Sara Bareilles - Kaleidoscope

℗ 2010 Sony Music Entertainment

Kaleidoscope - Single Tracklist:


I LOVE this EP


"Send Me the Moon" is such a beautiful song that I listen to this almost every day. The other two songs are good as well.


I love that she made a strings version!!! I've played the violin for almost six years so I'm always looking for music with strings in them and this is the BEST yet and best pop song ever to come. EVER.


I love the strings version of king of Anything! It's amazing! Send me the moon is a beautiful song too!


I saw her live and she sounds just like this!!! Every time I hear her songs, it reminds me of all the excitment of her concert!! I love these songs and her!! Go buy this!!!!!!!! NOW

Indiana Joni

I really like Sara Bareilles and really like these versions of her songs. I am totally in love with " King Of Anything " and " Gonna Get Over You ". I really applaud Sara for her amazing music. Keep up the good work, Sara!


You are the King of Everything. Strings version was my favorite song of 2010. It is musical jell-o (side-note: I love jell-o a lot). Love, Ryan


I got the album when it came out at Target and it had these songs on it. They're sooooo amazing in every way, Sara is such an inspiring artist <3


If you bought Kaleidoscope Heart and love it, you must buy it. The two songs on here are arranged differently and even for Gonna Get Over You and extra line or two is added in the bridge. Send Me the Moon is one of the most beautiful songs i have ever heard in my life. It's my favorite song of all time. I would pay $2.99 just for that one song.


I really enjoyed "Gonna Get Over You" and "King of Anything" on her Kaleidoscope Heart album, but these versions and "Send Me the Moon" just blew me away. So amazing!


King of Anything is genius.........serious props for sara!!!!!!!!!ive always loved her music and now shes making it come to life!!! WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!! if i wuz u id buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO JOKE! if u like awesome music! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


I have to admit, I am a huge, borderline-obsessive, fan of Sara Bareilles. I own, as far as I know, at least one copy of every recording she has made, with the exception of her college a cappella group. On top of that, I'm a huge fan of alternative versions, demos, and live releases of songs I already like, so this release (as well as her Wal Mart session) were welcome additions to the new album. While everyone else is talking about the strings version of King of Anything and Send Me the Moon, I'd like to point out something on the Gonna Get Over You - there is a wrong note on the piano track during the last chorus. To me, that makes it even better, just like on the iTunes Session EP from a few years ago when she admits "I messed up." That could have easily been fixed by an engineer, but it wasn't, which delights me as a fan and as an engineer.


Send me the Moon is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.... That song alone is worth the price of the EP. Also love the string version of King of Anything- the strings are perfect for that song.


The Strings version of "King of Anything" is so good. "Send Me to the Moon" is another Sara classic, and the demo version of "Gonna Get Over You" is lovely.


Receiving the news that Sara Bareilles released a new ep along with her cd was kind of like christmas. I love this ep! 1. Gonna Get Over You- I love all of the snaps in this. It's a great version of the song 2. Send Me the Moon- I seriously love everything about this song! The lyrics and vocals are positively stunning! 3. King of Anything(with strings)- I love it!!!!!! I think it's even better than the original. How creative! BUY THIS EP. You won't regret it!!!


I LOVE this orchestral version of King of Anything. I couldn't wait for it to come out. Sara's voice is amazing. Her new cd will be playing in my car for a long time! Can't wait to see her in concert! Buy the cd and this EP. i promise you will not be disapointed.


Send Me the Moon is one of the most beautiful, serene songs I've heard. I'm so glad this was released with the album.


I loved kaleidoscope heart,and the fact that these tracks that accompany it were released it great. I love the demo of gonna get over you, it is so stripped down, and the bridge is not totally written, which i found cool. And the strigns version of King of I need to say more? And Send me the Moon is a nice, slow, sad, typical SaraB song. I love it, and it retains a similarity to One Sweet love, another great song, though from the past... But overall, a great EP :)


For those who were sad when Kaleidoscope ended with "Bluebird" (or "Carolina" for the ones who pre-ordered it), this is a must. The demo version of "Gonna Get Over You", though not as good as the album version, is definitely a gem for any Sara collection. "Send Me the Moon" is beautiful and flawless. It should be switched with "Basket Case". Lastly, the strings version of "King of Anything" is a piece of art. So genuine and pure. All three tracks are great, and definitely worth $2.99.


Sara Bareilles has proven with this album that not everybody has to worry about the sophmore jinx. Great album with good songs that stretch her songwriting and singing. Couldn't recommend this album more.

Patty Cakers

The strings version of King of Anything blows my mind. Get it girl! Love it


"Send Me To The Moon"


Um, the strings version of King of Anything? EPIC. Okay, maybe I'm biased as a former violinist. But still. Gorgeous. I also appreciate that the vocal track is unique to it and not just an overlay of the original.


I have waited for new material from Sara for so long. I am so glad the wait is over. She is amazing and I look forward to seeing her on tour in October!!!


she has a unique voice which is good but her music is soooo not good idk but her voice is amazing


Send Me the Moon is a classic ethereal Bareilles ballad on par with City, Breathe Again, Gravity. Love it! King of Anything (for strings) is the epitome of quirky Sara B juxtaposition, and the demo version of Gonna Get Over You reminds me somewhat of Ingrid Michaelson's Once Was Love. I prefer the originals, but nevertheless, these alternative versions are fun.