Megan Thee Stallion - Good News

℗ 2020 1501 Certified Ent. LLC / 300 Entertainment

Good News Tracklist:


Trash. And it doesn’t deserve an explanation


Love this album all good songs

Jakobe James

her music is always funny 😆


This sounds the same as anything else you’ve ever heard of this genre, classic mumble rap, talentless sounds, overused beats, this album is unoriginal and holds zero significant value of any sort.




People call this music?


Megan thee Stallion is one of the greatest rappers of all time. This album is wonderful and I love everything about it. Megan is a strong, powerful woman and a gift to this world. <3


Big fan since fall 2018 and expected this album to have true southern flavor and honestly be a timeless album. Similar to “last week in Houston TX”




Body is the most annoying song argue with the wall

JustFab Bermuda

Although the entire album is on sale, still wasn’t worth buying the entire album. The 3 stars is for the 3 songs I downloaded.


Trash Trash why can’t I give it zero stars?!


One of the worst albums trash


I felt like it was far too repetitive throughout and her flows didn’t switch up much


It’s the delivery for me🙌🏾 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Nay Groove'

So proud of Megan , she still came out shining


The songs aren’t bad but the album as a whole is a little underwhelming. Especially since she’s released such bangers before this album.


There’s more music than just trash rap filled with profanity and garbage. So, why does this junk fill iTunes new “music”?

Mrs. Price 2.20.2020

I’ve been listening to Meg since her mixtapes and the mixtapes are better than this album. I was expecting way more better material. All the songs sound the same 😫


The fact that this is the top album in hip hop/rap right now says a lot about hip hop in this generation and where it is headed. No wonder why I grew out of most mainstream hip hop.


This is not 2 songs she could have done so much better and got better features on this album....sad


Loved it



baddid b

this album is so good keep up the work megan 😊


queen meg👅

Naughty naughty :)

A flop for me


Every last one is a banger!!


This album is such a great piece of work for a debut album. We see Meg being happy, confident, and sex positive. She’s not ashamed and she proud of who she is & where she comes from. Very solid work for a debut album.


There’s couple song that can be scraped but overall there’s more bangers than flops.


👎🏼 All sounds the same, her flow is choppy and inconsistent. 90’s lady rappers please stand up!


I don't like this music.


no talent


Proud of you Meg! You did your thang with this album


Megan has a lot of bops on here. Not perfect, but I like it. The more I play it, the more I like it.




Representative of Texas yasss slayed bri my that southern feel to the world

The Real Paul Rudd (Ant Man)

Sounds like a robot, just like the other 99% of rappers who sound like robots


How does this have 4 stars. All she talks about it sex


she’s a queen. don’t deny it. she’s talented and cool. love her! her music makes me feel happy. listen and enjoy her !! real hot girl !!


keep releasing new music Meg!


Body-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody. . . . I am astonished that there are people so obsessed with the concept of s*x that they will consider this good music. Grow up, this is trash and you’re too perverted to realize it.


Honestly this album is so good... bunch of haters in these reviews. Megan came through with this album. Really well produced, fun album full of bops. Circles, intercourse, outside, and sugar baby are on repeat.


Idk how people listen to this mess


This release is everything I needed from Meg in her debut album. Her innovative lyrics and flows on this project solidify her status as one of the baddest rappers (regardless of gender) out here right now PERIODT. I’m so proud of my girl, all of her success is rightfully deserved!


Hotties Stand Up


No, it’s not as good as Tina Snow but it still slaps. Listen close to shots fired because she’s talking about Tory Lanez and her ex- BFF Kelsey. I’m loving this confidence booster of an album. Megan is running things now and haters are going to hate!


The only reason that this is at the top of the chart is because of the record company paying for it to be up here do yourself a favor and buy an AC/DC album not this garbage


finally the wait is over. love the album

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