Kanye West - JESUS IS KING

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JESUS IS KING Tracklist:

Zacks bro

Wow! What a great album. I can’t wait for his next one. Jesus saves!! Ps. the fact that Kanye is making music with Kenny G.. is amazing.


I like it


i’m an atheist and i still think this album smacks ngl kanye’s flow and these beats are fire


Pretty short but I like the subject matter. Even though the writing is a little corny I still like songs like God is.


this was the most legit legit legit legit besttttttttt ALBUMMMMMM braaaa buy it even i though i didn’t buy it hehahehaheha😑😑😑😑😑😊😊😊😊😌😌😌😌😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

Kanye is right

The best songs ever Kanye




I love this Album my Favorite is God Is 🙏🏽GBU Kanye West And You Beautiful Family’s

poop doctor!

Listen to reputation by Taylor Swift

South West 6

I got this out of curiosity and cannot believe how much I love it. So good.

mr spd

Wack AF


I don’t even listen to rap, but this album not only has a great message, but it’s catchy too. Would recommend.


No funny stuff. I just like it

Winged Dog

like the title says! what a fake......don't think so? If not, I would assume all the profits are going to his latest charity?? Helping people? ....Jesus like? We'll see! Not a hater just telling like it is.


only famous cause he interrupted and is the husband of kim kardashian. honestly everything he stands for is trash just like this album


I don't believe anything this man says.


Good step for kanye but not for always


...your my chick-ful-a ? It may be sincere, but this is not genius.


But nope! This is rushed and poorly mixed. Every song feels like a demo. They abruptly end and feel disjointed, and closed on sunday is terrible


Yessir I rock with this


Someone get Kanye some therapy


What happened to Kanye?


Different but great 👍🏼✝️


Absolutely love the fact that a major star/celebrity turned to The Lord and he aint afraid to show it. Only truly vibed with two tracks. Wished they were a bit longer in length, but the lyrics more than make up for it. Real food for the soul.


This album has been on replay since it released. Uplifting music and lyrics, Kanye is the GOAT !🔥


This is Kanye’s weakest project but not bad at all, I love a lot of stuff about this album, Kanye really makes you wanna go to the church right after hearing this, amazing and beautiful, however there isn’t anything lyrically or conceptually special about this, the concept is beautiful but not special and the lyrics don’t stand out, I love everything on this but there are some questionable lines but overall amazing project definitely worth a listen

Dino Nutz

This guy jumped the shark years ago. Washed up

FullSend6535 @ xbox

This is only because he wants to be encourage the world and not anything to himself



ZZ Music Fan

Have to admit I was naturally skeptical of this album at first. Even Jesus Walks was a little secular. But this is a tribute and praise to God. Can’t stop listening to it. I appreciate the honesty and humility. People have trouble admitting their flaws to their spouses and friends. He’s doing it the world, well done and I hope to see more.


Seriously... pray God helps you find a note. The lyrics are good. I appreciate his attempt to go a new direction. Let’s not forget, your Christian God, doesn’t exist. Enlightened people have figured that out. It smells like a ramp up to Church loop hole tax evasion.

dead pool 100o3

I love the album I even memorized it




At first you were a great singer but now you are 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 percent better


Great 👍


Absolute garbage that doesn’t even deserve to be bought.


I am incredibly amazed at the transformation that Kanye has made! I support him 110%! He really shows his progress in his faith in this album! It’s most definitely worth a listen.


Good album


i’m so proud of you man I mean god can truly do some amazing things this album is fire and I think gospel rap is the way for you bro god bless.❤️


well... just as I thought... trash!


I love this music and I love how your speeding the word!Keep it up bro.


I never in my life thought I would by a KW album. God is Love! Go get them Holy Sprit! Fire!!! Fire!!! Fire!!! Im hoping that KW knows there is only one way to heaven and that way is Jesus.



Crossaint Dropper

So good 👏🏼🔥


FrIcKiNg MiNt


Gods calling us out -thank you Kanye for being bold.


Kanye your new album is incredible, it inspires me so much! I especially love your Closed on Sunday because of its amazing message. You are brave and you are so respected by me! The devil and all of his evil worshippers are mad because you are finally coming out and because you realize all of their nasty tricks. Stay strong, God is gonna be looking out for you with everything you do!


Love it!! Everything about it, to personal life and comparison along with the gratefulness!

Campos construction

Just wish there was more.

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