Classical Conversations - Foundations Cycle 2, Vol.1 - Weekly Memory Work

℗ 2019 Classical Conversations MultiMedia

Foundations Cycle 2, Vol.1 - Weekly Memory Work Tracklist:


You have to purchase 3 albums to get all the songs you need??? Why is this not included in the kit you charge a fortune for!!


Don’t listen to that 1 star review. The history sentence is there spoken and sang. It’s so nice to have the memory work already separated by week and on my phone. Thanks CC for putting this in iTunes for easier purchase and downloading!


This bangs yo


I was a little worried after reading the one star review. Bought the album, and everything we need is right there (including history/presidents songs, exactly how we’re used to from the weekly CD in past years). Timeline song needs to be purchased separately, but we have it from last years’ CDs, so no biggie for us. So nice to have the songs digitally and instantly accessible on all devices through family sharing. Thank you!

CC Mom/Tutor

I love the convenience of being able to access the weekly memory work on my iTunes! Thanks, CC! (*To the previous reviewer who thought the history songs were not included, they are when you purchase the album! They’re just not featured/heard in the preview.)


The preview may be misleading some customers. On the full purchased songs, all subjects are present.


There is no history song included in each week. This is crazy!