Jimmy Buffett - Songs You Know By Heart

This Compilation ℗ 1985 Geffen Records

Songs You Know By Heart Tracklist:

nick how to Fly

Top quality

Disappointed My Town Player07

I am almost 12, and I. Love. Jimmy Buffett. All of my friends and family think I am crazy, but I love it!! I have been in and out of the hospital and doctor for the past 6 months and everytime on my Bluetooth headphones I BLAST this album (Including Jolly Mon Sing) on full volume. The first ever time I remember hearing it was when I was 9 and it was Jolly Mon Sing and I heard “Jolly Bob Stinks” so now it is one of my favorites and I always say Jolly Bob Stinks instead of Jolly Mon Sing 🤣. I my twelfth birthday is coming up (Late August) and at 1:45 am I thought,” huh, what should my birthday theme be? I GOT IT MARGARITAVILLE!!!” And everyone was still awake so I said, “I FIGURED OUT MY BIRTHDAY THEME!!!! MARGARITAVILLE!!!” And everyone laughed because I thought of it so early! There was no Margaritaville Birthday themes for kids so I changed it to Luau with Jimmy Buffett things. I thought that we could put on a sign “Grapefruit Bathing Suit Juicy Fruit” on a sign. Thanks for reading this review and I hope you have a splendid day/night!! P.S. Whoever says that Jimmy Buffet music is for Old People they are wrong and you should give it a chance!! P.P.S. Jimmy is you ever read this come to Chicago Illinois!! Update: I am not sick anymore and had my party, it was AMAZING!! I got a donut pan (i love baking) Butter Rum (a flavoring for baking. And a POLAROID!! I know this is odd, but thanks to this album, I got through my sickness ❤️ I am so grateful for this and now I am better and am downloading all of his songs on my mp3 player <3 Thank you Jimmy Buffett! You probably don’t know or won’t see this, but thank you so much, I got through my sickness with your help! Thanks, and buh bye!

baptiste main 84

Good songs fresh beat. Just perfect 🤗


Awesome 😎


Lol, the bad reviewers don’t look like they understand that they’re reviewing the album and not apple, the albums awesome and at a great price, loaded it on through an old cd of this album and would buy it again digitally




You let me purchase this and then tell me every song is not available in my country! I am in the same country as freaking Key West! Geez!

Disappointed Legionnaire

This is one of my favorite albums but when I had most of the songs downloaded and was going to purchase the remainder, iTunes blocked me and suddenly all my previous purchases went away and the price went from $2.14 to $7.99 to download the album. Thanks Apple!

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