for KING & COUNTRY - Burn The Ships

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Burn The Ships Tracklist:


I love the song Joy. Its so true! And though im only 11 years old its my favorite song because since i havetype one diabetes , it gets hard. I mean, having to get shots before i eat every day. But the song Joy reminds me that the Lord is always with me and that i should have JOY! And i love the song fight on fighter too. THOSE ARE THE BEST SONGS FROM FOR KING AND COUNTRY!! SO encouraging.

maddie ✝️✝️✝️

So amazing 😉 I love 💕 God Only Knows 💝💘💖💕❣️💜❤️💙💞💓💗💟 this song helped me with suicidal thoughts 💭 and drugs I’m now a Christian ✝️ that loves god so much I’m 14 and my dad left me when I was a baby but now I have a dad that loves me so much to adopt me and now my family has grown bigger bc of this song


This group is amazing!!!! Watch the video that goes with Burn the Ships, it’s awesome!!!!!!!😎 Thank the Lord for these songs!


I love God only knows but the album as a whole is pretty average


He knows all about me. This ain’t trashy, this is good ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


True and meaningful messages! Wonderful vocals! Spent at least 10 minutes looking for a bad review of this album and found like two so if that’s not compelling idk what is


Pls don’t copyright if I use your Music in my videos For background music I’m a tween I hv no Idea what that means! Pls don’t copyright!!!!🥺 Trust me it’s going to be amazing pls don’t copyright pls pls pls don’t copyright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Our entire family loves their music! Fresh, creative and wonderful.


Love it 😍


This group has the talent and drive to be the greatest Christian band of all time!


The first song I heard off of the Burn the Ships album was joy. That song gets you moving to the beautiful lyrics. The beat just makes you want to dance!!! Love your music 😊👍🏽❤️


These sings have been carrying my family through every season of life and will continue so as well. The music of these brothers is worldclass and in our eyes the best music every radio worldwide should be sharing.


I love their songs! My family and me love them!! I would give them 5 stars anyway! If king and country sees this.. Thank you keep it up!


as fK&C has gotten older as a band, their style of music has changed (warning: not like Crave), but it has become more relatable. i love these guys. they r so honest in song, and has helped me thru so much. i definitely recommend this!


This song is amazing. I believe it can touch anyone's heart. We've all had people talk about us behind our backs. This song reminds us that we are all worthy.

Future Pastor 777

One of the best albums I have heard, I listen to their songs daily and have seen them live multiple times!😊 I also got the honor to meet them as well! LOVE For King and Country!😊😇


Loved the album!

Jess Saupitty

These two know how to put out hit after hit. Burn the ships is my favorite from this record. They put out songs that resonate with you. Whatever you’re going through they have music for it.


Theater artist never fail to write uplifting and entertaining music. Such a blessing!


Great album! Incredible to see them live! Amazing voices!!!

anxious persob

These are modern songs and they’re energetic! I love them, they make me feel a lot happier.

anni panda

I love all the songs


I love FOR KING AND COUNTRY! They have such inspiring songs.


I love this album!


Omgggggggggg their music is excellent and inspirational. Love them 💜💜


I don't support people who support pedophiles. #SORRYNOTSORRY


For King and Country is one of my favorite groups(Newsboys is up there too$Their sound is beautiful. What a gift you gave them God. I am so glad you allowed the world to be able to hear them. I have three songs I downloaded from this album. Just hearing them makes me want to blast my radio in my car as loud as I can so everyone I pass can hear how amazing they are.


I love the songs! especially "Burn the ships" because the music is cool and I have watched the music video and that was AWESOME!!


Absolutely LOVE this song 💚💚


Control is the most soothing, relaxing song I’ve ever heard!!! Great job guys!

a w dissapointment

I have found that whenever I feel bad about really anything, I can just listen to these songs and just feel at peace. The songs really connect with you in things like determination and letting things go. I would definitely recommend listening to this album, and then listening to more.


Pioneers is like a Christian love song and im all over it! God has blessed us with For King and Country


Might I make a suggestion?? You guys should sing your own version of “believer” originally by imagine dragon. You’d be GREAT!! Awesome album!!


Recently I had to go to the ER for some health issues, and Fight On, Fighter was like my lifeline, giving me hope and keeping me joyful even during medical hardship. This is one of my favorite albums ever and I highly recommend it!


My son loves the song “Joy”, he is 4 & sings the song w/ so much JOY if he hears it come on K-LOVE in the house he comes running to the radio! “God only knows” is a personal favorite I feel like it speaks directly to me, because, well heck sometimes it’s just life nowadays for people.


This is their best album yet! If you have been through tough struggles Burn The Ships is your song. Burn the ships and don’t look back! The more I listen, the more I love. Musically and vocally this is simply an overwhelming album.


Luke and Joel has succeeded yet again in providing catchy music with powerful messages! By far my favorite album of theirs, worth your money!!!


If you look at from the aspect of songwriting, production, quality and overall awesomeness...this is the one! Plus, positive and encouraging?!?! Boom 💥


For King and country have done it again! Love the songs! This is a must-have album.


Best album ever herd


They put on a SHOW. They’re like a Christian COLDPLAY! Powerful, amazing band with talent beyond belief, and a great message. Love all the drums, and the energy! My new fave!

Gamer holdem

I absolutely love this song and lyrics. The music is great. This is the type of Christian music that really appeals to me. I’d never listened to them before this song showed up on a you tube suggestion for me. Have a listen. 🙏🏻👏👍


This album is legit amazing! I have been listening to it nonstop since I purchased it. But, if you think the album is amazing you should see For King and Country live in concert, they will literally blow your mind and their creativity is fantastic. Hands down one of their best records.


Such a powerful cd filled with so many inspiration!

Soul Surfer 😜😜😜😜✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

Love the band! I’ve seen the band in concert and it was the best!! I loved Burn the ships and never give up!! ❤️❤️ I do like crave but I like burn the ships album better I think it’s an amazing album and I think it’s one of the best ones


That song is my new favorite song!! We just saw them in concert and I bought the album as soon as we walked out. Addicted!!


Such a great album...big fan!


this album is excellent. there’s a lot of heart behind each lyric, and the sounds are fantastic. if you have a chance to see this band live, you shan’t be disappointed.


Don’t get me wrong, this album is very well done and you can see how musically gifted they are in the songs (especially Amen, which has a very powerful vibe to it) but it doesn’t even compare to Crave in my opinion. For King and Country’s lyrics have become the more generic “worship music” lyrics—almost the radiocore of Christian music—rather than the honest, real life lyrics of Crave. Both have value, but there is already a wealth of good, powerful worship music, and I prefer the genuine, emotional lyrics of songs like Pushing on a Pull Door. I would actually argue that, in my own experience, Fine Fine Life lets me praise and give thanks to the Lord much more than a song like joy.


You are so sweet and amazing 🤩😍😃

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