K. Michelle - All Monsters Are Human

℗ 2019 Chase Landin, LLC d/b/a No Color No Sound Records

All Monsters Are Human Tracklist:



I love her so much ! most def the best r&b sinfer out . This album was really much needed 😫

Ms Chat 4

Her voice is so beautiful. Sweet but, still hood!!!

Keep shutting down

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love Ever song on this album


You gave it, k. Excited for what’s to come! Keep on keepin’ on representing TN!!

LLS '09

K. Michelle is an artist who thinks out every song for her albums. She creates albums that you can play and not have to skip. She doesn’t makes albums with fillers...with a few hit singles naww everything is just as goood. You can tell thought is put into each every song.


Just what R&B needed, she never lets us down.




Amazing job, beautifully done.


Go ahead young Mary ❗️🖤


K Michelle is a legend who never fails to produce good music. #Album5


Slayed and Killed it!


Just like Jay is my jam!!!

Lifeoflohna 😛

definitely did what needed to be done 🌻❤️


As always, K. Michelle did her thing with this album.


🙌🏽‼️❤️ I love the whole entire album every song ‼️


Love it


Thank you for this project K! Masterpiece!


Listen this album slaps from beginning to end I been jamming It since Jan 31 this lady is my favorite r&b artist next to Monica. I love K she makes some of catchiest lyrics and drop a fie beat on them . Y’all think this something go to YouTube for her new mixtape


I love K Michelle.... she’s a beast with that pen and paper


This Album Is Amazing 💕


Let me first start out by saying, WOW! We tend to judge artist so harshly when it comes to staying relative with today’s music. Kmichelle is one of those artist, we harshly judge. She starts the album with Just Like Jay asking where is the LOVE from pouring her heart out after all these years of being judged and blackballed. this record grew on me. I haven’t skipped one song. Great job Kmichelle. I hope you get noticed this year for the great job you’ve done with this album. -Much Love Faheem

Donald J.


Harmonic World

No Like K, I'm Loving This Album..This Is Different For You, But I'm Loving The Sound... Please Can You Mainstream This Work Hard On Your Promoting & Push Out These Singles...I'm Still Listening To The Album So If You Wanna Know What I Think The Singles Should Be...Hmu But I Gotta Say, Father Lord God Himself Alongside The Angels Had To Work On You With This One...This Project Is A1 Sus😉


This album brings back the true feel or that real R&B and Soul! I’m very pleased with this body of work! This is a real artist singing her truth and you can definitely feel the emotion behind every song! This album was worth the wait and will pay off!

Chuckie Barner

I’ve never had album we’re I play from Start to finish and repeat it all again well done 👍🏽👏🏾👏🏾


I’m so happy that you got the chance to make the records you honestly wanted and that we wanted to hear. LOVE THE WHILE ALBUM EVEN THE COUNTRY ❤️ Congrats on the hard work K. Can’t wait to hear this country album 😁 EXCITED EXCITED EXCITED ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


This album was one that is setting her up for a great transition into country music! She always gives us what we want and she did JUST THAT with this body of work! I believe after a great well put together body of work such as this Kimberly deserves the chance to sing what she wants! On behalf of the rebels Kimberly i thank you! And you have my full blessing to go and explore as many genres and sounds as you want!


Love the voice and the music.


I love this album k Michelle 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Boy Plethora

Baby, Kimberly Michelle Pate, I can’t wait till the 31st, lol!! I’m so ready to zone the furk out!!! #AMAH I’m totally in love with the feelings she’s bringing to this album. Sing my life, Kim!!

Starbust lover

One of the BEST R&B albums!!!!!!! K Michelle, Summer Walker, Ella Mai and H.E.R. should collab!!! ASAP



jayy z

Go head k


Kimberly, girrrrrl. You did good.

Javon Campbell

Every song hit! Real R&B Soul


Can’t say I’m a true K. Michelle fan, but THIS is fantastic album. Felt emotions.


In love with this album!

Brandon Cole

Love it


🔥🔥🔥🔥 GREAT ALBUM haven’t heard an album like this in a while REAL r&b.


Memphis has pure talent and she makes us proud


This album is life 😍😍


I love you K ❤️ this album was everything. You allowed your fans to help you pick this album and you made greatness!!! Rebel for life 🌻


Thank you K for real music. You are a blessing.


For I am 55 and loving it, got my moving and groving.... This brother sending you much love and keep doing what you do baby girl.


Bring that fire K.Michelle 🔥🙌🏾❤️💯


This album has been on REPEAT! She does amazing always but this one was different! 💕


This album is STRAIGHT R&B ! Sounds nothing like anyone else’s. I feel Good listening to it! & Must Buy/Download.

Dev Dobbs

I’ve been waiting on this!!!!!! Definitely got what I came for! Will be going to pick up a physical copy!!!!


So many haters on here. I wish people knew how to just not say anything if they hate something.


K Never Fails

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