Hole - Live Through This

℗ 1994 DGC Records

Live Through This Tracklist:


Regardless of any hoopla about writing or not, this is still a great CD ALL the way though.


Kurt Cobain wrote this.


A lot of speculation that Kurt wrote the songs on this album - I don’t know the story but I must say that this is Hole’s best - A timeless classic, start to finish. I lived in Seattle when this came out and saw Hole live many times. Courtney delivered live. I saw Hole a couple of years ago and ended up leaving halfway through the show cause I didn’t like how Courtney dissed Seattle, as if it was still some po dunk little city. This, along with the fact Courtney has sold out to the Hollywood scene, plastic surgery. Etc. It’s clear to me that after subsequent Hole releases, the magic was gone...and I’m afraid that magic was Kurt’s influence on this record.


Cause Cobain wrote it!


it’s. so. good.