Green Day - Father of All...

℗ 2020 Reprise Records.

Father of All... Tracklist:

The Unheard

Not worth it.

We searcher

I’m a fan of Green Day and own all their albums except this one but this Album is a letdown and by far the worst album by them. You have Sum 41 who makes a new album and keeps the same style while Green Day on the other hand goes to complete trash and changes styles completely


I was expecting a pretty good modern alternative rock album with a little bit of a classic green day flare and I got a pop album about meeting billy on the roof, being a teenage teenager, and sugar youth (whatever that means). Oh Yeah! That’s just what I needed!


This is surprisingly upbeat for the cover


I like the new album so happy that there is another one coming soon. I will always support my Green Day heroes:)

🖕🏻 you

Seriously this album is F***ing gay. What the hell is Green Day thinking. Ever since Trump took office they’ve really turned into obnoxious whiny pussies.

666 president

remember when greenday were poor and good?


Seriously, this album is like a bad parody of the Black Keys or Cage The Elephant. It sounds like a generic band on any alternative station. This album is dreadful. I gave the whole album a couple of listens this past week on Apple Music, hoping it would grow on me, but I can't stand it. I actually deleted it from my music library, because I don't ever want to hear it again. This isn't experimentation, reinvention, or pushing boundaries, it's pop culture sameness for the sake of youthful relevance. It's like being the old dudes at the club. All they actually had to do to be relevant was SOUND LIKE GREEN DAY.


Where did the Green Day from Dookie and American Idiot go??? I miss them 😢


This album is not Green Day going back to their roots. This is them meshing pop punk with Rockabilly. And it works for me. I can see why purist will be turned off by this, but I think it’s a nice, fun punkabilly album.


Great album that offers a different sound/theme of Green Day.

Biscuit Bear 69

It's a sad state of affairs when fans turn on the bands they love so much. Employing a schoolyard bully paradigm to make yourself feel better because you're nowhere near as successful as Billy Joe, Tre and Mike speaks more about you than the three of them. Show me your over 200 award nominations and over 90 wins including four Grammy's as well as your spot in the Rock 'n Roll HOF and I'll accept your bashing Green Day for more than the compensating of your own failures that it is. This album is awesome!


Wow...this is way out of left field for the band. Will not be buting the album.


Seriously, someone needs to forcibly separate Green Day from Pete Wentz and his dork squad. The samples, the dance beats, I expected the Munster’s theme to kick in on half these songs. If you ever wondered what fall out boy would sound like with Billy Joe on vocals here ya go. I’m all for artists pushing their ranges but imitating a band that is, essentially imitating you? Come on, guys. Even you know this is your worst record.


this is a sad excuse of an album. drums are solid but the writing is awful.


Bruh bruh


Why the f•ck is everyone so triggered. Sure it isn’t their best work but chill


I get experimenting with different sounds but wow this is bad


I know they changed a little for this album but it still sounds like them! Not sure where all the hate is coming from!


This is not Green Day to me.


I legitimately enjoyed this album. This album doesn’t ask for much of your time, and doesn’t waste it either. While it doesn’t sound like their old sound, I think it’s better than producing a clone of revolution radio. Kudos to them for doing something different


As a big fan of International Superhits, this album is a disappointment. Maybe like one or two good songs from here?


I feel that most of the tracks are great, but they could take out some of the pop type of sound


Everyone just wants a carbon copy of American Idiot, 21st Century Breakdown or Dookie. This is not that. And that is a great thing. This is Green Day doing what they do best .. making great music. Short, sweet and to the point.


Go listen to Fire by Jimi Hendrix and try to convince me they didn’t steal that songs riff/drums for Father of All... You could have at least picked an artist a little less famous than Jimi to riff off of. I mean c’mon guys. For real?


They had to go a different direction because they’ve been around for many years now so just because something sounds different doesn’t mean people should just write them off by giving the album one star. Have an open mind people,and trust Green Day. They’re not stupid nor burnt out. They’re gonna make something to satisfy their fans. It’s not about the money anymore. They have enough money to retire if they wanted to. This album is sick! Starting with the 1st song to the last. Just trust,trust and trust !!!


Just awful. Not much effort put into this. Why do this to the fans?

Lexypoo 💕

This was a horrendous album it makes sense that they have to drag other artists and genres to bring hype to their album since they haven’t been relevant since two decades ago.


Idk what I was expecting but not this...

real iron man

I love that Green Day put a lot of work into their new album this is not a forgettable album by Green Day it’s just Green Day making awesome music and songs


Ngl this album isn’t the greatest. It’s just not Green Day, and you can’t even hear the words in the songs. I will admit that Oh Yeah, Sugar Youth, and Graffitia are okay, but the rest of the album is just crappy.




Change of sound is kind of surprising at first but overall great album

Forget weather channel

4 out 5 only cause I wish it was a longer album :)


I'm surprised after looking at all the reviews that no one has mentioned that Oh Yeah and Stab You in the Heart are so familiar in spots. Listen to Joan Jett's Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah) and hear the exact same chorus as Green Day's Oh Yeah. Listen to Hippy Hippy Shake by anyone and Stab You in the Heart has parts so similar. I wonder if they got permissions for the "similarities" or not.


okay so off the bat, i don’t think this album is as bad as everybody is saying it is. it has a lot of hard rock and punk elements, and even though it’s a different vibe from their older stuff, it doesn’t feel soft necessarily. it’s still better than 90% of the music that comes out today, and kind of felt like a breath of fresh air from the green day formula. maybe not done as well or as carefully as the others, but still fun. obviously not every song was a smash, but this isn’t the “death of green day.” people gotta chill, they’re just trying something new before their record expires. plus the songs will feel pretty heavy on the hella mega tour i’m sure. all around not thrilled, but i haven’t lost hope lol

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Doodie & The Brofish

Having grown up with Dookie and seen Green Day from their genesis to their current sound, I have to say, this album is Rad. It’s semi-polished without being over produced and the writing and melodies are as raw and catchy as ever. While they've evolved as musicians, they still keep an honest punk rock sound that’s just as digestible, fun, and hard as their first release. Their talent as musicians is just as strong, if not more solid then ever. Well done.




This breaks my heart. Where is Green Day?


Green day started out amazing! But like many bands they get too experimental and when they tried to capture past glories the music suffered. The punk feel is gone - Billie Joe screeches and whines out songs.... Overly political. Notice when they do shows now they always mix in an American Idiot or Dookie tracks..... This is because those paying them to play don’t want this new garbage... Its been downhill since Uno, Dos, Tre


I’ve been listening since ‘94. Green Day sounds reenergized!

Phat Chimpanzee

It’s hard to say anything negative about this band because they’re my favorite. But this album is just horrible. All of the songs are forgettable, and like someone else said, you can barely understand him in a few songs. Just noisy and sounds horrible. I’m going to their show this year and sure hope they play mostly older stuff. Or all old stuff would be better.

A marked man

It’s the worst mainstream album of the year so far. Green Day are so far removed from their punk Bay Area roots. Fantano gave it a 0 out of 10, so you know it’s bad.

[email protected]

Listen, this album is different than any of Green Day’s older stuff but this album is amazing. It might take you a few listens like it did for me and then you like me will start loving it. Their is still done echoes of their old music in songs like Sugar Youth and Fire, ready, aim. And we also get amazing new sound like Grafitia huh is by far the best song on the album it is just an amazing song and is epic. Oh yeah, meet me in the roof, stab you in the heart, father of all..., and take the money and crawl, and I was a teenage teenager, and junkier on high are all great to. Just give this album a chance it is amazing.


green day used to put out bangers, now they should just retire. revolution radio was pretty good but is god tier compared to this. You’re telling me this was done in September yet they took THIS long to put it out?


I don’t think enough people realize that bands change over time. It’s impossible to find a band that won’t change over a 20 year time period. It doesn’t matter that it’s different, it’s just if you like the music. Times change, people. If you aren’t ready to accept that, then that’s too bad. This album is good. It sounds fine. It’s no Basket Case, but it’s not meant to be.


This album will be better in 75 years.

Jackson, Young

It takes a while to get used to. The new songs are pretty good, like “Sugar Youth” and “Meet Me on the Roof” and I enjoy the new style to their music. When you think of it as a Green Day album, it’s not their best (but definitely not their worst), but when you think of it as just a regular album it’s pretty good. Green Day has a lot to live up to and not every album can be PERFECT. The only reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is because there aren’t enough songs and some of the songs sound the same. Overall I enjoy the unique style to this album and definitely think it’s worth purchasing.

4stro Moto

Dont know why everyones hating. Sounds like Green Day. Ive been listing to the album on repeat since it came out. A few fast pace catchy songs that brings me back to the old GD days😎😎 It goes by quick! Cant wait to see them on the hella mega tour👊