Sara Bareilles - Little Voice (From the Apple TV+ Original Series

℗ 2020 Loud Robot, exclusively licensed to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Little Voice (From the Apple TV+ Original Series "Little Voice") - Single Tracklist:


Sara Bareilles is a treasure. This is just another example of why she is such an acclaimed and beloved artist. My favorite singer-songwriter on the planet. I’d love to hear her versions of all of the Little Voice soundtrack. Hope that’s in the works!!


Interesting to see how a song I & many fans of her's knew either from a low-fi demo acoustic or as a (usually) full band live version has taken on a new life. The meaning staying the same, yet in spirit being passed on as some sort of musical torch to the next generation of singer/songwriters. While I understand the commerical need to condense, this version lacking the bridge is artistically robbing the song of it's full performance. Also, as a die-hard Sara B fan; nothing matches the earnest heart heard in an earnest demo track by an artist just finding her voice. Glad to hear a lot more people have caught onto her "little voice" since then.


Most warming chords and lyrics. Sara Bareilles has the most musical and most soothing voice and is my favorite songwriter. She performs her songs with the most feeling. She is the most expressive and most sensitive. This is the most gorgeous. I love hearing her with piano and her voice here. She will always be essential listening for me and has changed my musical life forever and given me the most positivity and happiness from her songs. She is the most inspiring.


I’m so excited for the show!


Amazing music and gives you the feeling of being embraced by a loved one. Just what we needed at this moment. Keep up the great work Sara!


She’s a song bird, an amazing lyricist, and an amazing human.


What a beautiful voice!! So heavenly 🙏