Classical Conversations - Foundations Cycle 2, Vol. 3 - Timeline and More

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Foundations Cycle 2, Vol. 3 - Timeline and More Tracklist:


We love the curriculum, but the “add-ons” are getting so expensive. We buy the Cycle app for $15.99 each year, but the timeline songs ARE NEVER included. This is intentional, so you are FORCED to buy the album on iTunes for $12.99 in order to get the timeline song, which is of massive importance. The CDs cost $30, but not many people use CDs anymore so either way, Classical Conversations is getting the same amount of money out of you.


Very expensive $30 to have the songs you need... when they were FREE on you tube but you shut it down. Shame on you!!! Why is this not included when people pay for membership. Crooks!!!