Machine Gun Kelly - Tickets To My Downfall

℗ 2020 Bad Boy/Interscope Records

Tickets To My Downfall Tracklist:


Much better than corny sounding Eminem. Mgk is a true artist.


Some of Colson’s best work transforming his sound to pop punk bringing back that 90’s early 2k vibes when we all sing Blink-182 anthems and stayed up to watch headbangers ball I hope he explores this rock n roll scene further


Machine Gun Kelly never ceases to impress me with his versatility. I absolutely love this album!


I love MGK and this new direction he’s taking. I love forget me and my ex’s best friend. But love the music and can’t wait to hear more!

holly flax

people change. people evolve. at 29 years old, at every age. there’s no reason that an artist should keep the same style if that’s not what they want to produce. he released countless songs, albums and covers since everything in 2018. and from bloom (yes before it all happened), through binge, hotel diablo, into tickets to my downfall, you can hear his sound start to change into what it is now. his music changes as he does. panic! at the disco did it, fallout boy, taylor swift, Miley Cyrus. the change in his sound has nothing to do with the drama. he’s a young guy, let him evolve like one and express it through his music. this album shows it in a raw and honest light like no other artist has. if you can’t appreciate that, idk what to tell you


All of the songs were really good, Issa masterpiece


Bro, this album is up there with Dookie and Enema of the State. You also got those god tier drums in Travis Barker. Album is FIRREEEE. Seriously MGK, your voice is like made for this. Incredible work. jawbreaker, bloody valentine, lonely, all i know, forget me too...literally the whole album. Masterful work

Police they said

this is one of the best albums i have ever listened to


I think you’re better at hip hop but then you’re not even good at hip hop.


Eminem punted this fool so hard, he landed back in 2002.


Fits MGK a lot better.


This is sooo good


Big fan ❤️his new stuff reminds me of the pop punk I grew up on like blink 182 and mcr and I enjoy it immensely.


This album does take my back to my yellowcard and Blink 182 days. I'm glad he tried soMething different. Big ups to MGK for trying something different. It's a solid album!

Stephen l.



After watching MGK crash and burn in the battle with Eminem, I didn’t have high hopes for this album. But seeing that Travis Barker was a part of it... I gave it a shot. Wow! Kelly can definitely chop flows in hip-hop, but I hope he abandons his rap career, and keeps on his pop-punk train! This album was dope! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼



PDF basics

He is white trash


No talent hack


I love this song


report other devises


Mgk punk rock is great and hope he keeps it up


Reminds me a lot of the blink 182 era! Love it!








Didn’t like him as a rapper. But I’m loving this album.

Xx on neck 1 more we have sex

Great album🤘🤙👍🙏🥚🥜🥧🏠🥰🥵🤬🤡

wrote a random review👍

Great album and really expresses real life problems, it isn’t just a pop punk stereotype album


🤢🤮 He says you have to wear certain kind of shoes to be a rock star or else your fake. 😂 So now he’s the gatekeeper of rock music. He knows all about being fake. Once he starts rapping again he’ll start with the Wannabe Gangster Persona.

Dr Drx

The switch and adaption from MGK shows his true talents as an artist.


I read an interview about mgk expressing his true self on this album, keep flying! Check out Sipeo - I’m Dead! On all platforms worldwide!


The bad reviews are from sad Eminem fans that can’t take a diss, especially because MGK owned him in Rap God. Eminem is a has been, let it go and enjoy MGK.

Natasha Pink

I love the whole album and I can relate to it.


Kids pop


i always knew mgk as a rapper. didnt care for his rapping but ive heard of him and heard a couple of his songs. i love blink and 90s/00s pop punk and alt rock, thats like my childhood and teenage years right there. idk if its bc he made such a huge genre switch, but this feels kinda inauthentic. like hes just chasing the sound thatll make him stand out, not making the music that he wants. the album isnt bad, it just kinda feels like using a sound that isnt his. feels like hes capitalizing on all the people like me, who grew up on alt rock and are moving into their late 20s/early 30s and would enjoy hearing something that reminds them of the music they listened to when they were younger.

Miriam AMRAm

Concert for aliens Bloody valentine My exes best friend Colson ❤️


This is crap

Ancient Jetties

This versatile guy takes a lot of artistic risks and he nailed it on this album. It's far more than an attitude or playing rap games with Eminem. He found a solid groove with Travis and his other collaborators, the production and songwriting are tight, and Travis is still absolutely ripping on drums. Although Travis is clearly a catalyst on TTMD, MGK also brought the secret sauce and made something great happen. All the 1-star reviews are from ignorant bitter fools.


This ain’t it go back to rappin. I honestly think it sounds like trash


That man needs to be cut down. Over saturation of this garbage they claim is pop punk.


This is horrible this album was not good in any sense of the imagination it’s sounded like mom took my Xbox rock from 2008 go back to rap MGK

Spotlight n

I love it


Can’t believe this is even selling....


Absolutely disappointed in this waste of an album..


Good album brings back my emo teen years, but a lot of talking for interludes. Only negative thing but album is great

Zombie Boy 2008

I found this album for sale at Target, Uncensored for a $1. That’s how bad this album is.

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