Foo Fighters - Greatest Hits

℗ 2009 Roswell Records, Inc.

Greatest Hits Tracklist:


Thank you for your music. Really. You guys GOT me into music. Changed my life. And also just sounds fkn incredible. Thank you and rock on 🤘🤘 P.s hurry up and release your new album


The Best The Best The Best The Best The Best The Best


This is best band and this is a good greatest hits album. The only problem is all albums have big hits so they made this album a little too soon. 10/10, 5/5, #1 band.


All my life Awesome song Best of you Amazing Everlong. Good The pretender amazing My hero. Great Learn to fly. Good Times like these. Amazing Money wrench. Amazing Big me. Good Long road to ruin Amazing This is a call. Meh it’s ok it would have a half in its rating Skin and bones Good Wheels. Amazing Word forward. Amazing Everlong acoustic. Good


Great album


Best band ever - great album. There are so many songs that could have been on this album that a 2 or even 3 'CD' would have worked better. You can't fault it though becuase all the songs are awesome.


im going to quote something that dave grohl said about the setlist for this album. "these 16 songs are what were calling our greatest hits. not to be confused with "our best songs" or "our favorite songs", its a collection of the songs that have defined our bands indentity to most people over the years. the other 65 album tracks...... well, some of those might be our bet songs. "aurora", "new way home", "MIA", "exhausted", "A320"..... depends on whom you ask. personally, i dont think weve written our greatest songs yet. but that door is always open" so guys there is a reason they left out those other great songs


Not all of the Foo's best but a great compilaion of a new American Classic rock group.


Lobe foo fighters. LOVE foo fighters


"no way back", "i'll stick around", "the one", "let it die", "DOA". all these hits plus a couple more arnt on here. every band is really stupid when it comes to greatest hits albums. they always leave out good songs. seriously, come on guys. the new songs are good though


Its got all the great songs that they have recorded over the years and some extra treats like wheels. Great cd


Love the foo fighters but get the deluxe album