Silverstein - I Am Alive In Everything I Touch

℗ 2015 Rise Records

I Am Alive In Everything I Touch Tracklist:

Mason Pearmain

It's just standard Silverstein.


This album rocks no more words stop reading this and buy it!! Turn it up!


I love this album more than I love myself.

Jamey smith

Silverstein never disappoints. They are legends and and continue to show their talent. 👍🏻👍🏻


I have every album from these guys and I am amazed at how much I still like every song that they come out with. Proof that there is nothing wrong with sticking to your roots. I am always afraid when they come out with a new album, because I do not want it to be there last. I look forward to the next one. Once again this band nailed it!!! Well done Silverstein...


Silverstein has never disappointed me. I've been a fan since the early days and it is SO amazing to me that they've continually made great music, and progressed and grown so much musically. I believe this to be their best work. "late on 6th" is some of the best vocals we've heard from Shane, while "In The Dark" is quickly becoming my favorite Silverstein song to date. These dudes are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

Chris's though

Fantastic album!


That's all.


Silverstein is the best band in the history of the universe


I can tell by just reading the lyrics and listening to these new sounds that this record must be so personal to the band, and that just makes this album key if you're a true Silverstein fan. I love the sound in "Late on 6th" especially. The way all the band comes together on that track is amazing. And I love other tracks like "Heaven, Hell and Purgatory" and "In The Dark" which both have great lyrics and great (yet melancholy) meanings behind them. Not to mention it's so catchy that it just gets stuck and your head! And I really, really, love the use of the environmental sounds the band has used in these songs. All in all, this isn't their BEST record, but it is definitely one of the most meaningful and it really puts you in their shoes and makes you think. Kudos to the band.

Mad world 36

This is the one of the best silverstein albums ever made. None contenders DTW but this one in particular is splendid in trying. I didnt really like TIHTWS, hate me. But this beats it by a landslide. Fav tracks are Buried At Sea, Desert Nights, A Midwestern Emergency, Face Of The Earth, and Je Me Souviens and many others. The only downfalls were Continual Condition and Milestone which i felt were really off and didnt fit but the perfect songs to play live which isnt too bad of a song. I 100% recommend this. Im never disappointed by my favorite band.


Silverstein is one of the bands who you can always count on to release a solid album year after year, and they’re always consistent. You know what you’re going to get. The manage to keep their signature sound while also pursuing new directions, and their new album is no different. Vocally, Shane somehow manages to get better with both his clean singing and screaming. Lyrically, the band are just as strong as ever, and this time relating each song to not only a place they’re in, but a personal experience. Instrumentally, the band know how to construct a breakdown, but also have really catchy hooks and riffs. Is this the band album they’ve released? No. But it’s far from bad. The production, as always, sounds fantastic. My favorite tracks on this would be: “Milestone”, “A Midwestern State of Emergency”, “Heaven Hell and Purgatory”, and “Buried at Sea”. But all the songs are golden, there is no filler. Do yourself a favor and get this CD, support this band. You won’t regret it.


This is by far the best album of 2015 in any genre. Been a mild Silverstein fan all my life but everytime they release something new im like why to i ever take these songs off my phone. They are one of the only bands i know to sucessfully keep the same sound all these years and still make it sound like its something you never heard before. This and every album before are so masterfully written that it makes no different what the instruments behind it sound like cause its still gonna be brilliant.


Fantastic album, lyrically strong and the riffs are extremely catchy and well executed. BUY IT and you can probably die happy

Jacob shaffer

Overall amazing album, not their best work but still worth getting, hoping for some acoustics, album seems a little short


Silverstein has always delivered record after record. Each one building upon the sound they've been perfecting for well over a decade. This new piece of deliciousness is no different. The riffs are easily some of their most memorable and then song writing is better than ever. Once again, Silverstein reminds us that they're still at the top of their game.

D3spair FacTor

Little to NO bands actually get better with each album release. Silverstein has yet to let me down. Though it's hard to top "TIHTWS", this album is simply amazing.


Singer has really improved overtime. The music on this album is excellent- you can see where rise records had their influence, but it's nothing too drastic.


While some may argue that their sound has stayed the same Shane tiles maturity in his vocals and songwriting technique really shines thorough on this album. The guitar tracks are also slightly heavier somewhat reminding me of newer of mice and men.

I love Metallica!!

When I saw that this was under the rock genre I was disgraced. This music is trash and it is a slap in the face to rock and metal fans alike. It doesn't even deserve one star.


Great album but Shane always has the same theme for albums. It's always about his girlfriend leaving him. Switch it up a bit.


one of the biggest silverstein fans in the usa, i know shane personally, seen them over 100 times, this album is impressive i like every song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait to see them on warped


This album is well done and reminds me of home, I am Ontario native and have spent countless days in Toronto and other cities. Every single song just breathes the essence of home and it is a welcome addition to the already amazing collection of Silverstein albums

Jacob is the boss

this band is unbelievably amazing 😍😍😍😍


If there was a way to give this 10 stars I would. Silverstein brings gritty archaic Canadian roots to this Cd


This album is so good! Epic!

Llu Kang

Just adding to the 5 star reviews you've already received and deserved for this amazing album. Thank you for never disappointing!


Good solid album, can't stop listening


They never disappoint...What a great album....worth every penny


These guys are my favorite. They never disappoint and have so much passion in the music they make. Amazing vocals and guitar work on every track. Favorite album of the year so far!!


vocally their best album. every song is awesome. there’s not one “skip” song. best band ever.


Loved this band since the mid 2000's and feel like I've grown up through their music. Every new album is as good as the last. Rare to see a band put out this many albums and keep a signature sound but evolve at the same time. Keep rocking guys, see you at Warped!

I will be the end of you

Easily their best album…...


Every album is perfection..but this...ughh best present as this is the last day of my high school career! Bought at Midnight and jammin through the entire hour of pure pleasure! 1000000% recommend if you know Silverstein its them at there greatest!


Silverstein continues to evolve with every album!I have been a fan from the start, heaven hell & purgatory is my jam!


This album is amazing, finely crafted and very different keeping the bands genre alive & fresh, from face of the earth to je me souviens this album is an intricate piece of art, like the title suggests, stop reading this & go buy it!


Been listening to Silverstein since their When Broken is Easily Fixed days, and this album has to be top 3 in my list!


I've been listening to these guys since discovering the water front in 2005. To this day, they have never failed to produce amazing work and this album is no exception. I am completely in love with all the songs on this album.


This album is hands down the best one they have ever released.


I received the new album on Saturday as part of my VIP package of the DTW 10 year tour, and I cannot stop listening!!! Silverstein has been my favorite band since the early 2000’s and still are to this day. Each album just tops the last, and Shane’s voice just keeps getting more amazing with each track. I have to say Face of the Earth, Late on 6th, and Milestone are my most favorite tracks on this album, but who am I kidding? THIS ENTIRE ALBUM IS JUST PURE GENIUS. Thank you Shane, Paul, Paul Marc, Billy and Josh for always being you and creating such great music I absolutely cannot live without it.

Spudds Mcgee

Silverstein is one of those bands who always delivers album after album. They never disappoint.


I miss the sad songs. The songs that gave me the chills. The songs that were deep and had meaning...


The best sound yet Silverstein is one of the best artists around ive been listening to them for awhile they have indeed progressed and seriously i hope this band wont turn to some electric bs cuz so many hard rock bands have its so sad but these guys keep up your work dont stop because your music is one of the best i seriously will keep listening to this

Eric Ackerman

Does everyone know that "enjoi2876" doesn't understand what makes silverstein good but still posts crap about them? (he' that one two star review down below(or above i dont know how this @#%! works))


I'm Silverstein fan since high school and still my favorite band i cant wait until may 19!!!!


I've been a fan since I first heard "Smashed Into Pieces" back in 2003 and I have eagerly awaited each of their album releases since I bought When Broken is Easily Fixed ... I ❤️ Silverstein and can't wait for this album to come out!! I have pre-ordered and now I wait ....!


Listen to When Broken Is Easily Fixed. Then listen to Discovering the Waterfront. Then Listen to This Is How the Wind Shifts/this single. Those sound the same to you???? Not even close. Granted, Rescue, This Is How the Wind Shifts, and this single aren't **drastically** different from each other, but you can't expect as a given for every band to change to a ridiculously different sound with each and every release. If a band does do that, that's great, and props to them. But to get all whiny because not every band is living up to the expectations of how much change there should be between albums or a given amount of years according to YOUR rules is just childish. Not every artist evolves at the **exact same pace**. You all sound like idiots. You know it's good, so just enjoy it.


Silverstein is one of those bands that has never changed their formula since they released their first album back in 2003. When other bands are changing or seriously altering their sound("selling out" if you will) Silverstein has always stayed the course and delivered the awesome music their fans have truly grown to love. Unsurprisingly, this album sounds like it's going to be no exception.


Wow. So pumped.


The reason I'm only giving this four stars is because obviously I don't know how the rest of the album sounds. But if you think they haven't progressed listen to arrivals and departures then shipwreck in the sand then this is how the wind shifts the lyrics aren't the same meaning. it's just not. they've changed and grown. if they changed their sound everyone would be complaining that they sold out and that they want the old Silverstein back like they do with fall out boy and linkin park. just remember you can't satisfy everyone but Silverstein continues to satisfy me ☺️☺️