Gabby Barrett - Goldmine

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Goldmine Tracklist:


My favorite song is “Got Me” soooo good, love “footprints on the moon”too ❤️


This entire album is amazing! I love her!


Gabby really puts her heart and soul into this album. All her songs are great. Love I Hope, The Good Ones, and Foot Prints on the Moon. Gabby is going to be the Next Carrie Underwood.


The next country qween


I mean it’s okay, but most of this isn’t country ... way too pop and overproduced... starts to sound better after a few listens, but overall just sounds like she’s yelling in almost every song. Plus this album doesn’t have much variety; majority are just love songs.


Hometown proud, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania! Amazing!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

Toni Bruno

This album is so good. Every song is amazing and different. Been on repeat for days. So happy I started listening to her miusic. She is an up and coming star.




I hate it just make it FREE!!!!

Stephen l.

Love it


She’s good


I only listened to a few samples but they are actually pretty good! (^-^)

Beach House Christie

This beautiful young lady is going to be the biggest talent in Nashville. Her mix of songs is masterful, her voice salty and soulful. She is truly Blessed.

Hershey Kind the fifth

So most of the songs are good but I was not really a fan of goldmine. It kinda sounded like she was yelling. My favorite on here is still Hall of Fame. Also about half the songs where pop.


So I think she has some really good songs on here like I hope, Jesus and my mama, rose needs a jack, footprints on the moon, etc... I just feel like over half the songs have the same message of how in love with Cade she is(not a bad bad thing—just predictable and makes me realize how single I am)... maybe just diversify a little more in the future... maybe write about acceptance or small town USA or your relationship with your dad or overcoming mental health or the good times or a weekend barbecue or something other than how great your guy is lol


Excellent vocals and songs with meaningful, heartfelt lyrics! My personal favorites are The Good Ones, Hall of Fame, Thank God, and Strong. Gabby has proven that she doesn’t need the American Idol title to make a name for herself, and I know she’ll continue to prove that!


Amazing songs! Gabby really delivered. Congrats!

Lady 5

Great album, amazing voice and catchy lyrics.

Fans from Pgh

Such a good start for a great up and coming artist!!!


Wow, this is an album that I will listen to forever. The lyrics Gabby!!!! Just incredible. My fav is “one of the good ones”. Love you Gabby!!


This is my favorite album I have ever purchased!


Love It 😍 But I Love Carrie Underwood!! First time I herd cheat thought it was Carrie Underwood.. I was she’s got another hit 😳 🤷🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️


So happy for the talent this girl has!!!




This goldmine album is an amazing album yes it is a country album. But it has a powerful message to it about grace and faith. My favorite song is got me featuring Shane&shane my favorite part of the song is when they added give me Jesus on the bridge. I will definitely put this album on repeat.


Hope she sticks around for years to come. Obsessed!


Congrats on the #1 album! This album is incredible and definitely worth waiting for! Every song is different in a good way!! Proud of you!!💗


Every single song on this album is AMAZING.


I’m so proud of you.


Very generic girl meets boy, girl loves jesus, yadayadayah.. also the cover is heinous and has ZERO correlation to the contents of the album. Other than that.. it was pretty vocally impressive. Just a bit flat.

Bethany McCullough

Gabby’s talent is incredible. This album is amazing! You won’t regret it.

Gary the baddass

stop labeling pop as country. it aint country


Amazing record


this isn’t even country & she’s trying to hard to be like Carrie


these songs are soo good! thank you gabby and hope you go far


i swear ima have it on repeat for a WEEK straight. these gonna be no skip songs 👌👌👌


I have been such a fun for years. This album is literally everything I ever imagined it to be! Love love loveeeee


Her voice is way too nasally for me. It sounds like she is just yelling the lyrics not singing.


While this is typical pop-country, Gabby sounds really good and the production does well to follow her style. Give this album a try!


This album is a masterpiece

Nice fun awesome!!

amazing. Gabby needs more hype.


The only good song on here is I Hope and not the version with that ugly loser. Every time I listen to the other songs all I can think is this sounds like something for a ten year old.


I’m usually not a fan of country music but I honestly love every single song that Gabby puts out! 👍🏼👏🏼 She’s so beautiful and her voice is amazing! Keep representing the burgh babygirl! 😍🖤💛 I’m so glad she put Jesus and My Mama on here I wish Youngblood was on here too!! Love you so much babe keep killing it!! I can’t wait to see your career take off and for you to become the superstar you’re destined to be!! 😘💕🥰


Wannabe Carrie Underwood


👑 iconic already


This is a good album with a lot of good prospects. It seems to be have blossomed into a great first album for her! Keep up the good work, Gabby!

cool cook29

Love her and her music, I hope is awesome so are the good ones and hall of fame, can’t wait to get this record. She’s a powerful new women in country 💪🏻.

Katy Perry 23

Gabby is amazing! She is another perfect example of why American Idol is way better then the Voice. She is going to be the next big thing!

Robbie Stanton

Can’t wait for Gabby Barrett’s album!!!!

patty cake 88

I love Gabby since day one when I saw her on idol I was sad she didn’t win. I loved the song I hope that her album goes platinum. Congratulations Gabby I can’t wait to hear the entire album when it is released in June 19.

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