Kenny Rogers - You Can't Make Old Friends

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You Can't Make Old Friends Tracklist:

B. Bradford

Well done, Kenny and Dolly! Best of luck on this great new album! It's wonderful!


An unbelievably magnificent song performed by a duo that seem to have been made for each other. Kenny & Dolly together again just fits!


Kenny's done it again. I love this new album. His music has always spoke to me and at 75 he's still doing it! Best of luck on this portential chart topper.


Great album love the duet with dolly, he does a good job on you had to be there but Tim McGraw does it better it was on his 2009 southern voice album check it out


If you are a Kenny Roger fan this CD is a must in you collection. I just loved this cd.Super good


Love the new song with Dolly!!! Wish the two of you would do more songs together.

mario bernal

thanks kenny from colombia we love your music was a big suprise this album the best of you in every song grammy award on the road kenny fantastic and thank you for tech me so lovely can be the country music


Glad to see that Kenny has a new album. I listen to each song and they are TOP of HEAP. All his songs to me were GREAT!!!

Kathleen Cracker

So great to hear your voice, again. Dolly is always great, evan in a tatter patch! Keep coming with the songs. Your fan, always.


It is great to hear Kenny Rogers again. His voice is timeless.

Shawn Von Bergen

Excellent album. I could listen to Kenny all day!!

Byrd Woman

The whole album is very good. The rating on each song is far below what the song offers and does not reflect just how good each song is.


I have been listening to this album all day. I love it. Kenny has done it again! The songs have so much meaning and Kenny truly sings from his heart. I hope he lives to be a hundred (at least) and keeps singing and making music, Sweet Music Man!

sogomon keleshyan

Kenny Rogers dose it again what a great album


This is great. Can't wait to hear the rest of Kenny's album. P.S. Dolly is making a new album as well P.S. Just heard the rest of the album. It's great. I love it. Kenny sounds great.


Great song, what am i saying it is going to be a Great Album i can feel it....Kenny and Dolly together again,love ,love,love it...Very much so will be a chart topper...Love ya Kenny,,,,


I Pray that you get this....I have LOVED you since I first saw you at Carawinds in 1978. I have many of your CD's & your one of your books "A MEMOIR" & your 1st photograph book. i know your voice on the radio, even if I didn't know you had a new song out. I'm in the process of trying to get all of your books & CD's. You are my "very favorite" singer & songwriter. Your voice when you sing, I get goosebumps. My friends say that they have not ever seen someone "love" you, like i do. I simply say "have you heard him sing". i'm so thrilled that you have a new CD out. I don't even have to hear it, to know it's "GREAT"


The moment Kenny and Dolly stop singing, is the ending point to great musics. You Can't Make Old Friends is Beautiful, magical and indescribable. I love you Kenny and Dolly. you two are and will be the reason why I listen to music.

Your Friend in Tennessee

Dear Kenny and Dolly, Thank you for making the beautiful song titled "You Can't Make Old Friends". It speaks for many friends and many hearts. You both have sung beautifully on this and I am thankful to get to listen to it! May God continue to bless you both!

lilting voice

This is a beautiful that speaks the truth. Both Dolly and Kenny are wonderful as always....old friends.


These two need to make an entire album, I could listen to them all day!

Mark Cubbage

I have listened to their new song over and over and over again. Just wow. It's a unique sound that I have never heard before and I am sure it will be a chart topper.


Kenny Rogers is back and so is Dolly Parton. Kenny asked Dolly to duet on the title track You Can't Make Old Friends. This song is good and the album should be great as well! Can't wait to hear some new Kenny Rogers music! The album is filled with soulful country songs and rock as well. Seems like even Kenny thinks that evolving music in Country is the way to go! With that attitude, this album should be a hit!


Excellent song by excellent singers.

KC from CT

Fantastic So good to hear them together again! Their 2 voices are so unique but so familiar Can't wait for his album. Best of luck Kenny, Love ya!

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