Lucinda Williams - Good Souls Better Angels

℗ 2020 Highway 20 Records marketed and distributed by Thirty Tigers

Good Souls Better Angels Tracklist:

Trust and Us



I am not the most loyal LW fan, however I have followed her for a few decades. She is a visionary for sure, and should make one ponder her words. Four stars for me because I find the sound does not differ enough from tune to tune. “Wakin’ Up” is a complete standout for me!

Embarrassed American

Thank you, Lucinda for being a voice of reason when there are so few. It needed to be needed to be sung.


Lucinda gots some do-ray-me o this LP. Rock on

Zac al ian05

This is up there with her best work... and that's saying a lot. This is the truth that artists have to be brave enough to speak. Love it!


I love Lucinda. Her words have carried me far. This is no longer what I need. I am just sorry she is just stuck.


Her best work so far. I couldn’t agree with her more...and i'm a Republican.


Her best album by far. Brilliant filthy low down blues!

Color Me Obsessed, the movie

It's been years since I've loved a Lucinda Williams record (her early ones still blow my mind), but finally, she's angry again, and what's wonderful is that she's angry at the same person we all despise. "Good Souls Better Angels" is a soundtrack for our times. "Bad News Blues" is the song I've been looking for. You'll want to get in your car, put it on eleven, and scream the words at the top of your lungs. "Man Without A Soul" is like the perfect New York Times editorial on the past three years, but with Lucinda singing the words. Her anger will make you feel at least a little better. And if you're looking for something that fits our collective mood right now, this is it! Brilliant!


I bought it because Lucida, duh! And her politics.


Honestly obsessed! She is the BEST ! Can’t stop playing it !!!


I own every record LW has ever made. I bought this one. LW is one of the best literary song writers alive. She’s moved on from painting pictures in your mind to relentless preaching. Something I have no need for. This record is monotonous, droning, repetitive and a genuine bummer. I listened through once and I’m done.


I love the honesty in this album. Without that, you’ve got nothing. Great songs!

Not that BB

This might not be sweet Lu's best album, but it's got a great share of heartfelt messages and a few beautiful tunes, as well. It's hard to believe anyone can criticize observations that any intelligent person would make about where this country is. A creative woman with more soul in her little finger than so many of the imposters in Washington, Lucinda fulfills an obligation to give voice to those who wake up every day filled with disbelief at what our leaders are doing to us.


So sad all the artists getting wrapped up in such nonsense. For sure some good songs and others that are as lady as a fat little kid eating donuts at recess.


I usually don’t write reviews....but this album is fantastic...some of her best songwriting...thank you again Lucinda for creating such great music!!!

Thrilled artist

Deep deep wells of words and heart wrenching vocals. We need more female vocalists to take on these issues in these soul crushing times. Thank you Lucinda! Best album ever!


Really good album, not her best but very good. So sad to see so many triggered conservatives on here. Apparently their personal views are to thin and flimsy to stand up to a counterpoint.

Alvin Theodore & Simon

Your right. It’s not Ted Nugent.


Terrible... Shes done such better I mean I can watch SNL if I want this take away. You couldn't find another topic? Like this is o played out wuth every artsist using it as aconcept for nothing more than a quick buck. Lucinda has become what she sings about for selling out for this palp.


As the US continues to sink into darkness, Williams releases an album that matters. Her most important work to date. Haters gonna hate.


This artist continues to amaze. The songwriting, the voice articulate so beautifully. As far as politics, it's not political to notice that bill Clinton was a hound dog and Donald Trump has no soul. These are just obvious documentable observations. So don't project that someone is pushing politics in their art when it is you bringing yours into your judgment