Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill (Collector's Edition)

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Jagged Little Pill (Collector's Edition) Tracklist:


None of that stuff is ironic. She doesn’t understand what irony actually is.


The files are protected so you can’t upgrade them ALAC or any other better losses codes.


This is the Alains album that I have been 20 years for. The Demos are an extension of Jagged Little Pill. The more is listen to the Demos the more I love them. Got the album for Christmas and listen to at least a song everyday. Superstar Wonderful Weirdos and Comfort are my favorites. When I first started to listen to The Bottom Line I was transported back to the first time I listened to Jagged. If you loved Jagged Little Pill this album is a must!


One of the best songs!

True One

Why would iTunes not allow the purchase of the acoustic version of You Outta Know as a single? Already have most of the songs but wanted the acoustic versions of the hit. Too much $$$


Feels like yesterday I was 10 years old playing this amazing CD. Great to hear the outtakes. Demos did leak on youtube but these here are the studio versions not the demos. That was a much welcome surprise. Also the version of 'These R The Thoughts' differs from the b side on the 'Joining You' single. The live disc is amazing as well just wish it had been longer. Definitly worth the price for the outtkaes alone, pure gems, shame they had to miss the all album before but great to hear them now. (PS, Uninvited? Yeah... redo your review and give it 5 stars like it deserves.)

Mad Scout 95

The idiot who is pussed that this isn't complete because "Uninvited" isn't on this collection needs to grow a brain. That song was not on or written for Jagged Little Pill 20 years ago. It was written and released for the movie City of Angels. Grow a brain and/or up.


Samv76 is an idiot. and obviously NOT a long time fan. tracks like "Bottom Line" and "No Avalon" are the HOLY GRAIL for Alanis fans. we have been awaiting their official release for 20 years now. and having played "King Of Intimidation" and "Death Of Cinderella" on the JLP tour we've waited for those as well. JLP Acoustic was nice but not what we wanted in 2004. we wanted THIS esition. and she finally gave it to us. along with a beautiful booklet (I buy CD's not digital) with the background on the outtakes (written first with Glen before the rest of the album came together once "Perfect" was demoed) the only thing that would make this better is some of the other original demos that leaked years ago of the tracks that did make the final album. but "scraps" these are not. these are KEY puzzle pieces to the creation of one of the best albums of all time.

The Eleventh Tesla

Why is this called Collector´s edition? Without UNINVITED, one of her best songs, not included? I just won´t buy this "collectors"


She was crazy, and thats what made her good. I actually liked Alanis.


I was in high school when this album came out, doesn't seem that long ago. Still a good album


Brings me back to the High-school Days. Young and full of life...


A brilliant record. The iTunes reviewer is completely wrong. Also dope that we get new demos.