Sara Bareilles - Live Session (iTunes Exclusive) - EP

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Live Session (iTunes Exclusive) - EP Tracklist:



Francis A King

So happy to have found this. Sara speaks to my heart.

[email protected]

The only reason why I gave a three star rating is because the song I really want I can't download unless I pay for the entire album. That is beyond ridiculous. I don't care for the other songs except "Gravity". So they're forcing you to spend $3.99 to get one song. That's some nonsense.

Afsaneh, #1 Fan

I looooove her! <3

Black Ops Ben

thats amazing- she sounds just like she does in the actual songs!! she has true talent, unlike actors- turned- singers who just use autotune. luv u sara keep on going!!


Nice price, amazing album!! She's one of very few singers these days that actually sounds good live. My faves are Love Song and Many the Miles.



Tim Bombadim

Listening to her in reverse, the Soho is better but this is the earlier, girlish version of a fantastic artist


I agree with those that say the performances are excellent on this EP.The problem I have,is that the piano is distorted,through out the whole EP. That ruins the whole listening experience.I have the double disc Little Voice (2 CD Set) [Enhanced],which has these same tunes in stripped versions,with a very clean,clear and undistorted piano. I can't believe no one mentioned that serious flaw in this (iTunes exclusive) and that it was released with the aformentioned flaw.


I went to high school with sara, the first time i heard her sing was in our mixed ensemble singing class sophmore year for me freshmen year for her i think? Well she sang On My Own from Les Miserables it was so amazing!!! She was already singing the national anthem at pro baseball games then. that was 1995/1996. She was so very talented then.


I was tentative at first to purchase this album for I was at my last 4 dollars and 73 cents. I had decided to go for it before I had a change of heart and never looked back. It was the best forced quick decision I ever made. I definitely recommend this purchase especially given its low price.

:D <3 :D

She sound better here then on her cd i didn't even think that was possible.


I love Sara!! She has one of the most amazing voices ever, and the songs she writes are just as good. She's definitely right by Imogen Heap and Keane on my list


This was a great album and did not in my opinion want for anything but one thing - I want an ALL NEW ALBUM from Sara Bareilles, with new music. Her first album is great, front to back, but it's not enough and these repetitions from it are not enough! More, please.


I have listened to Love Song 94 times. Winter Song 72 times. Bottle It Up 67 times. August Moon 54 times. And Between the Lines 51 times. While some people may find this borderline crazy, I say it's telling of how amazing Sara Bareilles is. And all of these songs aren't on this live session, so while you should buy this (Right, right now. Right now.) also look at (and buy and listen to) all of her other stuff. And your life will change. Cheesy, but really. Yes.


OMG! My friend has a dance solo to In Your Eyes, and when I listend to the live version I fell in love with the whole album!




Took iTunes awhile to get this one in.. but as long as it's here now. I love how Sara Bareilles sounds live/stripped. She has incredible talent.


This is an artist who has total control over her instrument. Flawless performance. I love her style and her voice. "Gravity" is amazing. I'm looking forward to much more of Sara.


OMG! I love this album so much Sara has an amazing voice I recomend this to EVERYONE!


I was at the taping of this it was at Waterloo Records in Austin, TX at the South By Southwest festival, and it was unreal! She is absolutely one of the best performers out there today, I recommend everything she has ever done!

Sgt. Albert

Sara Bareilles is totally awesome, and this live album is great. But sadly, I didn't know this album is exactly same as a bonus CD that included in Sara Bareilles' album Little Voice Deluxe Edition, and I bought it and found out. So consider this if you already have a bonus CD: Stripped before just press buy button like me.


Sara B. can do soooo much better than this but no one knows because her first (and better) album isn't on here.....but you know this is okay.


Little Pitchy but she is really good and that song is really hard to sing so she did a really good job!


I love love love many the miles and in your eyes on this CD... SOOOO great!


I've been listening to her for 3 years now, and she just keeps getting better and better :D


i love the original and i absolutely love when sara bareilles sings it. she has the most amazing voice ever! i would give anything to see her in concert again!

Sweet K Dog

I first saw Sara Bareilles when she opened for Maroon 5 last summer - I was so impressed I bought her album and I have not been disappointed yet! Awesome!!


She sounds exactly like she sounds in studio! I recommend this to everyone.


Wonderful album, Sara is a teriffic singer and song writer. She knits her lyrics well together. Great job.


Sara's style is easy, soulfull, and brillant!! Her lives tracks are fantastic! Can't wait to hear more from her. I hope others get more aquainted with her entire album and not just focus on her first single, Love Song. I can't stop listening to her album!!!


It's pretty awesome when an artist sounds as good/better live than in the studio. This Live Session is great! I particular enjoy In Your Eyes. She did a perfect job in covering this song...I may even like it a little more than the original! If you're a true Sara fan (not one of those Love Song silly nannies), then check out this EP.


sara bareilles is amazinggggg. she's beautiful in her own way, she's extremely talented, and she sounds really good, if not better, live! she's coming to a place near me this summer and i am soooo excited! <33 i love how she talks to the audience. she's very funny and sarcastic. KEEP IT UP SARA *big thumbs up*


All I can say is wow! Sara Bareilles has an incredible voice!! I love all these songs, but I'm not crazy about In Your Eyes. Still, the rest are great, especially Love Song and Bottle it up. These live versions sound really different from the originals, so if you've already bought those, don't hesitate to buy these. Seriously, it's a great deal!!

Sai Konno

Enough said.

Dancer lover

i luv this album.

MOMs Domain



I love her! Her voice is just sooo potent, plus the rythm is amazing. Would definitely recommend.

nickity nick nick

I love the song ,but lo-o-o-o-o-ove the video too! The song is about a boy that is a big fat jerk and you don't know if you like him or not! So that just shows that GIRLS RULE!


I love her man! She can rock out in the simplest voice. Luv her!


Not many artists sound better live..... SARA KILLS IT! AWESOME JOB GIRL! keep it coming. We are ready for your newest jams!

i love sports

i love you and your songs


I have fallen in love with Sara and love song since it cam out last summer for free on iTunes!


This is such an amazing album! I know Sara's top hit is Love Song, but my personal favorite is Many the Miles. I first heard this at the Banana Republic show case in Santa Monica and completely fell in love with it. Sara's music is full of passion and lyrics that you can relate to- all with an upbeat tune. What I love about Sara's music is that it is so real; she is not over-produced. She is an artist that sounds equally amazing live or on CD. I also love the that these versions are all a little different than what is on Little Voice. This live/acoustic session is like your own private concert.


this is spectacular


Sara Bareilles is one of my favorite artists right now, and I was so excited to see her do one of my all-time favorite songs, Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes." Sara's voice is so rich and melodic and she does the song justice! This EP is a must for any fan!


i think that Sara is one of the best singers of the country-pop fusion i have ever heard. Her voice can hit so many notes that u wouldnt belive it. And her music touches your mind with truth, luvv, pain and heartbreak.


I love her songs. She has a beautiful voice.


I just can't get enough of this girl's vocals.. the feeling and expression that comes through is just amazing. If you are a fan of Jewel, Nora Jones, Katie Melua, or Ani Difranco this is one more voice you MUST hear.


she is sooo good. it's amazing!!