The Killers - Land of the Free

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Land of the Free - Single Tracklist:

Noom Luap

Seems to be highly polarizing, and while the song does probably take a surface level view, it at least takes a stand.


Dumb politics should not be in an alternative song.

Nate the awesome 0205

Clown song. Every new Killers song sounds the same now. Change your music up!!!!


Let me start you before you start. I’m not a Trump fan. But I am a Killers fan, and this song lacks the soul of a good Killers track. Politics aside, it’s just not reflective of the best- or even their recent excellent- work. Give it a pass.


This is another great song from an incredible band whether you agree with the politics or not


Such a great message!! Love the killers! Beautifully done <3


Don't hate because YOU fear 'differences' in humans. It's not that hard. Music is not what I typically expect from The Killers but the video and the message are spot on. Don't let the trolls of this song deter you from being a good human in this world.

Goodbye, Killers.

There’s a reason you need to stay away from politics. It’s divisive. To claim you have the absolute truth on an issue is to claim that those who differ from you are morally bankrupt.

My ky ky

Good background don’t like there political ideas in it though


Outstanding combination of message and musicianship. Well-crafted, well-produced, and timely.


While the lyrics are very politically volatile, the songs vocals, drum, and guitar are not terrible. This song follows the trend in the killers discography as they’ve been transitioning to a mellow-er sound. As opposed to their older tracks like “Somebody Told Me” and “Mr. Brightside”. While many poor and excellent reviews are biased based on the aforementioned lyrics this song is more of a 3-3.5/5 for me. The song wasn’t made to sound really good it was made to send a message and raise awareness. Musically there really just isn’t anything noteworthy and the track comes of rather bland.


A song everyone needs to hear


Love the people saying they don't like this song because it's political but at the same time are probably big Dylan and U2 fans... The song itself is good, but not great. I enjoyed the perfromance of it on Kimmel.


All the people saying music shouldn’t be political are ridiculous. Some of the greatest music written is political. Either they don’t know music or it’s a straight up tantrum.

F. DeGear

As political screed goes, this is truly a greatest hits song for the left. I don't think the Killers missed a campaign issue. I do wonder, however, whether they need to change the band's name; the "Killers" sounds awfully Trumpian to me.

Godzilla Thrilla

The Killers are always a top notch act

Karen's Art play

Land of the free AND a place where injustice, gun violence and prejudice are everywhere. Democracy - the worst form of government save all others. In other words loyalty to one’s country doesn’t mean closing one’s eyes or keeping one’s mouth shut, it means appreciating the gift and privilege of being American AND aspiring toward something better. Thanks to Killers for doing both in this song.


I am so tired of every band wanting to get on the virtue signaling band wagon just to be liked and stay relevent. Please just make music and leave out the politics.

Mister Burns

They need their safe space too. So they’ve resorted to trolling iTunes & writing walls of text of how hurt they are over words & music. Sad! Too bad both the Killers & this song are way better than their deplorable pettiness.


It don’t matter what anyone thinks politically it is a baaaaaad idea to involve politics in any sort of music/entertainment. These things just don’t match up ever, especially today. Personally to me the song doesn’t sound that good. It laid on the political message so thick it didn’t feel like a song in the end.


Ignorant liberal garbage. It’s pathetic how absolutely idiotic libtards are becoming. Ignore the facts, just keep playing the victim card and crying out your hot- button propaganda and false narratives. Absolutely zero respect for fools like this.

Brian Keith Turner

Great band! Great song.


I think these guys should stick with music rather than trying to profit from messaging the trendy PC zeitgeist of the day. It’s been downhill since Hot Fuss and I was hoping this song would be different, but it’s more of the the PC nonsense.


Who the hell wrote this song? Seems like a high school activist. A shame because The Killers have so much talent and they shouldnt waste it on these stunts.


Music is my only escape from from politics, besides playing games. My parents are involved in poIitics, it's discussed at school, and it's brought up when I just want to watch a freaking YouTube video, you get the idea. I have listened to the Killers for most of my life, and frankly I am disappointed. I don't like hearing anyone's political beliefs in a song, whether they align with my opinions or not. It's fine by me if it is only mentioned briefly, or is a story (like Run for Cover), but I don't want to hear a song completely about politics. Moreover, and numerous other people have said this, I simply don't think it's that good of a song, regardless of the lyrics and beliefs behind the song, but it's not awful either. Now that all being said, I have nothing against someone singing about their political ideologies in a song, but it's simply not my preference. If the Killers believe they should use their platform in such a way, I do not oppose it. I will probably buy their next album, even though I really don't care for this song, as long as the next album sounds decent and isn't overly politicized. I would give three stars if the song sounded good.

The IrrRev

Was going to wait for an album release, but the tRump trolls bashing the track inspired me to check it out. Thank you, Killers, for trying to do something you believe in.

Tina the nana

71 years old and believe me I know myself. The KILLERS are 100% true to themselves. Cut the PC.


The Killers tried too hard to engage in political discourse with this song. It feels forced, disingenuous, and out of touch.


Good song


In this country we should help each other, not fight against each other and only worry about our own isolated problems and stupid personal independence. There are too many problems in the world for us all to be caring only for ourselves. Even the president has shown through his actions who he really wants to help, and it’s not us. Of course most who read this will merely get angry and try to justify their opinion, but I wonder if they will ever get tired of arguing and actually do something about the world they live in, that we all live in. It’s time we all stopped being selfish and stupid. It’s a good song.

Ronin 5150

I think the title says all it needs to this song blows. Personally I love our country and I’ve probably been to way more than any of you reading this. The only thing I see wrong anymore is how soft it’s become just like this song soft & weak. Now I’m going to go listen to Mr. Brightside and try to forget that the Killers put this garbage out.


Reminiscent of a Springsteen song. Beautiful lyrics and beautiful meaning. Plus a great song to lift to - can verify!


Waaaaaayyy to much political agenda in here. The song didn't really even flow, it sounded so forced and it seemed like they sat down and wrote it in 20 minutes as a stunt. Pretty bad.


I understand that Brandon Flowers has his political views, like everyone else, and is entitled to his own opinion. However, this new song comes across as a left-wing propaganda piece that was haphazardly thrown together. It leaves little to be interpreted by the listener, oversimplifies the issues without addressing the causes, and comes across as melodramatic. Now that you’ve had your turn on the soap box, Brandon, could you please step down, get back to making good music, and quit polarizing your fan base? Like most people, I listen to music for entertainment and pure enjoyment, not to be lectured by another celebrity.


Just to the rightwing freaks!!


Loved the lyrics


The critics are triggered. 😂


If you liberal schmucks dislike America so much why don’t you go to Canada? It’s our Capitalist nation that enabled you to flourish in your musical careers. Canada is thata way, fellas. 👆




Move along. 3 Doors Down will welcome your hot drooling praise, loaded with superlatives and bluster, but lacking any substance, of course.


As soon as I heard the song, I connected with the lyrics. The Killers are talking about real issues that are going on right now! I respect the hell out of them for going there and not caring what the haters are going to say. I applaud them for this. They have earned the right to get political or whatever you want to call it. They will always have a fan here! And can’t wait to hear there next album! Forget the haters and continue killing it.


This just all around is not a good song. 🤣Using trump supporters as an excuse for a bad song.

USA taco man. I luv it

Has a good message but all I see is Bruce and that ruins if for me personally 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

Sean, if you wish

Don’t preach to me. You are an entertainer. I don’t care about your opinion. It means nothing to me. Play good music and stop preaching. Terrible song. All around very poor.


In today’s hostile political climate it takes true bravery to release a song like this. We have problems in this country folks. Trying to punish a band for shining a light on them, refusing to tolerate criticism of our country is the way of nationalism not patriotism, and it leads to ruin. No matter how cleverly you sneak up on a mirror, it will always look you right in the eye.


It’s a relevant and emotionally resonant song.


A song that addresses the current political climate in the USA. Worth a listen and very accurate depiction of the world we live in today


This is the first Killers song that I can say I truly dislike. As some others have stated, I simply don’t want a song to be so politically motivated. I can get my politics elsewhere, but I want my music to be my escape and to be enjoyable. And to clarify, I’m not a Trump supporter. Some people are so ignorant that they make a blanket statement claiming that anyone who dislikes this song must be a Trump supporter, and it’s just not true.


To you Brandon and the rest of the Band My hat comes off and not the red cap A real hat....! It takes “BULL-BALLS” to write and sing what you have here Wether political or not it is what it is I will stand with you regardless Given my personal views you represent a band and I adhere to you To the “1” stars, it’s quite easy don’t freaking listen to it... Bless this band and screw the hypocrisy


Ok, let me get this straight - if I don’t like this song, it’s must be because I’m a bigot, or brainwashed by Trump, and so on? It can’t possibly have anything to do with the fact that this just isn’t a very good song? for real - this just isn’t that good of a song, especially for what I’ve come to expect from the killers. The whole concept just seems forced. Kind of hard to get into a meh song that is neither entertaining or truly artistic.