NateWantsToBattle - Gotta Go Fast

℗ 2020 Give Heart Records

Gotta Go Fast Tracklist:

dj yeet

Listen to crush 40 they’ll CRUSH you get it 😂anyways this is garbage 🗑 so cya never


It was so depressing. Sonic and his siblings were separated at birth because of Egghead and Sonic’s adoptive parents were killed by Egghead so he had to go live with his uncle. The same thing happened to his siblings parents and I couldn’t watch it after that because it was so sad.

MLG Andrew Plays

As a sonic fan and listening to sonic songs he made the best pieces of making remastered but the whole album


Nate does an amazing job with all of these songs. He made a very good choice going with the songs he’s chosen and I love all of them. My personal favorite is “Sonic Heroes” or “Endless possibilities”. Either way, Nate did an amazing job with all of these songs.


This man has been putting out successfully covers since 2014 and finally gaining the exposer he deserves because of the Sonic movie. Keep up the great work m8!

the boiee

Got to go fast is most of my part


I’ve been a fan of Nate for almost 6 years now. He never disappoints me, this is no exception. I’ve enjoyed seeing him grow over the years, it’s been remarkable. So proud of my boy ❤️


All I’ll say is best sonic covers ever! Tell me I’m not wrong!

The Nintega Guy

After Fist Bump I wanted Nate to do more remix’s and my dream came true. I Am All of Me, Knight of the Wind, and His World are three of my most favorites.


I love sonic and his music and this is such a great cover.


As a huge fan of Sonic the Hedgehog and NateWantsToBattle, I was ecstatic when I heard Nate would be making a full cover album of iconic Sonic songs. You got the songs that he covered a while ago, like Escape From The City (which was released four to five years ago if I’m correct), along with all the new amazing gems, like Reach For The Stars and Endless Possibility. I love how it spans many years of Sonic music. You have the older songs like Live and Learn and His World, to the newer two, Fist Bump and Infinite. It even opens up with the iconic Sonic X theme, Gotta Go Fast, as it should, since it was the PERFECT way to kick off the album! Each song has that special Nate touch to them, while also keeping the same classic feeling of the original songs, with the exception of Fist Bump. Nate and Andy Stein (MandoPony) absolutely KILLED the song and made it 1000x better than the original! I actually have the song put into the Sonic Forces album in place of the original on my phone. The vocals were just superior! Same with Reach For The Stars. The original has a special place in my heart since it was the first Sonic song I ever heard, but Nate’s vocals in his cover, along with the beautiful instrumentation, really made me excited to listen to the song like it used to, since the vocals in the original do get a bit bleh at times for me. My only wish for this album was that Infinite got made into the full version, but it’s still a killer song! It also would’ve been cool to hear Nate cover Open Your Heart, but there’s a perfect amount of Crush 40’s Sonic songs on here as it is, like I Am All of Me. Oh my god, if that song isn’t absolutely spectacular! I love the extra touch Nate put in at the beginning with the guitar and his voice had the perfect sound for it! You can just feel the aggression. I also love the laugh at the end of Sonic Heroes, and how it sounded like he had so much fun making the song! I actually think you can hear how much fun he’s having through out the whole album, and you can definitely hear the hard work he poured into it. It puts so much energy into the album, and puts a smile on my face as I listen to the songs. Still rocking out to it, and absolutely enjoying EVERY song from start to finish! Definitely the perfect thing to come out during the week of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie premiere! Gonna be listening to it with the original Sonic songs, and Nate’s other amazing music! Can’t wait for what he puts out in the future!! Keep up the great work, NateWantsToBattle!



Eren Frost

I really love this album. Nate really outdid himself!


I am literally quaking on my bed because not only are all these songs amazing, but my favorite artist doing a cover to all of them is even more amazing! I wish he did Open Your Heart and maybe even the mix to Dreams of an Absolution but I still love the album! 🥰


Nate our did himself. It’s amazing


Just as I started my playthrough of sonic unleashed, endless possibilities finally comes to iTunes, along with some of the best hits. Definitely am looking forward to rendition of knight if the wind

h0wdy ya11

So cool that not only the Sonic Movie is coming out, but now I can relive my childhood even more by listening to the music made by one of my favorite artists, Thanks Nate You rock


Seeing the idea of both an amazing YouTuber like NateWantsToBattle singing some of the most popular Sonic Songs is fantastic

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