Silverstein - Ghost

℗ 2016 Rise Records

Ghost - Single Tracklist:


Huge fan and never disappointed. Love new single


They never get old. Been listening since When Broken is Easily Fixed.


Silverstein NEVER disappoints!!!! Been a fan since Discovering the Waterfront and let me tell you each and every new album brings a refreshing, new sound while still remaning true to their roots. Such a fantastic band and have really outdone themselves with this new single!


Solid track by a solid band. Rise is lucky to have them.


Shane Told does it again. Silverstein only ever moves forward and this song is a perfect example of that. Looking forward to what else Silverstein has in store for us for the rest of 2016.


the more you listen, the more you enjoy.... trust me

Nathan Englander

I've been listening to Silverstein since I was a freshman in high school, and they haven't made a song I didn't love. And to consistently keep making new great music makes them my favorite band.


Pretty good single, can't wait for the record next year :D


FcKn AmAzInG!!!


Reminds me about old stuff, which is fantastic!


Is it just me or does their music only get better every time? This seasoned emo/screaming/ punk rock band has been putting out the best in its genre for the past 16 years and going strong. This song is already a hit and I'm ready to see them live again!