Melanie Martinez - K-12

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K-12 Tracklist:

Beverly marsh 🎈

I love you music

Derek 😎✨

I fricking LOVE Melanie,and I think that she made a amazing album and movie


TikTokkers don’t comment trash just because Play Date isn’t her only song. Grow up and respect Melanie Martinez as a person and not just a TikTok sound.

A perfectly good album 🎀🍡☁️🌸🍄


She is the best music artist out there! Wheels on the bus 5/5 Class fight 4.9/5 The principal 5/5 Show & tell 2.5/5 Nurses office 4.7/5 Drama club 5/5 Strawberry shortcake 5/5 Lunchbox friends 3.9/5 Orange juice 5/5 (makes me cry 😭) Detention 1.1/5 Teacher pet 4/5 High school sweethearts 5/5 Recess 4.6/5 I don’t like Show & tell or detention but I like the rest!


I’ve been a fan ever since dollhouse came out and I’m always amazed!!! She has a unique style that I just love!! This album was amazing and made awareness to problems in our society in perfect ways. I just love her music so much 💜


Those hate reviews they are literally jealous they didn’t even hear the whole songs and why didn’t you hear the songs before purchasing this album .if you have hate keep it to yourself no one wants to hear it .this album is fire.💕


Melanie is my favorite artist, she beats all. And K-12 has such great songs. I LOVE it


She is my favorite singer. I wish I could meet her!


I love it

Victoria K.Z.

amazing songs and I love the meanings behind each song.✨🦋💞


Love this record like I love Melanie!

Cindy McP

It’s not like the first album


The only reason I like this album is Show and Tell. The rest is not bad. #GoMelaine


I love this album Bc it tells you the story behind public schools🤟🏼

brookie mookie cookie

I’m kinda missing the crybaby vibes but still it’s a great album




Some of the songs disappeared and I can’t play them but I purchased the album ? But overall love the album


So I started out watching the movie, like “this is GREAT!” And ended the movie being like “that’s IT?? What happens NEXT???!!” Awesome cliffhanger!! It is getting me SO anxious for after school!! Overall rating: 1,000/10

I'm Not Sarcastic

I am not a Melanie guy, But I heard all the hype on Twitter and TikTok, So many girls were saying “I CANT WAIT FOR K12!” The Same Thing Happened for Igor. But I thought Igor was worth the hype. I love Tyler, but when this came out. I hated it, it sounds like 6 hands scratching chalkboards. This album is overhyped

Sub to Roo Gaming

I’ve listened to this SOOO many times. Despite my age compared to the words she uses, this is my most favorite album EVER.

Melanie 23647473

best album ever 💗


Those hate reviews: 🤡🤡🤡 Those lovely reviews: 🥺💕⭐️ THIS ALBUM IS AMAZINGG 🥺⭐️


Melanie Martinez is an amazing singer with great talent and I’m so happy for her since she hasn’t released a new album in 4 years and now we have K-12 which is amazing and now she is writing after school which is an new EP that’s gonna be attached to K-12 . K-12 the movie is awesome to and I love the plot and setting . All though the album was good , the movie wasn’t my favorite , it had more singing then actual talking ( I hope you know what I mean lol . ) But other then that everything was amazing in her album / movie . Everyone Melanie Martinez fan should give this a 5 / 5 . I hope Mel keeps doing what she loves .

Toon Jazzy

I’ve always been a fan and I relate to most of her songs, ESPECIALLY Lunchbox Friends, I didn’t buy it but I still heard the entire album and I can’t wait for her next album “After School” Bye

ghgjg see ccc

I love this sooooo muck the movie is on fire to!💖💖💖💖💖


Crybaby fans our prayers have been answered ❤️😍🥰✨


the film was incredible in both cases. it taps into messages most mainstream artists don’t discuss in music and used real life to translate experiences in school settings. my favorite artist ever

Ava Walk

This is awesome! I love Melanie and her amazing albums!



TheKitty 🐱❤️

Perfection ❤️❤️❤️


Melanie is great at making music and K-12 is my favorite album from her


I love Melanie


Melanie Martinez has done it again! Her songs are so good and well written. And to top it all of on this strawberry shortcake, we got a MOVIE! My fave songs are Nurses office and Show and Tell.


melanie martinez has come back for another hit with a MOVIE and had done it again... a whole QUEEN 🥺💘💒


I cannot express how much this album means to me in a personal level and how much it has helped me grow as a person I hope she keeps up with this great kind of work💗💫

Potato Queen 24857

I really love her songs my favorite is Wheels On The Bus I really like it!


I have always loved Mel and always will, this is one of my favorite albums by her!


Original and just amazingly produced as Eilish. More provocative too. I love it. I appreciate Orange Juice so much. Everyone needs to be told they are imperfectly perfect.

Jims wife

The movie was so good and the songs are even better


I don’t hate it.... but Don’t like it either.... yup and now that fans are going to read this and get mad at me anyways————————— like I said it’s..... ok not the best but it’s not my taste in music but it could be other people music sooo it’s sort of a win—win people get their jam while we (people who aren’t into it) go listen to something we like. P.S: I didn’t want to sound like a hater so please understand what I’m trying to say and she’s a good singer I’m all!!


My best album of all the time


Don’t make this type of music 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🆘✴️


I loveee the music I love Melanie Martinez so much and her movie😍😍

Heidi Tims

Best album of hers yet!


Every song sound the same is so bored and horrible album

tell a review baby see the title


love ittt


i’ve been a HUGE fan of mel since 2012, and have waited sooo long for this album and film. all the songs have beautiful meanings and are so catchy and well thought out. my favorite song is orange juice, and each song is amazing. i would definitely listen to this album as it helped me heal and grow as a person.


This is the most annoying thing I’ve ever heard.