Madvillain - Madvillainy

℗ 2004 Stones Throw Records

Madvillainy Tracklist:


Your favorite rappers, favorite rapper!


Truly a special listen by two legends who come together to deliver one of the greatest rap albums of all time.

Franky 2Time'z

What else can I say? It’s Doom The Super Villain droppin Jewels. Get familiar 💯🌹




🔥🔥🔥🔥...Figaro Figaro


an absolute hip-hop classic, one of the best records in the genres history. DOOM and Madlib at the top of their games make a staple of an album that served as inspiration for a majority of artists in the game today. Must listen for anyone who calls themselves a hip-hop fan. RIP MF DOOM!


RIP DOOM THE GOAT While this album has fantastic production by Madlib, be sure to check out his work with other producers and acknowledge that most of his work he produced himself.

the keeg624

Mf doom is one of the greatest rappers of all time, utilizing his erratic rhymes and beautiful beats as soundscapes to the madvillan’s thoughts. Not to mention on this album Marlins work producing, but I’m talking about mf doom’s albums in general due to his passing. Rip




Best body of work from the VILLAIN!

The D.O.C. Fan

...when you spell the man’s name. R.I.P.

onederbunz bring your so-called music to life! 😂😂😂


The favorite rapper of everyone’s favorite rappers. An inspiration to many. The reason some rappers even started their careers. You were an absolute genius, DOOM, and your legacy will surely live on.💕


RIP to a top 5 rapper of all time




The greatest ever

Cole Roth

Here to pay respects. Stream DOOM’s discog.


One of the greatest album ever made

cali kushlungs

Been listening to this album for 16 years still better then most stuff out now RIP MF DOOM


Truly a once in a lifetime talent. This album made a seismic impact on the next generation of MC’s. There will be nobody like DOOM ever again. REST IN POWER. 🐐

Bewb boss

It might seem overrated to you but this album is truly great. I have tried to get into it and couldn’t. The first listen I didn’t care but the 2nd and after, I absolutely loved it. The production complement Dooms rapping and rhyme scheme. It truly is phenomenal and I won’t beg you to listen to it but to acknowledge it if you won’t. It up to you to decide to listen. By far one of my favorite albums ever.


This album is a solid 8/10.


One of the illest. Bleeds mad talent, skill and passion. Add this to your library


What more could I say that hasn’t already been spoken of — this is one of the greatest hip hop albums ever made, and one of the greatest albums ever made as well. If you like music, support the real ones and BUY IT!


I’ve been a big Hip-Hop head since I was a sophomore in High School. (I’m 23 now) And I’ve just been listening to the bigger Rap Artists of each year and enjoying what they put out. But when it came to the underground or Independent rappers I never really took them into consideration, until I checked out, Hopsin, Immortal Technique, R.A the Rugged man, etc. But I’ve always been told to check out MF Doom by multiple friends and also my favorite Rappers. I gave hmm.. food a listen and I was turned off by it because I just wasn’t use to it. So I didn’t go back to listening to him. Until years later a Youtuber by the name Shawn Cee reacted to this Album and I sat there reacting to his first reaction of Doom. And I instantly feel in Love with the Album. After the reaction I listened to the whole project over and over again. It blew my mind how amazing and how original it sounded. An instant classic for me. Right after it made me explore more MF Doom projects and now I am a fan. Thank you Shawn Cee. I really wish I knew about this sooner though!! 10/10 🔥🔥


I got to thank the boondocks for this one here


One of the best rap albums of all time


I remember hearing about this from a YouTube channel called “theneedledrop” and I decided to check it out and at first I was kind of perplexed but a few months later I decided to check it out. And I’m glad I did, this is my number 1 favorite album. This album is a masterpiece, Madlib and Doom both truly outdid themselves. Not only does Madlib’s production stand out and dazzle but Doom spit straight fire on EVERY SINGLE TRACK EVER SINGLE SECOND HE RAPS. They both collectively kill it as a whole it is a true collaboration. All of the songs are amazing and every verse from Doom and the features are magnificent and Madlib’s production is weird, funny, unique, and beautiful. I implore everyone to check this album out


Straight up dope


hell yea


Nothing bad on here

Big smoke 18

bought the album and 3 songs are missing -.-


Only $10 for arguably one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time. Can't go wrong with this purchase.


DOOMs insane lyrical ability shines, and the way Madlib fits samples into his beats is genius. When one of the best producers ever works with one of the best mcs ever, you're bond to get something dope.


This album is just 🔥🔥


I've listened to many Hip Hop albums and I can easily say this is one of the greatest of its genre.


ok i see everyone praising illmatic but not this goat masterpiece. all of the beats compliment each other so nicely and the concept is CRAZY. and DOOM's lyricism is on another level. must buy for any music lover


Still listening to this in 2016!!


One of the Greatest lyricists of all time and the flow of this entire project is unbelievable


This album is so dope, GOT.....FIRE

Velicky Karl

Honestly a sensational album, its hard not to listen to it from start to finish, just as with Illmatic - this is what it is to be an album, a journey through the heart of imagination via near psychedelic sound. To put it bluntly, this is some next level ascension s--- right here.


Love this album. This will obviously be known as one of the greatest underground sound rap albums ever recorded. The lyrics are sensational, instrumentals are satisfying beyond belief, and it sounds great with the bass turned all the way up in the car. 10/10 in my book!


This is a real hip hop album, and proof it's not dead it's just kickin it underground.


Very different than most. Would recommend


This is a timeless album and a swan song to hip hop in general. A creation like this may never happen again so do yourself a favor and check it out.


This is that fire 🔥🔥


MF Doom.. Thank you.