Lady A - On This Winter's Night (Deluxe)

℗ 2020 Big Machine Label Group, LLC

On This Winter's Night (Deluxe) Tracklist:


These bunch of woke cowards have surrended to the mass mob, noth worth my $$ anymore.


In an attempt to ditch your OG name’s links to racism & slavery you thought, somehow, it’d be more tactful and tasteful to steal the name of a Black woman that was very much still alive and using the name and to get your way drag her to court and demand she give it to you? Ya’ll’d be better suited under the name, “Violet Beauregard”. It suits you and your entitlement MUCH better.




Just go away already.


Don’t know why people have given this bad reviews. It’s an incredible album! Love it!!!


I loved they're remdition of "All I Want For Chistmas Is You" by Mariah Carey. They've made it they're own.


Pop country and the same old songs. If you cared about changing your name, why didn’t you do it years ago? Dump the girl. She can’t sing.


First and most importantly all their music is terrible and bland and boring But they decided to show they wanted to make change in the world. They wanted a better and safer space for African Americans. So they S T O L E an Black woman’s artist name and refuse to let it go. Which is the opposite of what they are trying to prove. It makes no sense. Just give it up. Should’ve stayed Lady Antebellum!


As interesting as rubbing three styrofoam peanuts together can be.


Same old style, stolen name

Bootlicking pop at its finest

Pop country act tries to be "woke", pop country act loses fan base, pop country act does what every no longer irrelevant artist does at the end of their career.. Releases a stale Christmas album. As for "Lady A", was never much of a fan, their racist undertones led to feelings of white guilt, and rather than being politely silent, they decided to go Dixies Chicks career suicide route. Good riddance, get out of the way for up n coming country acts who arent ashamed to be Southern American


Hang it up. You're done. Cave to the bullies and you are nobody. Your music goes flat and folks just don't notice you anymore. These tracks sound like all the rest of the junk littering the airwaves.


Stop. Existing.

Dig Hey Zoos

Same old songs. As for the PC haters, you all can take it elsewhere. All Lady A did was change their name to what people were calling them all along. Nobody ever heard of the other Lady A anyway, and she wants too much money. If it were me, I wouldn’t have bowed to the bullies and kept the name as is because nothing is ever good enough.


we know only one lady a and it’s not these folks

Hershey Kind the fifth

Is a little late


A must buy for a fan of Lady A😊🤠🎤 🌲