Sara Bareilles - iTunes Live from SoHo

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iTunes Live from SoHo Tracklist:


After watching some singing reality shows on tv I started to see how difficult it is to really be an artist. Sara is so truly talented that she makes it look effortless. Singer, musician and performer she is truly blessed.


I love Sara Bareilles and I think she is one of the best singers out there. Her live performances are amazing, and often better than the studio version! This is a great album since it has live recordings of songs she doesn't sing that much any more (Breathe Again, Hold My Heart). It also includes some of her funny banter. (That's why there's a parental advisory for this album; she says some bad words during her banter.)

smoosh fan

As a poor college student who has the sudden urge to buy every recording ever made by Sara Bareilles I had to limit myself - so I only got the one of Breathe Again, which is like, my favorite song by her (if that's actually a thing that's possible to have) and I'm speechless. I didn't think it was possible for this song to be more beautiful than it already was but she proved me wrong. Hopefully people will give me iTunes gift cards for christmas or something so that I can get the rest of this album and all of her other ones.


Thank you Sara, for making such lovely, heart-warming, and incredible oceans that I call YOUR songs. I cannot believe not many people listen to your songs (in iTunes, it is true). Your lyrics help me and other people speak up to the better, and I REALLY appreciate it. I can't believe you sing live, your voice is so beautiful. I wonder when you're going to make another great song like "Brave"? I want to hear it. Your songs leave me breathless and it just keeps pulling me back to listen to your songs like "Gravity". You're one of the best singers I've ever heard in my entire life. 💗


Is it really explicit? I can't buy it because it says explicit! But is it actually explicit?


Sara's live shows always deliver, and this one is no exception. She again blows the top off of every song, and her in-between-songs dialogue is just as entertaining as always. Particularly good are the improvisational "ohs" after the bridge in King of Anything.


If I could be reincarnated as a singer/songwriter/musician, I would be Sara Bareilles. I'm not sure if it's where I am in life right now, but Sara's music is touching me to the very core, especially these live recordings. I'm blown away by her soulfulness; she's definitely speaking to me these days lately. I've been an occasional listener, but now I'm a convert. I agree with the previous posting - keep these live recordings coming! I'm hooked!

Oh my its Chai

Travelled to see her in LA when she had laryngitis and she still sang beautifully! She's just f*n awesome!


The first minute of this down load is all talk and crowd noise that is not made part of the sample or preview. If you want music in your library don't pay for this one.


This live version of Gonna Get Over You is stunning. This lady is very talented.


Sara Bareilles is the real deal. She sounds exactly the same live as she does on the studio versions. Who needs autotune when you have Sara Bareilles????


I love SB, but why does the album have to explicit???


Her vocals blow me away. She has an energy and charisma that so many artists are lacking. Love this and love her!

Chopin in a previous life

It's explicit because of her comments before the songs. Besides the unnecessary swearing, the album is great! Her voice is ten times better live, and we can say that about what percent of artists? maybe.... 0.5%? Anyway - love her voice. Would be 5 star if it weren't for the swearing.


Definetly she sounds better live than in studio. This young girl is simply amazing. The Bruce Hornsby of young ladies. Only she sings better, and prettier.


i am a big fan of her music and the fact that she is BETTER live makes me like her that much more!


In King of anything at least there was nothing that would deserve it being explicet there was nothing that is not in the recorded version besides, "Oh that was awesome" But it did kinda sound like she was drunk so who knows.


why is it explicit? not that it isn't amazing songs, just confused..


My son knows how much I love Sara's music and was excited to buy this for me with an itunes card he got for his birthday. I couldn't believe all the cursing or how proud she was that she was cursing. My husband made my son remove the songs from his ipod. I wish I could edit the songs to have without the commentary. Or if I could just delete the album and get my son his money back...


I bought this vs. buying her actual new album, and now I wanna buy that too... I just like how naturally talented she is, good lyrics, nice voice, catchy melodies. Just as good live as she is on the regular albums in my opinion! PS It's labeled explicit because she swears during some of the talking interludes between songs, for those who asked :)


I just saw her in concert-and had 2 have this after seeing her in person-S he is cute, funny, and brings so much to her live performance!


I tripped over this ladies music by accident and have been totally blown away by her since i first heard her. I came from the world of fusion and jazz and this woman's voice and music will just touch and change your soul. please give her a good listening too. find a good pair of head phones and check her out.. you will be amazed , Sara keep playing, keep reaching out, keep going, and thank you for putting something new and fresh out there. be blessed and good luck and don't let the music monster destroy you....


My only regret is that I wasn't there to hear it (really) Live. We look back on musical talents from the 70's like Carole King, James Taylor, and other great musicians/lyricists; Sarah (from the 90's) McLachlan; This Sara smiles through on every note...

Ravi Ponamgi

I watch the Super Bowl halftime show, and only wonder, "WHY IS SARA BAREILLES NOT ON CENTER STAGE?????" I actually like Black-Eyed Peas, but Sara Bareilles has redefined music and has been blessed with the ability to strike chords deep inside people's souls, not just on the piano (forgive the tacky metaphor, but believe the message). I saw her perform live in Dallas, and was blown away. I saw her again in San Francisco, and simply remain incredulous at how one person, one voice, a dozen songs, can have that kind of effect on a person. She needs to perform live much more often, and get paid through the roof for her talents (plural). My music collection consists of 3,000 of the greatest songs ever, in 9 different languages. Even after a lifetime of singing, and playing the guitar and clarinet, I come undone listening to Sara Bareilles EVERY SINGLE TIME. I have no idea what it is about her music that surpasses all the other gems in my collection, but when something has such a profound visceral impact, maybe a rational analysis fails where a set of really expensive, loud, soul-engulfing speakers blasting anything Sara Bareilles has ever sung is the right solution. God bless you for your genius, Sara! By the way, this review has no specific praise of the contents of "Live from SOHO" because I haven't even listened to it yet; I simply purchase anything and everything Sara makes; you should, too! UPDATE, 12 days later: WOW! Now that I've actually listened to this SOHO album, I regret that even the praise I drowned Sara with in the review above represents a gross understatement of how INSANELY MELLIFLUOUS this woman's voice is. I found the "Between the Lines" Blu-Ray depressing because I didn't think she (or anyone) could ever repeat (or surpass) such a magnificent live performance. Lo and behold, "Live from SOHO" attests to the continued growth this musical genius has undergone. Her pitch in SOHO was PERFECT in every song, and her ethereal vocal fluidity and melody in SOHO's "Uncharted", "Gonna Get Over You", and "Hold My Heart" has me repeat-listening to these versions even after going deaf from playing KH for the last six months. TRY THIS: play the SOHO version of "Uncharted", but immediately after she's done introducing the song to the crowd, blast your speakers and behold the DIVINE "Aaaaaaah" with which she opens that song, cuz it symbolizes her trademark open-vocal style that no one else out there can render. I've used software to crop out just that portion to overdose myself with her intoxicating, mezmerizing, inimitably JELLY-like sound. "Kaleidoscope Heart" (studio versions) just took a back seat to "Live from SOHO", cuz as you all know, Sara is the GREATEST LIVE PERFORMER EVER!! And I'm officially bestowing upon her the title "QUEEN OF SASS"!!


blah! yuck!


Ms. Bareilles' studio recordings are excellent but she seems to channel the energy of a live audience into an extra dimension of performance that's extraordinarily touching. For example, compare this version of 'Hold My Heart' to the studio version. A couple of nits: the mix is off in parts (some instrumental solos get a bit lost) and her swearing between songs is incongruous and unnecessary.


Really enjoy her performance, as well as her bands. She's super talented


Sara Bareilles live from SoHo is exlent


Thanks Renan Laferia! I was wondering why it was explicit. Anyway, Sara Barellis is a great singer and she is good live too!

Justin Cook



I am sorry to all those that are fawning..but I did not like Carole King or Carly Simon either..


She nailed this. Her vox are perfect. Some great harmonies. Some really great spins on some of the album versions. Let the rain is amazing live. Really cool 5/8, 6/8 figure. The dialogue is pretty great too!


can someone tell me?

j. speed

Love the voice, so much depth and feeling. Music Lover


Sara Bareilles is truely an awesome singer, it's great to hear raw talent with all the crappy artists out today. Keep doing you thing girl!

Alice in cullenland

But why is it parental advisery???


Love the little personal touches. This is EXCELLENT and worth every penny!


Sara is fantastic! She got an amazing voice and all her songs are good. For those who are asking about the parental rating, it's because during the interludes between the songs she curses lol


Her voice is so spectacular it brings tears to my eyes every time I hear her....


Does anyone know why it is Parental Advisory?


Very nice!


Workznites here from twitter Sara really belts them out with this release featuring a lot of her best known songs done live. Sara's voice in unmistakebly hers alone which makes all of these songs great to listen to again, and again,and again, and again, and again. Do you get it? I DID! Now Go Get Some!

Jennifer Mulqueen

I will say I wish this album was LIVE FROM MILWAUKEE because her show here was OUTSTANDING. I laughed, I cried (Basketcase), I screamed, & I sang along! Sara is such an amazing performer & I didnt want the show to end. GIVE US MORE!!! I listen to her music everyday & thank GOD for her amazing vocals & totally relatable lyrics. If she gave us a LIVE album from every city I may buy'em all!


I love Sara bareilles!!!


Love love LOVE these songs!! However, I have most of these songs on CD and on my ipod, and there are hardly any swear words. The ones that are in the songs are pretty mild ones I knew in 5th grade. Don't avoid these downloads 'coz you don't wanna listen to a naughty sara. These are AMAZING songs that are even better than the originally recorded versions, and they are CHEAP!!!! buy the whole thing!!!!

Sebastian Freyer

no one told me that she came to soho! i would so go the concert


I love Sara Bareilles songs, but why are they explicit on this album?

Aly Mali <3

I absolutely love Sara Barielles!! <3 She has the best sense of how to transfer words into song. Any song she sings can bring a smile to the most unexpected people.


Gah! What can I say? I downloaded the album THAT MORNING when it got released and listened to the songs on my way to work and loved them...THEN i saw them live at THE BEST APPLE STORE OF THEM ALL...BRILLIANT!!! It's been months since it was recorded and I'm still so terribly emphatic. Haha...and she's quite the comedian as well...Go get 'em gurl!

Ramon Colon

Never really heard Sara's music before (or if I did I didn't know it was her), so I rolled the dice on this album and think I won big. Love her voice and love vibe!!