KARD - KARD 4th Mini Album 'Red Moon' - EP

℗ 2020 DSP 미디어(DSP Media),under license to Kakao M Corp.

KARD 4th Mini Album 'Red Moon' - EP Tracklist:


One of the few good things to happen in 2020. A great hype album! Love that the girls and guys got separate tracks to showcase rapline (Inferno) and vocal line (Enemy).


These songs are amazing you people don’t understand talent and if you are going to leave a bad comment here or anywhere don’t we don’t want your opinion nobody does keep it to yourself 👌 thanks think about how that will affect you LOVE YOU KARD ❤️


Every time they release a new album/song/video it just gets better and better. Keep up the great work KARD!😉🥰 Forget the haters!

Darkfish the K-pop stan

Ever since Bomb bomb I feel like Kard’s music has lost its true fire. I think Kard should’ve stuck to tropical house, yes I know lots of ppl hated that was Kard’s main concept. But I thought they did it right and were some of the best k artists to do master that concept. Since J seph enlists in military this year we probably won’t get a comeback for the next year and 6 months. Hopefully by then Kard will return to their tropical house concept.

xxbunnyxx 33

honestly took a couple listens to really get into it. at first it was kinda loud and annoying but now i’m like oH NAAAA NO NA NO NANANA


Red Moon was the only track I thought had some oomph. This month seems rife with lackluster comebacks. Do better, KARD. Y’all got the talent. I’ve witnessed it.


I’ve had all these songs on reply non stop! The addiction is so real!! ❤️


Love all the songs! They always come out with great music!

phuck bts

maybe if i listen to this more ill like it...


Trap KARD is HERE!!! It’s worth of buyingit! THIS IS A MASTERPIECES‼️


Amazing as always!!


Well idk. All their songs arent very established and just a lot of nose. Does that mean it’s trash, no not at all. It’s fine. Not very my taste but okay boomer. I’d like to see them do a chiller song. Also CULTURE IS NOT A CONCEPT


👭🏻👨🏼‍🤝‍👨🏻🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥☄️☄️☄️☄️ KARD back at it again

Ale cereal

I love their voices so much ❤️ I recommend it!

Icey 💟

Another amazing Mini album 🔥😩👌🏻


Love the new tracks! ❤️🖤


Just one word... MASTERPIECE 🔥

Brandon Lee Sanchez

These tracks are all so good and amazing. I'm glad they made a comeback.