Sara Bareilles - Love Is Christmas

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Love Is Christmas - Single Tracklist:


This song taps into the heart of what Christmas is really about. It is simply gorgeous! Tears. Beauty in a song.


Lovely voice. Lovely sentiment.


I've always appreciated Sara Bareilles' work because of the themes that are more about self-reliance, personal challenge, and broader relationships, rather than "love, loss and longing" as a friend of mine has put it. I own every Sara Bareilles album and thought I had all of here songs that had been released until I heard this in a Pandora feed recently. This is the epitome of her music with the more fundamental theme, piano driven music and the harmonies. This is now in my Christmas playlist as well as my favorites. Another timeless song.


Listen to the words and know they're true. Love is all they want and love is all they need. The "perfect" gift, the "perfect" tree, the "perfectly " paired wine, the house in "perfect "order.... nothing is as perfect as listening with your whole heart and giving to those you love, and those who need love.


True to her artistry this song is eloquently moving!


gosh I am such a huge Sara fan and ashamed of the fact that I just realized this song came out weeks ago!! anyways this is such a BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL song. I mean I always love her piano rendering but it could never sound more beautiful than it does in this song... love this SOOOOOOOOOO MUCHHHHHHHHHHHHH and thanks Sara for making this beautiful song!!


It's a beautiful song and so true: "Love is who we are...Love is how we do. Let no judgement overrule it. Love I look to you... That's all anyone ever wanted....Love"

Anna Nosevich

Sounds a lot like Adele (which is a good thing) I say it is one of her best songs! Keep it up Sarah!!

I really like this song. I like Sara. Knowing that she writes her songs all by herself, and that this is what SHE wrote, right away it lets you know that even though she is famous, she is a kind, unselfish, normal person. And, she doesn't care if the world is made of gold, she is happy with what she has. It is so touching, I almost cried, just because it's rare that you find a "celebrity" that is a real and down to Earth, and just plain kind. Sara is the best!


oh my this is amazing!

Ravi Ponamgi

I have not stopped listening to this heaven-sent gift delivered through our beloved musical ANGEL Sara Bareilles. This woman is an inspired, brave, creative, driven GENIUS who infuses me with that same energy and impetus to invest into every thought and action of my life what she invests into every soul-deep note she sings. I had requested through one of these fan-based communication tools that she record some Christmas music, and here she is, delivering something priceless for $1.29. This song has been on repeat ever since I purchased it yesterday, because apart from actively listening to it, I FEEL the soothing effect it has on my heart while I'm busy carrying on with my day's work. This woman needs to keep singing for a very @#$!ing long time (that F-bomb was for Sara!), cuz she can do no wrong! Her every single lyrical message and her melodic medium seem to indicate a higher force at work. I'm a scientist, with not a single religious fiber in me, and yet this woman is a MUSICAL GODDESS! I have an un-subsiding goosebump reaction to her music EVERY SINGLE TIME I HEAR IT! STILL! YEARS LATER, 5 LIVE CONCERTS LATER! I pose the question to myself every single day, "HOW DOES SHE MANAGE TO PRODUCE SUCH GORGEOUS VOCAL SOUNDS???" Sara Bareilles, I believe you're divine and powerful enough to receive the messages we fans are sending you even if you don't have time to read them all. KEEP PERFORMING LIVE AND RECORDING MUSIC FOR US ALL, FOREVER, PLEEEEEASE!!!!! You're "getting getting [back] the LOVE that you've given away"! See you in BOTH L.A. and S.F. in December! -FAN FOR ETERNITY


She writes my heart with every line. I've fallen so in love with her voice and her story. This song is no exception and though she expressed concern about releasing it I am glad she did. Thank you Sara!


BEst Xmas Song Ever.


She absolutely has one of the most amazing voices of our generation...she never ceases to amaze!


...Sara Bareilles.


Sara, you just go on with your bad self!! Love this. Love you <3

JC Ric

Don't get me wrong, I love the new Pop Sara...however this pure, simple, Sara behind the piano is what always keeps me coming back! Great song!!!


Fabulous song-the holidays are for togetherness and love....and the joy of enjoying each other! Pam DeKalb, IL


Great song, with singing and message! Worth every penny and I can't wait for her next album!!


Can't stop listening


Literally ran to my mom's car. Ran inside. Ran to the computer. Bought this mutha fudgin' song. Listened to it. Cried a little. Showed it to my mom. Wrote the lyrics down. Told every single friend I have about it. Thank you Sara, you made my Christmas complete this year. <3 Was anyone else expecting something upbeat? I know I was. But this is truley beautiful anyway.. Fan- *effin* - tastic, my friend.


She is hands down the most talented musician I have ever heard. Truly. Everysong is Soul provoking and a masterpiece! I am a better person, seriously because I found her music. It is therapy, it is Joyous, internal, and breathtakingly brilliant. She was born to do Exactly what she is doing! looooove her!


Sara !!!! I am in love with you and your beautiful voice...I am convinced that you are what an Angel sounds like. AND you rock as a judge on the sing off. This made my day. TY TY - Patty


This song is the sole reason I will make it through these next few challenging weeks of finals papers and projects to going (probably through a treacherous blizzard) home. I love this song, I love her.


It hits my heart right away. I have been away from home and my family for several years. are the best! I wanted to click "Like" a zillion times!!!


Sara B!!! Always good because her voice has a rare tone, raw beauty, and not to mention her lyrics always ROCK! Seriously Love her music - Not to be a creeper but I wish we could be best friends just so I could hear her sing all the time! SARA! PLEASE Come to Houston, Tx!!!! Thanks for being a unique Artist, staying true to yourself and giving me good jams : )


Sara never really does anything wrong when it comes to her music. It's just as lovely as always.


I adore this song. It makes me cry. I can't wait to be home with my family.


Sara B. never ceases to amaze me. Here she has created a beautiful Christmas ballad with heartfelt lyrics; a song that doesn't have "commercialism" written all over it. When you listen to this song, you can feel the warmth and love she put into writing it, and it's music like this that makes Sara a truly unique artist. She is constantly challenging herself with new sounds, themes, and most of all, she is REAL, and the message of this song only reaffirms that for me. I can't wait to see her in concert in a few weeks...Here's to hoping that Sara makes music forever!!


Truly amazing. A wonderful artist that deserves the highest of awards and that for me surpasses all music,with very much respect to Adele and Gaga, but in my opinion Sarab has something unique. Love her music & I can't wait for her new album!


This is what Christmas is all about. Thank you Sara, you are more than amazing!


This song is amazing and so touching. It shows what is truley important around the holidays. Thank you Sara for this BEAUTIFUL MASTERPIECE!!!


Oh hello favorite new Christmas hymn. Sara has created a beautiful masterpiece, once again! It's heart-warming in every way, especially in it's lyrics & message.


I have always been a Sara fan and this song really justifies that. Sara is just so amazing and to me, if it wasn't for her song "Many The Miles" I wouldn't have gotten into the High School I'm Currently Attending. Something about how she writes her music really inspires me to write my own songs. No two songs of hers sound identical. It's Just Amazing!! Thank You Sara For Making Such Amazing Music!!!!!! :)