve given this album a few listens now, and I must say it’s grown on me each time. The songwriting is something rather unlike anything NTB has previously put out, and honestly, quite unlike anything you’ll hear anywhere else. The use of synth and glossy effects is a little heavier than you’ll find on older records like The Outsiders (in my opinion, still their best) but they don’t use it to the point where they just go off the edge and abandon their core musical values. I wouldn’t say this is their best album, but some of the songs on here are right up with their best. If you’re new, check it out and check out their other albums. If you’re a long time fan, check it out anyways, there are still some mind-blowing tracks and impressive songwriting running all throughout.


In some ways they’ve returned to their southern rock routes, yet the sound on this album is more developed. It’s like taking the production value and layering of Hard Love and adding it to their traditional sound which gives a fuller richness to the songs. Not a bad track on here

Itunes L.A.

It’s been a long while since I heard anyone’s entire album and liked every song. These guys are talented! So good!


NEEDTOBREATHE is great. The album is beautiful 👍




You guys keep doing it. My favorite record to date! Best part is, these guys are great examples of men. Their talent and character makes for a combination we should all strive for!

Scott S ironman

This album is amazing. Needtobreathe had a live stream debuting the album and it was amazing as well.

Grammy Academy

From the start, the music is cliché and boring, you think from the snippets that previewed it would be a solid album but it doesn’t turn in with the final product. It’s a disappointment and is just like any other band today. The album and song structures have no levels and repeat the basic nostalgia of rock music that has been in existence.


This was a great album, every time they mix their music up a bit they kill it and still have their sound!

JC Strick

Amazing new album! Always love NTB and love that a lot of this album sounds like your older stuff from The Outsider days!


Love this band so much! They’re so real. BEST ALBUM YET!!!


Ahhh, a new album from these guys is just want I needed during this crazy time. They never disappoint.. The rawness, truthfulness of the writing along with Bear’s voice speaks to my soul.. I have loved them from the beginning. The fact they they love God & love people is just icing on the cake.. keep it up guys!


The BEST album to ever be made

Jesse Harmon

They never fail to amaze me. Bears vocals are the best I have ever heard them in this album. And the livestream last night was top notch


Love it so much! Thank you guys!


Found this band about 6 months ago and when I heard about this new release I was so excited!! Love all the songs!


The more I listen to this album, the more I love it. Favorite songs so far are "Alive" and "Hang On." And "Bottom of a Heartbreak" needs to appear in movies and TV shows!


Do your ears a favor and get this album!!! Each song is a perfect, authentic, get you in the feels musical roller coaster of a treat. Can we get these guys the Grammy they so deserve!


Every song is wonderful, my favorite whole album to date




Probably the best body of work they’ve done so far!

EB 👍😃😀

Really good album


I think I say “this is my new favorite” every time a new song/album is released by this band, but this really is my favorite album. NTB has done an amazing job! I can’t decide which song is my favorite, because every time a new song starts I turn it up just a little louder.


Very well could be!