Janis Joplin - Pearl

℗ 1971 Sony Music Entertainment

Pearl Tracklist:


She certainly carved her niche in the time she had.


If Jesus wrote hippie love songs from the 70’s it’d sound exactly like “Me and Bobby McGee”

sammie 71

The best album by a female rock artist ever! Not too many reviews here, so I thought I’d put my two cents in. Her voice may not have been note perfect, but you felt every word, and nobody has ever sounded like her. I wonder if she died shortly after because it can’t get any better.


I am a 72 year old very conservative retired physician - an unlikely fan. But there is something in Janice's music that touches my soul. I can't describe or explain it, but she lives on in my heart and I keep listening.


Listening to this I was 15 years old in an 59 Chevy on a summer day in Ohio.


Janis' vocals always appeared to be mystical and beautiful and I have always cherished her music and will continue too with this album.