Foo Fighters - In Your Honor

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Foo Fighters a goofy band name with the occasional goofy music video and yet has more of a legacy than most of the acts out there now! One Direction and 5 Seconds of summer will not have the same impact on music as Foo Fighters! This album is a good addition to their Legacy and I suggest it!

Jose temp

Some may say they are boring but if you really listen to the music and the harmonies of the guitar it is amazing. The song Razor is one of my new favorite songs, the dissonance of Dave's voice and the guitar in parts is chilling. Overall it is a good album


I have been a Foo Fighters fan since 1998 and I personally believe There is Nothing Left to Lose is their best album. Just go listen to Aint it the Life, Aurora, Generator... Headwires whatever. Every instrument is so perfectly played and that album has Dave Grohl's best vocal work to date. This album is SOOO boring. It's by far their worst still to date. I came back to it thinking "why don't I have this on my ipod anymore? is it really THAT bad?" YES!!! Every song is just Dave screaming and some generic music behind it. Nothing stands out on this cd at all. I owned this cd for a few years when it came out and I've probably listened to it at least 20 times trying to like it. Why is it that the only piece of this album I could even remember is Dave yelling IS SOMEONE GETTING THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST OF YOUUUU. Such a lame song. Listen to Best of you and tell me it doesn't sound like a beer commercial. fed up with light beers tasting like water? Looking for something with some punch. Then try FLAT TIRE ALE(background music a man starts screaming THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST FOR YOUUUU) hate this cd. Go buy the colour and the shape or there is nothing left to lose. Those are both masterpieces. If you like some raw grungy stuff check out the first cd and half of all the other ones are pretty good too. Steer clear of this


I enjoy the Foo, they are in a league of their own. DOA, Best of You, No Way Back, and Resolve are my favorites from this albumn.


i bought a few songs from the album and it didnt take me long to decide i want the rest of it. great album

Home Run Name

From in your honor to razor a five star album easily


This album shows how diverse and talented the Foo Fighters truly are. Disc 1 reaches to Classic Rock roots and also doesn't disappoint in the hard rock genre. Disc 2 is amazing from beginning to end. Whenever I want to listen to softer, relaxing music - this is always the album I play. It's also my favorite out of all their material.


But it's AMAZING Dic 1- 10/10 Disc 2- 10/10


In Your Honor (Disc 1) In Your Honor 5/5 No Way Back 5/5 Best of You 5/5 DOA 5/5 Hell 5/5 The Last Song 4.8/5 Free Me 5/5 Resolve 4.9/5 The Deepest Blues Are Black 5/5 End Over End 4.9/5 In Your Honor (Disc 2) Still 5/5 What If I Do? 5/5 Miracle 4.9/5 Another Round 5/5 Friend of a Friend 4.5/5 Over and Out 5/5 On the Mend 4.8/5 Virginia Moon 4.0/5 Cold Day In the Sun 4.0/5 Razor 5/5

nj ootb

This Foo Fighters cd is awesome. You need to listen to, NO WAY BACK, BEST OF YOU, DOA, THE LAST SONG FREE ME, END OVER END and WHAT IF I DO. This is a totaly buy cd


Feels like a Album about everyone on earth


In Your Honor is great, but DOA really got my attention. Dave never ceases to impress me.

derekzoolander !

and the winner one because they're both awesome ! my absolute fave from in your honor, though, is best of you. such an amazing, empowering, inspirational yet bitter/angry song. go foo fighters ! i love you guys :)

jam'n jason

songs like "best of you" are pure awesome. i see these guys going into the rock and roll hall of fame right next to eric clapton. i think thats how you spell it :-?


Just thought I would write a review because very few people have written reviews on them. If you look at any Linkin Park album there are thousands of reviews. Look at any Foo Fighter Album and there are like 10 reviews! You can't compare Linkin park and Foo Fighters. Foo Fighters are so much better. So If you read this review write a review on what you think or at least rate this album.


I find it equally funny how people snub those who like earlier works by the band. THOSE EARLY WORKS ARE THE REASON THEY ARE FANS! I do agree that simply wishing the band would put out more cd's of the same stuff is silly. (That's what Offspring has done and quite frankly it is getting tiresome). But I don't think this is the case here. For me, a fan ever since I heard My Hero, I have loved every single album the Foos have put out, until now. This album is good, but I would rate it below the other 4, or maybe equal with their self titled debut. I hope this will be taken as an honest assessment from a long-time devoted fan. Observations: I think the single, Best of You, is a bit contrived and forced, and while it's an okay song, it suffers from too much screaming. I don't mind Dave's screaming, and I think it works very well on other tracks, especially, Hell and In Your Honor. But think Dave goes overboard on the screaming in a misguided attempt to emphasize the rock disk. I think his screaming has worked best when it builds up, as in Monkey Wrench, All My Life, etc. Here, starting out screaming through whole songs gets a bit repetitive and deflates any build up or momentum to the song. As far as the first disk goes, I like a lot of the tracks, but with the exceptions of No Way Back, DOA and Hell, nothing really sticks out for me. It is a good fix for my Foo cravings, but nothing earth-shattering or eye-opening like previous efforts. (i.e. Big Me, Monkey Wrench or Everlong, Generator, or All My Life, Low). I think it is because they are trying to hard. Honestly, if I want really brilliant, hard rocking songs, I could listen to the first four tracks of One by One and be perfectly satisfied. Or I could listen to My Hero or Monkey Wrench. Listen to this album and then listen to All My Life, Low, Have it All, and Times Like These. Notice the difference? I think those songs have melody to them. They are hard rocking, but are distinguishable. These songs, especially In Your Honor and Best of You, are drowned out by screaming and are too simplistic with the guitar work. The Foo Fighters can and have done better. Again, not asking for the same thing, but I do appreciate the complexity I have come to expect from the band. What I don't really like about this album, and why I think its a bit sub-par, is the second acoustic disk. I am not a fan who gives an A for effort. I like the fact that they tried to do something different and I appreciate it, but honestly I think the second disk is boring. It puts me to sleep every time I listen to it. I like Miracle, and Another Round, but the other songs are dull. I do think On the Mend is also okay, but I can't help but think it would sound better with an electric guitar and at a slightly faster tempo. I think Grohl also missed the mark on Virginia Moon, featuring Norah Jones. It is a great concept, but what happens is he drowns her out. What's the point of having Norah Jones sing a duet if you can barely hear her? I thought the band could have done much better, like the work they did with the acoustic versions of everlong, my hero, and times like these. Again, those are distinguishable tracks and if you get a chance, check them out. Much better work than what they produced here. So, all in all, not their best effort. I don't think this album will kill the band, and a lot of other fans seem to really like it. Personally I think anyone who thinks this is the best Foo Fighter album hasn't listened to the others in a while or at all. I like complexity in songs and this album doesn't have as much of it as their past albums. I know some will feel free to flame away, but this is simply an honest assessment from a big time fan. This album is not a starter album.




best of the foo's definetly a side was awesome b side was evn better can't wait for more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The songwriting on this album is extremely good. This double album has some acoustics with some hard rock tunes mixed. Each disc is tremendous. Grohl's buddies Josh Homme and John Paul Jones are featured in this album and they are very good chemistry. I even heard Dave, Josh, and John started a new project together called Them Crooked Vultures, I cannot wait!


I love this album the most. I think the acoustic songs are what made me love it so much. The Best of You, In Your Honor, and DOA are my favs on the first cd. Razor, Still, and What if I Do? are just compleat works of genius.


Yeah, "Best of You" is awesome as hell but everybody (or almost everybody) seems to completely and I do mean completely ignore the first song "In Your Honor." Starts off with only a few notes but then it builds itself into an awe-inspiring background for the first half of the song. Then Dave yells his poetry and it gives me goose bumps everytime I hear it. Please, listen to the song: melody, harmony, lyrics, all of it. My hope is you'll find the same reaction as I did from the title track. For placement, remember this album was released during the height of the occupation of Iraq and the downward spiral (no pun intended) of Pres. Bush's approval ratings.


foo fighters are awsome


Arcai in. I had heard that the Foo Fighters were great, and their fifth album proves that. The first disc is full of great riffs and Grohl's unique rage-filled vocals. Songs like Best of You and DOA show some of their signature style. There is however, a great difference between the first and second disc. The first disc is full of anger and high-energy. The second disc is nothing like it. It is melancholy, sad, and sentimental. It is calm also, signified by the entire acoustic sound of the dis, especially in songs like Miracle (featuring John Paul Jones) and Cold Day in the Sun. The album as a whole is great, and I recommend it to anyone that enjoys a mix of hard rock anger and acoustic rock sadness. It is the ultimate Foo Fighters album, simply for the fact that it combines so many influences. However, I'm sure it is not their best record. Great songs: No Way Back, Best of You, DOA, The Last Song, Resolve, End Over End, Miracle, Friend of a Friend, Cold Day in the Sun, Razor Good songs: In Your Honor, Free Me, The Deepest Blues are Black, What If I Do?, Another Round, Over and Out, On the Mend, Virginia Moon Okay songs: Hell, Still Highly recommend: Best of You, Resolve, Miracle, Cold Day in the Sun I give In Your Honor a rating of: ****1/2 (Great) I'm going to Atlanta for the week. So long. Arcai out--


This is the Foo Fighters most emotional album,and it rocks. I was surprised at how good the acoustic songs were, too, but they're just as good as the other stuff. Possibly the Foos best...Probably the Foos best.


I have to say that this is the BEST Foo Fighters album ever. The heavy sound of DOA and Best of You along with the serene sound of Virginia Moon and Cold Day in the Sun. This is a great album


one of the best albums


Let's face it. This wasn't The Foos greatest album. Quite frankly, I can't think of a single Foo album I liked less than the A-side for this one. And quite frankly, though the second disc was pretty good work for the Foo Fighters, I liked the accoustic work on ESP&G more. As a whole, with the first disc earning three stars, and the second disc earning four stars in my mind, this album should get 3.5 stars. But since I honestly believe the Foo Fighters can do way better than they did in this album, I'm giving it three stars. Only buy this if you are a Foo Fighters fan. If you aren't, and you want to get into them, any of their other albums (except for maybe the self-titled, which was solid but not for new fans to get a feel for FF) would be a better choice than In Your Honor.

i hate jackson united

All worth listening to, definetley a must-buy CD. This could easily be its own 'Greatest Hits' CD.

Inquiring Minds

I didn't used to be such a big fan of the Foo Fighters, but eventually I couldn't help but love them. You can tell how much work they put into these albums by the way everything comes off perfectly. They put a lot of thought into the total sound and feeling of their music and this album is one of the best at showing that. I highly reccommend some of the non-album tracks from this album if you can get a hold of them. I especially love The Sign which was a bonus download if you bought the album from Best Buy. If you like this album you will probably also enjoy The Colour And The Shape (1997) which I think is very much like a precursor to this album.

The Stoop Kid

the two best songs on the album for me


im not sure what happened to all the reviews, but, o yaaaaa, foo fighters are cool