Heart - Greatest Hits 1985-1995

This Compilation ℗ 2000 Capitol Records, LLC

Greatest Hits 1985-1995 Tracklist:

Sugar Spice And No Longer Nice

Paid $10 for an album and what do you know? The best song isn’t even open to listen to.

Trust and Us



Many great memories!


These gals remind me of my childhod.....and when i hear their songs it brings me back to being a teen in the 80's. LOVE HEART!!! Best female vocalist ever


This was a group that flew under my radar for years. I have heard most of these songs but never thought it was all from the same band. These gals are amazing!! They deserve more recognition.


Still sounds incredible after all these years!


I've heard this band since I was crawling. I will always love them.


Need I say more!!!!


Heart is one of the best groups ever. Buy this album


I had tickets to see them. I didn't make it because of work. What can a nobody like me say about a LEGEND. Many bands break up or have issues. Heart? I don't know. It's probably the love they have for music it overrides personal issues. Heart talks about it amongst them selves. I'm 80's so "Nothing at All" Do I have to say. If you don't listen you will be begging me Please, Please don't hurt me no more.. Gonna see them at Penns Peak. I will be there in the evening. Think about that.