Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill (Remastered)

℗ 1995 Maverick Recording Company. Marketed by Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company.

Jagged Little Pill (Remastered) Tracklist:


I just turned 18 back in the day when this was released Everyone loved this album ! Every song was great


I think I was 31 years old when this came out. I was a total Tori Amos Fan Then. I still love them both. I’ve grown to enjoy everything AM shares with us. My partner and I have been together 25 years and most of AMS’ releases represent a lot of soundtrack to the 25 years of cohabitation between two male opposites of my partner and I (Gemini/Leo). Thank you AM!!!


In a short story the 8th subjugation HERO WILL DIE AT THE A OF THIS!


WoW so thankful for Alanis


I loved this album when it was released in the 90’s. I wish this version included the a cappella version of Your House, like on the original release.

Yorick Delano

I cannot for a second figure out why this album is held in such high regard, i for one think it just awful. You Oughta Know, i don’t think I’ve cringed harger to a song that wasn't 21 Pilots' stressed out

lesser m

Because I owned the cassette tape and played it on a regular basis.


90's essential. Alanis Morisette never fails to amaze me!

Eddie Gimeno

Greatest album EVER!


I always lose interest fast after "Hand In My Pocket". There truly isn't a bad song on here. It's an album without any surprises though. It starts out promising, but then soon you realize about halfway this is ALL she does, and that despite some solid songwriting on the second half, it all blends into one "#;[email protected]~€^"


Should be one of a handful of albums to be put into a time capsule. No other female has made a single album that is more powerful and influential than Alanis on JLP.


Disappointed. Sounds so cold and disconnected. I used to really get into these songs with the combination of lyrics and powerful music but the warmth has been stripped.


The original version of Jagged Little Pill is amazing. It's such a great album from beginning to end without even one wasted song. With various diverse topics covered and Alanis' powerful voice backing the tracks, to me this album embodies female empowerment. It's fantastic and one-of-a-kind, and this coming from a guy! It's one of my favorite albums of all time. But, this remastered version lost the power and emotion of the original. Thankfully, I downloaded the original when iTunes still had it. Having this version is a big disappointment and disservice to music aficionados. Please iTunes, bring back the original Jagged Little Pill for everyone's listening pleasure!

Thomas Harman

Don't let iTunes mess up your music, not all music needs to be remastered. Waste of money, time, and takes away the greatness of this Album. Had to give 5 stars to be included for others to read. Otherwise 1 star.

Bob the astronomer

Yes, the digital chill is obvious. It's like they took the raw, feminine strength and rage of Alanis and digitally subdued it. Still, she's an icon and a glorious work of art.

Cg area

I loved this cd this is my favorite artist of all time! This made me started too like soft rock!!!


One of the most amazing albums of the 1990’s. Unfortunately, this remastered version is poorly done. It lack the warmth of the original.


WOW! Looked up Alanis because my mother mentioned her some time ago as an artist I might like. I was kind of like who the heck is she? But as soon as I heard the samples for head over feet and Ironic I got this big cheesy grin on my face. It was like a total flashback to when I was a kid and these songs played on the pop stations. I was only 4 or so when this album was released so this is a real nostalgia trip for me. I do so love 90s and early 00s music.


As we age and as we mature, our likes and dislikes grow and develop right along with us. I've lost track of how many times my taste for music, movies, food, hobbies, etc has changed throughout my 32 years. My love for this album, though, has NEVER changed. (Well, unless you want to consider falling even DEEPER in love with it, that is!!) I still remember every single lyric and I still love every single song. "Jagged Little Pill" will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart. Ohh, The memories that keep flooding back, though!! The 90s were such a memorable era for me! I can honestly say that this is my top five favorites of all time! And we all know there's a $h!t ton of music out there, so that's pretty impressive!


I had the old audio cassette version but lost it along time ago, just found this here in 2016 thanks

Nurk Twin

I remember when this came out. What a great LP. It's difficult to believe it's been 21 years..... Jeff in NY




This re-mixed remastered version makes me sad. I was trying to "complete my album" and it downloaded this mix instead of the original mix. I can't even find the original on here. The warmth is gone. The drums and other instruments have been pushed back and everything is so clean and crisp that it sounds like it's a tin box. Bad mix. Wish I could still download the original mix apple. I would love to get my money back on this and trade it for the original version.


Timeless classic with even more unearthed goodies. It's like being in 1995-1997 all over again... as if experiencing the album/era for the first time.


Not too sure why albums need to be remastered and re-released so many times and never go down in prce, but this is a really good album so if it can carry into the 2020s with more people buying it , that's cool.

Nurk Twin

This record great. Now I loved it greatly! I can listen much times.