John Legend, Sara Bareilles, Alice Cooper & Brandon Victor Dixon - Jesus Christ Superstar: Live in Concert (Soundtrack of the 2018 NBC Television Event)

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Jesus Christ Superstar: Live in Concert (Soundtrack of the 2018 NBC Television Event) Tracklist:

Trust and Us



Don’t waste your time on this. Ian Gillan laid the vocal roadmap for the future. He recorded all his parts in 3 hours! Ted Neely did an admirable job on the movie soundtrack. Those are the best 2 albums of JCS!


I thought the voices stellar and as good as the first sound track but the crowd noise from this performance was mixed in poorly. The songs snipped in the “album” version. Having said that this is the best of NBC’s TV musicals to date. Great set, good production on TV, excellent microphone use and camera angles.


It was phenomenal! I loved the original movie and this was so good! I wasn’t sure about some of the singers at first but they didn’t disappoint!


If not for the original, I'd say this is my favorite version of Jesus Christ Superstar. The vocals were spot on, the instrumentals were bombastic and on point. It wasn't compressed so heavily that the sound distorted. *Almost perfect, but the digital booklet is segmented incorrectly and has some errors. No big deal though.

Fintan Swift

Everyone sounds fantastic in this soundtrack! Definitely my favorite recording of the show


I love this as much as the 1973 version!


I grew up with this music, and then forgot about it for 40 years. To have this amazing cast, band, and production bring it back to my life with such soul and glory, is a tremendous gift. There have been many strong productions of this show, but this is by far my favorite. Don't miss it!

football smarty

This was amazing


A few weeks ago I purchased “I don’t know how to love him” and a few others. Suddenly today the version changed to something I didn’t buy. Now it’s a live version with irritating crowd cheering. This was a good show but I’m NOT happy that iTunes changed my purchase from studio version I bought weeks ago. Want the versions I paid for.

AJ Staples

This album and performance are great. Fantasic artistry and Norm Lewis is an absolute dream but i don’t like that i bought this on iTunes on my iPhone and i get the full album but when i try to play it on my Mac, it only gives me snippets of the songs.


This album or “play” is not a true account of Jesus. Everything about this is false. This should be removed and placed into a rock genre instead of Christian.


Amazing performance by everyone specially Norm Lewis ( Caiaphas) and Brandon V Dixon ( Judas)


I wanted to love this production. I really did. Instead I loathed it. Let's see: much of the singing was atonal; 'Jesus' and 'Judas' especially. The orchestra/band was ordinary at best. A good guitarist would have made a difference. The performances were wooden and uninspired. 'Judas' had great stage presence. So, at times, did 'Jesus'. They were both badly overshadowed by 'Caiaphas', who was wonderful. Alice Cooper, as Herod, was quite good also. He should have been cast as 'Jesus'; it would have been a lot more interesting that way, plus his singing was better than John Legend's. The biggest abomination, however, was the audience. I am hardly the 1st to point this out, but: My God! What a distraction! Whose idea was it to feature them so heavily? It was just horrible! At best, I would score this production a "D". The audience noise pushes it firmly into an "F", in my opinion. As an avowed atheist, the mythological "value" escapes me completely. I did, however, quite enjoy the original production and recommend it highly. This, however, is a mess. Skip it.

Don't Even Point

Listen to Ian Gillan or Ted Neeley sing these songs. They were the originals. Compared to them, John Legend is weak.


I quote from the play. Blasphemy at its finest in the gospel category


I have not been a fan of the musicals that were brought to television over the last couple of years, but JCS was amazing from start to finish. The whole cast brought this musical to life. I have watched it three times on HuLu, and I will watch it many more times. Anything with Andrew Loyd Webber and Tim Rice is going to be fantastic, and this was fantastic.


So many things to love about this production. Let’s start with the mesmerizing performance of Brandon Victor Dixon, PURE FIRE every time he takes the stage from the opening “Heaven on Their Minds” to the show-stopping “Superstar” ... arguably the BEST Judas ever! Norm Lewis, Sarah Barilles, John Legend ... and the band!! Wow! The biggest quibble I have with this OST is the wildly over-the-top hooting, hollering, and cheering live fans ... I get they were going for a “live” album feel here ... but seriously, adjust that track DOWN!! Sometimes they even step on some great vocal fireworks!


Brandon Victor Dixon IS this show!!!!

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I love the fact that some of the tracks are from the live concert. The audience adds an extra ounce of energy, but the songs that were available pre-sale are studio recordings and don't have the same feel. Otherwise - it's a great album!!


what are these reviewers thinking...this is garbage. Listen to the original.


I'm pretty conflicted—I pre-ordered the album based on the strength of the prerelease tracks, thinking, 'awesome, a studio album to accompany the live show' (and there sure wasn't any description included to say different). When the album finally released and jumped ahead to one if the newly released songs, I thought 'oh, ok, it's the live version...well, I didn't catch the live broadcast, but at least I know the four bonus studio recordings sound great.' Then I listened to the show straight through, and not only was the sound mix of the live tracks drowned out by the audience noise, but the studio tracks were awkwardly swapped into the live tracks, which not only transitions terribly but also deprives us of the live versions of those tracks. Why the heck wouldn't you at least do the complete live show with the four studio tracks at the end as a bonus? Or better yet, a complete studio version separate from a complete live version? I thought the performances were great—John Legend was John Legendy, and both Brandon Victor Dixon and Sara Bareilles were phenomenal, but I'm just bafgled why the album was handled this way.

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A baby's mom

The audience screaming every other second drowns out the music


None of these youngsters have what Michael Crawford did singing Webber’s songs.




I Saw This Live on NBC And Oddly enough Found a Hidden Message in Everything's Alright Those Who are Fans Of the Original Movie And Of The NBC Live Show Will Find the Hidden Message

Emily Perna

Brandon Victor Dix stole the show as Judas! Everyone else did a great job. This is very different than the 1973 show as it should be. I was happy that the cast is so diverse. I really enjoy the creativity that it took to put this together.


The original Jesus Christ Superstar brought me to understand the sacrifice Christ made for me. I was a child then. Now I’m grown, and this version with John Legend, Sara Bareilles, and Brandon V Dixon has only strengthened my belief that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. Thank You, Sir Tim Rice and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber. Your combined genius is phenomenal!!


Finally one of these live musicals that was worth the time. Legend’s voice was as strong as the broadway singers but he did an admirable job.


Goes against Christianity


Average show performance but Judas was problably the best! Legend did not nail it... he was the weakest link of the entire cast. Look at the 1970 cast or 1973 cast.

H. Gray

This was the worst musical I’ve ever seen. The voices were subpar and didn’t match. Waste of money.

Toyo Panzoff

...and he’s aged better than Alice. Rammstein’s “Engel” was a pleasant surprise.


I am new to this musical and LOVED it! Excited to see how the music holds up on its own compared to the epic visuals of the LIVE show. John, Ben, Alice and more were awesome..


Jesus needs to have solid pipes with a good range. Legend lacks the power that Christ should have. It is a rock opera. I could do without Alice Cooper. But didn’t ruin it. Heard him in the 1996 London version, which was excellent. They should have looked to a rock band to get their Jesus.

Austin Leo'

WOW!!!! Hands Down! This Is The Best Live Event Ever In History!!!! #JesusChristSuperStarLive The Cast, The Live Orchestra, Dancers, & Ensemble!!!! Amazing!!!! #JesusChristSuperStar Excellent!!!!


I thought no one could do better than the 2012 play with Tim Minchin and Ben Forster but this cast is so new and fresh and amazing. My fav was Ben Daniels as Pilate.

Weezy 13

Incredible cast! Wonderful voices! Bravo to the cast and NBC for putting this performance together!




So the music is pretty good, but I was expecting a studio recording of the entire soundtrack. Most of the music is just pulled from the actual live performance though. That means you hear the audience and the performers sound more out of breath and sometimes don’t hit their notes super strongly. The only studio recordings are the overture, I don’t know how to love him, gethsemane, and superstar. I don’t know how important that is to anyone though.


The pre-release songs were great as they were studio recordings. Now that the whole album is out, the other songs are just the live versions. The audience screams so loudly throughout and any time they got close, you can barely hear the artist who is singing. It makes listening to the music impossible. Very disappointed because the artists were amazing and their voices deserve to be captured properly.


Cooper is the King! Enough said!!

Jen sees Broadway

Stole the show! Outstanding performance!!!! He should be in the cover art!


I HATE the audience! Ruins the entire album. Was very excited last week when a few studio versions of the songs were pre-released. Now here comes the full album and along with it, that wretched audience.


Why is this a mix of studio and live performances? I can listen to everyone hoopin and a’hollarin on my nbc app or when they release the dvd but quite frankly I don’t want to listen to it on a cast recording. Seems a little unfair to some of the performers to not have a clean and straight recording. I’m glad the rest of it is out and I can listen to it on a constant but this is silly.


This album is unequivocally NOT Christian/Gospel music. It is based on the Bible but it strays far from it! Move this album to the pop/rock category! Just because an album has Jesus‘s name in it, that doesn’t make it a Christian album!

Kevin Maness

One of the few major drawbacks in the NBC live Jesus Christ Superstar production, for me, was the prominence of the audience. They were constantly on camera, too close to the stage, and loudly cheering throughout the show. That would be okay if I were attending the show—all part of the electric atmosphere. But when listening to the album, I’d hoped the audience would either be mixed down or absent altogether. It’s not. I only listened to a little of the second track (“Too Much Heaven on their Minds”) before I clicked Stop and deleted the album from my phone. The cheering and applause are very distracting for me, at best. At worst, the obscure the voices of the singers and playing of the band/orchestra. I’m disappointed, even though it was predictable, since the album is billed as a live concert recording. Still...


Where are the studio versions of the songs that have been around on Spotify for the last few days? The studio recording of "Gethsemane" is fantastic, but in the live version John Legend's voice falls apart completely at the mid-point, and he seems like he can't even catch his breath. Brandon Dixon's "Superstar" is incredible, and I'd like to be able to have the studio recorded version of that, too. Nothing against live versions, in general...I just prefer the songs without the background crowd noise. For the studio versions of these, I'd give it 5 stars...if they decide to release those tracks....

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