Leeland - Better Word (Live)

℗ 2019 Integrity Music

Better Word (Live) Tracklist:


This is the version I wish Klove would play.


Really touching, I’ve been listening to this song the most for an entire week and I can’t stop!! If bought, you won’t be let down!!


The previews for the songs don’t actually do them justice, especially when heard in their entirety from start to finish. Very powerful and moving in a sound that only Leeland knows how to make.

Sue’s Reviews

This album shows that this group has had an Awakening to what the Spirit is saying to the churches of today. Every song is God's heart and every single song is POWERFUL.


Recently became a Leeland fan. Incredible album. Seriously. Every single song is legit. This album stays on repeat.


This album is so worshipful and will take you to places with the Holy Spirit. I love it! Thank you, Leeland!


I honestly think I’ve listened to this album or at least a few tracks every day since I’ve discovered it. This is true worship music, filled with a desire for God and longing to know Him deeper! Changing my life as a Christian. Favorite tracks include “Way Maker,” “Wait for You,” “Wait Upon the Lord,” “Wellspring,” “Where You Are,” “The Sending,” and “First Love Fire,” to name a few. To God alone be the glory. Keep it up Leeland! 🙌🏻


Our worship team introduced “Better Word” to our congregation this past Sunday. The powerful anointing was palatable! I was so moved I had to purchase the song. I decided to get the album, though, as an expression of gratitude to the band and all those involved in its production. That being said, I can recommend the album for those adding to their repertoire of worship music... or for anyone looking for tunes with lyrics that express deeper meanings and offer more than a good beat, as well.


This album is the best!


I’ve been a fan of Leeland for a long time and after listening to this album, I was brought into the Presence of God. I could feel the anointing of God on this recording. It’s one of the best live albums I’ve heard in a long time. “Wellspring” is my favorite.


The music is filled with joy, love and wholehearted worship! I love this so much!


This album is special. The pure hearted worship of these songs ushers in the presence of God in a way that is truly special. Every song is phenomenal. I don’t think you can listen to it all the way through without weeping


I have been a fan of Leland for a long time! I finally got to see them and meet them in 2016. After the show Leeland and I were talking about praying and my faith and I told him about a major surgery I was going to have and he prayed over me. His most recent album then had just come out and after a successful surgery their album helped me get through recovery. When I saw them last year at our coffeehouse we have in the little church the town I go to school at, I wanted to thank them but was unable. So here is my big THANK YOU! Unfortunately, right now I am struggling so I know this album, my Faith in Jesus Christ, and persistence to push through, and of course prayer, lots of it, will help me. Thank you for sharing your love of Jesus Christ, and Testimonies. God Bless you all and Congrats on tour new album!!! Sincerely, Lauren


Glad to see they came out with music that will touch this generation.

Saint Lewis Band

...when my band did more travelling that we do now it was always hard finding something to listen to in the van because our tastes were so varied. The only band we could agree on was Leelend. So Saint Lewis would travel all day long with Leeland albums on repeat. This is no different. Excellent songs. Passionate performance (can I add that the live setting makes this even better?!). Perfect production for what it is. I've already had the early release songs on repeat since they dropped, but this'll be the album I listen to every time I want to worship in the car. Thank you Leeland, & friend. This is great work!


We’ve been fans for a long time and we’re so happy to see new music! Blessing for a great release day and hope to worship live with them too!


Been doing Way Maker in our church for over a year now after we found it on YouTube from Sinach. Been a Leeland fan for a long time and stoked to see this pairing! Keep up the great FAITH & SPIRIT filled music guys! Anointed.


This group is so full of Heaven! It is clear that they have been with the Lord! God bless them for what they are doing in the Kingdom of God!


Preordered the whole Album !!!


Just watched Way Maker and boy was it powerful!!! Keep bringing people before His throne Leeland!!