Gwen Stefani - You Make It Feel Like Christmas (Deluxe Edition)

℗ 2018 Interscope Records

You Make It Feel Like Christmas (Deluxe Edition) Tracklist:


I LOVE this album! Normally I don’t like contemporary pop Christmas albums, but Gwen’s productions with horns, real drums, doo wop sort of background singers, plus her whole quirky-Gwen vibe give the whole thing a nostalgic, timeless feel that is so much more festive to me than other modern holiday albums that feel like quick cash grabs. I really believe Gwen is into the season on this album. Even some of her original songs (Christmas Eve, Cheers for the Elves, My Gift is You) seem like classics that we’ve been hearing forever.


This is my new favorite Christmas Album!!! This should have 10,000 reviews!!

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This is the best Christmas album ever, I love it and my favorite song in the album is winter wonderland. Winter Wonderland is probably my favorite Christmas song ever and I think that QWEN is the BEST EVER.


Gwen Stefani is my favorite, I’m glad she made Christmas songs and new ones, I listen to them during the summer their so good! Also since the vinyl record came out, I bought myself a turn table and added Tragic Kingdom to the mix so I have those two so far, sounds good!! I know this is irrelevant but her best song ever is “Cool”. On repeat always! I wish I could go to her Las Vegas show! I wonder if Gwen will read any of our reviews? Or at least mine :) Merry Christmas 🎁


I love this album. The 60s vibe is amazing and Gwen is perfect on it. My favorites are Christmas Eve, Last Christmas, Secret Santa and Feliz Navidad. Classic album. Oh and I noticed the negative reviews are from a certain exs fanbase. Enough. Go Away. You can tell who they are because they spew hatred and haven’t listened to the songs at all.

santa's secret elf432

Best original songs and covers are better than ever. Absolutely an amazing album!! Best I have heard in years!!!

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The remakes are fire and her new songs are so good! Can’t beat a Gwen album ❤️❤️❤️ get them coins Gwen. I love you ❤️


Love it so much. Christmas magic


Rereleasing this album with new songs won’t make it any better. Like nails on a chalkboard


So cute! Gwen needs a whole album of 50s and 60s covers her voice is perfect for it.


It is corny cheesy and makes no sense


Great listening!!!!Really puts you in the Christmas spirit Love Gwen Stefani

Ash and Indy

I love how happy she is now and it totally shows in her music. Her songwriting is just so good and she’s always had some of the best and most memorable vocals around. This deluxe version is a play through album. Every song is great. No skips. I didn’t think last year’s release could get better but Gwen pulled it off! Favorite Xmas album. Up there with Johnny Mathis.


Gwen’s new music and covers are sure to become a holiday tradition! My favorites are Jingle Bells, You Make it Feel Like Christmas and her new song Secret Santa! I love the whole album and listen daily.


Love it! My favorite Christmas album


I thought I couldn’t move Gwen and her Christmas album more. These extra five tracks make me want to listen to Christmas music before Halloween. Perfection of Christmas music.


Love it


“Secret Santa” is one of the sweetest Christmas tunes to emerge in years and is a great addition to the record. Gwen’s motive for recording a Christmas album was, that many years from now, her children could still enjoy the holiday season, even when she is “up in heaven”. This album comes to life after a listen and is worth a purchase. A gem for the holidays.


I love the tempo the sounds and the lyrics. Wow I completed my Christmas album today #ChristmasDeluxeGx album by Gwen Stefani. ❤️

One Direction Infection!!!

I’m OBSESSED with all her originals, especially Secret Santa, and her take on the classics is absolutely amazing as well. Gwen Stefani invented Christmas😍😍


Can you go back to No Doubt now that you’ve gotten Christmas music out of your system?


Fantastic holiday songs and some great new songs.


I love all of the additional songs!! Great job Gwen!


Absolutely love Gwen’s Christmas album! From the covers to her songs she wrote. I love cheers for the elves and secret Santa. However the song that always gets me every time is Christmas Eve!

Jennifer Ruiz

Yessssssssss!!!!! Queen of Christmas done did it AGAIN!!!! I mean my queen is so classy and elegant and such a TALENTED WOMAN! it takes a lot to write music so the fact that she’s also able to write Christmas music as well is just beyond talented to me!!! This is music that’s gonna stay forever and be revisited every single year, that is so amazing!!!! 10/10 recommend to buy this album!!! EXCELLENT! Gwen Stefani thank you for making Christmas extra special ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Gwen does a phenomenal job on the covers and the originals are done in classic Gwen style!! A must have album for Christmas lovers.


I am not a big Christmas music fan, but this is really fun!! Love it!!


Gwen Stefani has created a fun Christmas album with great vocals and original lyrics that are a new favorite. The covers are very well done. We will be playing this all season long.


Gwen truly makes it feel like Christmas all over again with this marvelous deluxe edition boasting five new tracks!! The two original songs penned by Gwen are fantastic: ''Secret Santa'' is a lovely, soothing invitation to celebrate the season with that special someone, while ''Cheer For The Elves'' is a fun celebration of Santa's helpers. The three covers of Christmas classics are bursting with holiday spirit: ''Santa Claus Is Coming To Town'' and ''Winter Wonderland'' are horn-infused delights, while the duet with Mon Laferte on ''Feliz Navidad'' is wonderfully festive. The new tracks are splendid additions to an already masterful holiday album that perfectly blends modern and traditional Christmas music.


Love this - best rendition of Last Christmas since George Michael; Santa Baby innocent & sultry all at once. The original songs are amazing - You Make It Feel Like Christmas Christmas Eve, Under the Christmas Lights, Secret Santa - are all classics for all time! This one’s a keeper for sure.


SUCH a cute song, I love it!!




I can’t wait to get this