James Taylor - Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

℗ 1988 Warner Records Inc.

Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 Tracklist:

Trust and Us



I listened to this album based of the golden oldie appeal of 3 tunes, but now I'd say that JT's greatest hits are not very great. His vocal quality is pleasant enough but other similar artists such as Art Garfunkel, Jim Croce, Carole King and Don McLean have better, more distinctly evocative (non-Best-of) albums. As I don't collect singles, I deleted this album.

D-J Ross

The vinyl LP fans have noticed it already, and the above review claims that "Steamroller" here is LIVE but this CD replaces it with the original 1970 studio version from the "Sweet Baby James" album. Too bad because this was the only album with that explicit rockin' bluesy live version. Docked One Star!


Iconic album - a must-have by an American treasure


I really like Fire and Rain because it reminds of myself a lot. So amazing that I can't even describe how lovely this song is. I swear. It Is Beautiful (So is the rest of the album!)


I grew up listening to this *tape* in my mom's two-tone brown Ford Aerostar van. To my knowledge it was the only secular album she owned, and she'd always fast forward at the end when Steamroller came on to start the tape over again at the beginning (apparently Jesus didn't approve of that track). I bought her the CD for Xmas over a decade ago, the tape having long been lost. Now I finally own my own digital version and I cannot wait to sing along.

Gee - Man

Apple iTunes, You lousy politically correct punks! You replaced the longer and much better with more emotion original version of steamroller blues because, let me guess. He said the curse word MF.




He's the music version of Bob Ross


Love Taylor’s music. Wish his song with Steven Colbert was on this CD. Kay Frank

Don Corleone 1974

This is NOT the original version of “Steamroller” from the LP “Greatest Hits.” It’s the only way JT can be disappointing.


This takes me back to all the good times of my life! Greatest album ever!!!!

Lady Holston

Every song brings back great memories ❤️❤️


This is not only a great album by James Taylor but also an incredible sample of all that he has to offer. I'm young but that doesn't lessen my appreciation for great music from artists like JT. I got this album liking only "Fire and Rain" at first but soon grew to truly admire and love each song for different reasons. What an amazing album this is!


Love his music. Hear his awesome interview with Howard Stern from May 12, 2015


Brian Griffin

Nurk Twin

A song like this only comes along once in a lifetime. - jeff b


It was so easy to get the song I wanted. Good service.


There are very few artists that can bridge generations the way James Taylor does. His music is always refreshing to hear...and if you don't at least have this album...you are seriously missing out. My children will listen to James Taylor, their children will listen to James Taylor...his music is timeless!


The song is so happy and relaxing:)


the uneven, inconsistent application of the "explicit" label in the iTunes store irks me. that nit aside: great album!!


All of his classic songs, how could you go wrong? I love the use of upright bass on all of James Taylor's songs--also on some newer folk records like Caitlin Marie Bell's "Blood and the Water"


Great Songs by a wonderful artist

Dc ranch

This is great...


My husband of 30+ years used to sing this song to me when we were dating in the late 1970s. It still takes my breath away. Music has the ability to take us to an exact moment in time. Powerful. James Taylor is the real deal - Living Legend. My 13-year-old daughter even gets it! JT is in her iTunes too! Smart girl. TRousselWoods


This album brings me back to my childhood when my parents were still together. My brothers name is James (a family name) and I remember it as a lullaby that our mom and grandpa would sing to him. Wonderful memories that brought a tear to my eye. <3


James Taylor was me mentioned in one of Taylor Swift's new songs...so I thought why not check him out? I listened to all of his songs on this album and he's really good!


James Taylor's first album, my 1st also. Great memories & emotions, to enjoy.

Kyle Nichols

There isn't much more to say. JT is the singer/songwriter of a generation. He makes more than just music, he constructs art.


This album never gets old.


I have always loved James Taylor. My dad always plays and sometimes hums or sings them.my favorite is something in the way she moves and you've got a friend. Something in the way she moves makes me remember all of my grandparents which were all dead at my age right now 10yrs😭.there favorite was something in the way she moves. I think I'm the only10yr old boy that has no grandparents anymore. Thank you James taylor you make me feel better and happy.


These songs bring me back to my childhood. Every year when my family would go on vacation my dad would always play James Taylor. I was surprised to re-listen to all these songs and find i still know all the lyrics by heart! Im probably the only 15 yr old girl with James Taylor on her phone! These songs make me so happy! :)

CP- CindyPindy

AWSOME ! His voice & words bring me back to my childhood. Fire & Rain and You've Got A Friend.. This music is timeless ! I wish everyone could experience James Taylor's music. ; )

La la land 5

I grew up with my dad singing these songs. He's amazing


greatest time ever for music, peace , love and care for one another and for mother earth;)

ivy nyburg

This is the album I grew up on. I know the lyrics and beats to these songs like not many 16 year old girls do these days. Hes a fantastic singer, classic!

hpt 52

Im 15 and i love a wide majority of music but none touch me as much as carolina in my mind

JC Colorado

Was this released before Up On The Roof was created? Or is it just a case of the record company limiting the album to 12 songs?

Music of All Types Fan

Just saying, I agree with Jefef.


Taylor’s album, The Greatest Hits of James Taylor is an amazing album, full of superb country music, heartfelt songs, and old James Taylor classics. It is an exceptional example of music that many people greatly enjoy. Some of my favorite songs on the album include “Carolina on My Mind,” a wonderful song about the wonders of North Carolina, and wishing he was there. Another song that I like is “Something in the Way She Moves,” it has a nice country vibe and a pleasing sound. Overall the entire album is wonderful, especially for country and folk fans. I like the soothing songs, James Taylor’s slow crooning, and upbeat country music in this collection. So listen to it and who knows you may become a James Taylor fan.


I love these old songs and they sound so good when I plug the iPhone into my car! Thanks!

Suitcase at the ready

Every song is perfection! No fluff, just great music. A must have for music lovers of all ages.


One of the few artists who improves with age-like a fine bottle of wine.

Beatle Tim

James Taylor is an excellent songwriter/artist. James Taylor's legacy rates high. He is original and his songs/albums have stood the test of time.


Where has real music like gone


Is the greatest sweet soundin guitar player ever! I love jis music


Driving to Carolina just can't be beat when your listening to "going to Carolina"


JT seriously makes life worth living. "Fire and Rain", "You've Got a Friend", "Some thing in the way she moves", "Carolina in my mind", "Sweet baby James", and "How Sweet it is" are my favs...pretty much this whole album is awesome. You'd be missing out by not having this music.


Best 8 bucks I have spent in awhile


I own this back in Montreal, felt like listening to it!! Every single song is good! If you like James Taylor , even just a bit , it is worth every penny!!!!