Foo Fighters - iTunes Festival: London 2011 - EP

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iTunes Festival: London 2011 - EP Tracklist:


Enough said.

Sgt Will

Another awesome performance by one of the last great rock bands on the planet.

Jeremy Morgan fan

The masses are asking for it ! Please release the whole concert.


Can you PLEASE release the whole video!! It was incredible to watch during the festival...I would love to own it and be able to watch it some more!

Mr Brayden

Foo Fighters are without doubt one of the best bands you'll see live today. I saw them and they played 26 songs! So iTunes please put up the 26 songs on iTunes as well!


i watched the video replay of this show when it was available, they played like 26 SONGS!......why only offer us the chance to purchase 6 of them??....isnt that the whole POINT of giving people a choice of purchasing individual songs or whole albums? sure it was all recorded, why not let us BUY THE WHOLE SHOW ?!?!?!....

[email protected]@N

No doubt The Foo Fighters gave the best show. I only wish I could buy the video of this show. ITunes do us a favor and release the entire vid. for sale.


Please release the entire London show! "Wheels" is a Must Have. The Foos are better than ever! Going to fly from San Antonio to Columbus to see their September 22 show.


I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THEM IN CONCERT I AM SO EXCITED. I think that Wasting Light is the best rock album out this year. Period. I wanted to watch the concert but my dinosaur of a computer wouldn't let me. Anyways, all amazing songs and they are really good live. Worth the buy.


Without a doubt the Foo Fighters are one of the greatest bands you will ever see live. There were so many great songs in this concert but how do you not include "Wheels"? There is NO ONE that comes close to the solo performances by Dave Grohl and his solo of Wheels was unbelievable. Dave is the Man.

Gerry Diaz

These guys are awesome in live version


A million buys.


If you only buy one thing this year make it Wasting Light ! Worth it's price in gold.


Please put the WHOLE show on VIDEO &/or AUDIO on sale...!!!


Their newest album is seriously one of the best albums that I have heard in a long time, from anyone. I love every song. I watched this entire live show through the FREE iTunes app, great concert, 2 + hours and every song is awesome. Dave even kicked a fan out for fighting, classic. These guys get better and better!


Although its not the Whole Show, Still Some Great Live Tracks Every Foo Fan Should Own!


The Foo Fighters rock live and they sound great...If you get the chance do yourself a favor and go catch a show!


Wish I could have heard these songs in person. The Foo's always put on one heck of a show!


What can you say it's the Foos Live. Can there be anything better? :) Now need the video and audio of the WHOLE show. Uncensored! Dave you are the man!


The Foo Fighters are one of the best rock bands out there, and have been for about a decade. Their newest album Wasting Light just may be the best they've done, and they showcase a few songs off the album on this EP. The entire performance was excellent, as anyone who watched the stream will know, so just do yourself a favor and buy the whole set of songs!