KARD - KARD 4th Mini Album 'Red Moon' - EP

℗ 2020 DSP 미디어(DSP Media),under license to Kakao M Corp.

KARD 4th Mini Album 'Red Moon' - EP Tracklist:


Love all the songs! They always come out with great music!

phuck bts

maybe if i listen to this more ill like it...


Trap KARD is HERE!!! It’s worth of buyingit! THIS IS A MASTERPIECES‼️


Amazing as always!!


Well idk. All their songs arent very established and just a lot of nose. Does that mean it’s trash, no not at all. It’s fine. Not very my taste but okay boomer. I’d like to see them do a chiller song. Also CULTURE IS NOT A CONCEPT


👭🏻👨🏼‍🤝‍👨🏻🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥☄️☄️☄️☄️ KARD back at it again

Ale cereal

I love their voices so much ❤️ I recommend it!

Icey 💟

Another amazing Mini album 🔥😩👌🏻


Love the new tracks! ❤️🖤


Just one word... MASTERPIECE 🔥

Brandon Lee Sanchez

These tracks are all so good and amazing. I'm glad they made a comeback.