Kelly Clarkson - All I Ever Wanted (Deluxe Version)

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All I Ever Wanted (Deluxe Version) Tracklist:



Release her track “can we go back” iTunes?


Would recommend! Already gone is my fav❤️

Beantown Brawla 45

Pinkeye helped her production of writ g in this letter so did faith hill


Why did they have to autotune so much (Pronounced"see-love")

I believe that Kelly has an amazing voice and keeps herself in check. She's got confidence, pitch, and tone. She keeps right on key and doesn't miss a note, nor does she sharp or flat. Pretty good!




An amazing record from an amazing vocalist. I've loved her since the very beginning of Idol. She and Christina Aguilera are the two best vocalists (who always sing live, which excludes most of the others.

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she hasn't changed i feel.


Yes. Really.


It is a little overproduced. And it moves away from the rock side. Weird how it still has some of her hardest pop-rock though. Love the covers, they have strong arguments for being better than the originals.


It's the worst


Love Kelly Clarkson! But I bought this album in the store and I don't want to rebuy it just to get the last two songs

Worst app ever in history!!!!!

I love Kelly Clarkson and Adele!!! There my faves!!! Already gone is a powerful song but it is so soothing in away. Adele is another amazing singer!! I love all the songs from Adele and Kelly Clarkson!! No auto tune here!!! Just true, amazing, voices!!!!! Love you Kelly and Adele!!!!


simply the best


This is a song made for break-up's. My dad broke up with my mom and he loves this song


It Has The S Word In 3 Songs Love It Parental Advisory


Everybody really seems to like this album. I can see why. I love it a lot! I realyt think she out did her self this time.


I love this album I think it's the best of kelly's music, the one that stands out is Already Gone!! It's my fav song and it means a lot to me. Good work kelly c!


Kelly Clarkson is an inspiration to me. I love her songs Already Gone, Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You), and Dark Side. Thank you Kelly!!!!!! You're the best!!!!!!

Brother fish

There awesome songs but it gets old maroon 5 is way better


Every album she continues to prove why she's my number 1. My only complaint would be that she did NOT release If I Can't Have You as a single. It would've been a for sure hit and club banger. It's so not like her. I saw in an interview that she had to turn off all the lights in the studio just to sing it. I effing love that girl! KBC!


I am seriously Kelly's #1 fan! I <3 almost all her music! My fav. song by her is "Already Gone"! You cant get much better than that song!!!


I love KELLY!!!!!!!


SUCH A GOOD ALBUM Clarkson never fail to deliver..... wonderful, worth the buy


Cry is one of my favorite songs ever!!!!!! still love Kelly in 2012. I want to meet her so badly. All I Ever Wanted is a great song too!!!! <3

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Love this album!


I absolutely LOVE save you. It's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sweet and easy to sing for the most part. Go Kelly Clarkson


This is Kelly's most famous album, probably after Stronger. Her song Already Gone is one of my favorites. Kelly's voice is stronger and more beautiful than ever in this album!


She's an amazing vocalist. Who doesn't know that? But this material is way too mainstream. When she does middle of the road contemporary rock & pop/rock is when she's at her strongest. My opinion. Highlights: Cry, Impossible, If No One Will Listen.


.....better then others but all really good!

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She's the best.


Don't hesitate! Buy it now! This is an amazing album and I simply love every song, which is very rare for me because I am very picky. I saw Kelly live at Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie last week and she was awesome! After seeing her I decided I had to buy all her other albums (Already had Stronger Deluxe Version and Breakaway and a couple of singles from her other albums.) and it's totally worth it! You have a wide variety and the lyrics are just wonderful and catchy in every song. Again, don't hesitate! Buy it now! 100% worth it! There is a reason why she won the first American Idol.


amazing, i love this album every song is good, and thats hard to find

Taylor a swift rox

U love Kelly clarkson and that album is the best yet


Kelly Clarkson is an amazing singer and this album is just another example of that. Tons of great songs in this album; different song styles really show the different aspects of her voice.

Ethan 2004 hay!!

Love it!!!!!!!!!!


at out all her albums this is by far her best i LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kelly Clarkson is totally awesome. Every song I listen to seems better then the next. She is all I ever listen to!


a good album. mlwswy is definitely the highlight, but I think its so cool how she wanted to do a cover of Aranda's all i ever wanted and whyyawannabringmedown. she did a great job with both of those, but theyre covers. check out Aranda if u havent already. theyre really good too!


I really like this album. Great job Kelly. you have a great voice. I love "If I Can't Have You". It was recommended to me from a really good friend. Buy this album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


Kelly is awesome


A fan ever since I was handed a Kelly Clarkson album when I was 6.


I love this album as much as I did her Breakaway album. I wish she would have brought more singles out. This album had so many good songs on them and I think All I Ever Wanted and I Do Not Hook Up were the wrong song choices to bring out as a single. Listen to If No One Will Listen, Save You, Cry....all amazing songs that I feel would have brought the album more attention. Another one I really like is I Want You...the lyrics are fun and have a Austin Powers thing going on...I love it! Lol read one review that talked about that the album was only break up songs and that's not true (although I do love a good sad breakup song!). You can't go wrong with this album though!


Great songk


All of her songs sound the same, all of them are based on someone dumping her. "Already Gone" is sounds like the song "Halo" by Beyonce, but everyone knows halo has better lyrics. Same with the song "Mr. Know It All" that sounds like the popular song "Just The Way You Are" by Bruno Mars. Kelly Clarkson needs to sing songs with different lyrics and not similar to songs that are more successful than her own songs. Enough Said.


U know everyone has a opinion :p


One day in four years I will be in the audition room (I'm 11 ) and I hope to be as successful as her


Oh sweet baby Jesus this is amazing :) Her voice is perfect. I love it so much!!

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