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Awesome album, needs a remaster to adjust the low volume.


I remember when this came out. It was right after Kurt had passed away. But, what started out as solo project became an event every time Dave put out an album. The thing that strikes me the most is how happy and fun the songs are. They speak to an era that brought us Weezer, beck, and Green Day. I thank God Dave went this route and not became just another drummer in a band. Awesome album 5 stars.


Classic Dave .


I love this album. we need more rock bands like this.

Nurk Twin

Excellent LP. But what is "Foo" and why would you fight it???


This album only goes to show the high level of musical talent of Dave Grohl, doing all the instruments for the songs and singing all lyrics for the album. The result was an amazing masterpiece with a raw, gritty sound that really embodies the 90s sound. If you're a fan of the newer Foo Fighters' albums, you should definitely listen to this album. I love all the newer songs by FF, but this is my favorite Foo Fighters album by far


I just love the foo fighters, and this is definately their best album. I never get tired of Big Me


But they should really add Winnebago on iTunes.

Blue Seren McDaniel

If there is one thing to take away from this album, then it is that even at an early age Grohl had an ear for a catchy melody. The guitar cords which are clearly derived from Jazz and Latin are what separates this album from "Foo Fighters" later work. The recording quality isn't great, but that's what makes this album unique. It doesn't sound like any other record I have ever heard. It still managed to Platinum with its "Unpolished" sound. The album uses the right order and song structure. The album seems longer than 12 tracks, even thought it has a 40 minuet runtime. The fun part about this album is that it's not an arena rock album. It still filled seats on its tour. Of course the first three tracks are solid, but the song writing of this album is superior to acts that have been releasing for years. Grohl's voice is shy and low, which adds to the melancholy atmosphere. The album has a feeling that no other album has ever given me. 99/100, because no album is perfect. Dave's best work.


Seems like Kurt Cobain's genius rubbed off on both Foo Fighters' first album as well as Hole's first. I hear Kurt all over both of these albums, but hey, both of these albums are almost like a celebration of Kurt's legacy, and there's nothing wrong with that.


I love this album! Bought it not knowing it was the first one they made as a new band. The Foo Fighters is my all time favorite band and this is one of my favorite albums. This is a must have for any Foo Fighters fan.

Broken Jim

David Grohl is one of the most talented, amazing musicians of all time. This very album is evidence of his musical mind. He's a genius. He's a great guitarist and the dude can sing… what's really scary is his drum playing is out of this world!


Ok Dave, the Nirvana recordings have now been remastered..... Now it's time to give YOUR fans the same and give this 'Wattershed' classic the treatment! <<<< see what i did there >>>>>>>


and in this bands case they should have stopped after three albums cause the first three were incredible, it all went downhill after that...


Please remaster Dave. I love all your later LP's production, especially the latest. This is almost unlistenable.


1. This Is a Call 5/5 2. I'll Stick Around 4.9/5 3. Big Me 5/5 4. Alone + Easy Target 5/5 5. Good Grief 4.7/5 6. Floaty 5/5 7. Weenie Beenie 4.7/5 8. Oh, George 5/5 9. For All the Cows 5/5 10. X-Static 4.7/5 11. Wattershed 5/5 12. Exhausted 5/5


Dave Grohl really used his experience from nirvana well when he created foo fighters. I'd rank them number two on my list of favourite bands second only to Nirvana.


It's Classic Foo. I'd give Infiniti Stars But I Couldn't Whoever doesn't like this needs medical help…FAST SIMPLY GREAT MUSIC - Just Like All Foo


Great album! Not as strong as others IMO, but still great nonetheless. Best songs are This Is A Call, I'll Stick Around, Big Me, Alone + Easy Target, & Watershed.


Considering Dave Grohl played all of the instruments. That's what makes this album unique. My favs are: This is a call I'll stick around Big me Alone + easy target Good grief

Acey Deucey

I can't disagree more, especially considering Dave has a much stronger, rounder voice. Kurt was good at screaming his lungs out and trashing his vocal chords; Dave has a good sense of melody. Regardless, this album is a powerful piece of writing, not quite as strong as the Colour and the Shape, but still really good.


Great riffs, classic grunge album


i like oh, george and x-static reminds me alot of alice and chains, another great band.


This is one of my favorite albums of the 90's. I dont even really consider it a Foofighter's album...I do consider it Grohl's solo masterpiece. This was Dave's "All Things Must Past"... a collection of songs he had on the back burner. Sadly with the death of Nirvana he found himself with the time and drive to put them to tape... and that he did, all by himself. There is such a raw lo-fi brillance to the sound..a mix of pop-grudge-punk-and shoegaze. A sound that was never matched again by future Foo Fighter's album's.


A few things need to be understood. First, Dave did this on his own, this is not technically the Foo Fighters, but that is what he named it. Second, these are all tracks that Dave wrote for Nirvana. Nirvana fans no that their songs are raw and unproduced. Therefor, great album.


This is a great album and a solid start to the Foo Fighters career. It is amazing that Dave created this all on his own. This is a Call-9/10 great opener Ill Stick Around-9/10 Awesome grungy riff Big Me-9/10 poppy and cheerful Alone+Esay Target-9/10 has a real Nirvana feel to it Good Grief-8/10 good Floaty-10/10 an underrated song that I think is the best song on the album.\ Weenie Beenie-9/10 aggressive and awesome Oh George- 8/10 pretty good, doesn't stand out as much For All the Cows-8.5/10 an interesting song that goes from jazzy verses to rocking choruses X-Static-8/10 has great drumming, but gets a little repetitive Wattershed-9/10 a nice fast punkish song with an awesome riff. Exausted-9/10 really grungy with a lot of distortion mixed with Dave's smooth vocals Overall, a really good album.

I like this alblum

Freaking awesome! And whats more inpressive is that Dave Grohl played every instrument for every song!


At All.

Eh heh



This album is outstanding. It's by far the best album ever recorded by one man. Ignore the other guys, the best tracks are I'll Stick Around, Good Grief, and For All The Cows. Buy This.


The Colour and The Shape was their first (and best,) album.

derekzoolander !

great way to start off a solo career ! (by solo i mean "not with nirvana anymore") must haves: *this is a call, i'll stick around, big me <-- this song is so cute :), for all the cows*


One of my all time favorite albums.

Green Foo

The foo fighters are one of my favorite bands. I really never heard of this album until I heard "This is a Call" on the Greatest hits cd. I liked it alot. So I looked it up, and it was on thier first album. I heard the rest of the songs and loved it. "Wattershed" is my favorite on their, fast paced and a good guitar riff. I can't believe that dave made it himself.


This is a must! So many great songs on one album!!


Listen to this album now and you still get the same feeling as you did when it first came out. Dave Grohl proves he has what it takes to write catchy tunes that are fun to listen to. This album is as good as it was the first time I heard it.


Foo Fighters are awesome, you gotta love Dave Grohl's amazing voice and for playing all the instruments! Bravo! I love the raw sound, emotion and talent. Dave is genuinely very talented and the lyrics are fun and thought-provoking, and not cliche. It's refreshing. It's also cool to hear the work from the earlier days. I Love it! :-) P.S. I really liked I'll Stick Around, Good Grief, Floaty, Weenie Beenie and X-Static. The whole album is highly recommended.


Pretty much every song on this album is certified gold, although I don't care much for Wattershed and For all the Cows. But regardless, this album is the essence of REAL alternative rock. BUY THIS ALBUM YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!! (...and buy Wasting Light while your at it ;] ) Good Grief, I'll Stick Around, Big Me, Floaty, and Alone + Easy Target are my faves, but honestly I love all the other songs too.


This is the best Foo Fighters album. Every album after this one is more polished as Dave refined his money making skills. This first Fooz album is raw and was a pleasant surprise following the demise of his previous band. Why did he hide all of this before. I read that Kurt thought his songs were boneheaded. He was mistaken. My how interesting Nirvana would have been if Dave and Kurt could've managed to draw on the synergy of their genius combined.


the album definitely rocks more than any other FF album also. its obvious Dave wasnt concerned with radio airplay on this one. he wasnt sure of his songwriting ability while in Nirvana (who would want their songs compared to Kurt Cobain's ??), so he is just rocking out in the hopes of writing something as powerful as Teen Spirit, if you ask me. some of the riffs are strange and very innovative also. i.e. FLOATY. i dont hear any 'fast forward' songs anywhere on here. every song is kind of unique and different than the previous song. ''i'll stick around'' is almost as rockin and anthemic as Teen Spirit . very very good record. my favorite as far as FF goes. i think the riffs are everybit as fun to listen to as the riffs on Nevermind. every album following this one has been an attempt to rock, while making sure there are some pretty radio friendly melodies. dont quote me on that though, i could be wrong

Floyd Downer

Considering Dave was the only performer on this album (except for Greg Dulli on X-Static) and the fact that it is pretty much a demo tape, it is what started Foo Fighters and put them where they are now. All the songs on here are good. For a demo tape recorded in a week, it made for a very great album that's worth the $10.


I heard somewhere that Kurt wrote for all the cows. I'm asuming he actually wrote the melody too, since he always said music comes first. It might be b.s. Does anyone know for sure?


Unique sound


This album is worth it for Floaty alone. Awesome song and it doesn't get much attention. Unfortunately you can't preview the chorus, but if you haven't heard that song check it out. Never knew Dave did this album all on his own.. awesome musician, awesome guy.


Proof that is was more than just Kurt Cobain behind Nirvana. Amazing album considering Dave did all the instruments himself.


First one is still the best!


The Foo Fighters have moved to bigger and better acclaim for their later albums (e.g. _The Colour & The Shape_, et al.), but to me, the albums that followed this one, their debut, while good, were not as compelling, due to the more polished sound that would creep up on those albums. The rawness of this album is what helps give it more of an intimacy, not to mention the fact that, with the exception of one song, the whole album is performed by Dave Grohl: guitars, bass, drums, and vocals -- all Dave. The intimate feel of this album (yeah, an "intimate" album that "rocks," go figure, but it works) is what makes it my absolute favorite in the Foo Fighters catalogue. As many know, Dave was the drummer of Nirvana, and many would think that Dave trying to form his own band after the split-up of those Seattle juggernauts, would prove to be an embarrassing failure. This was *hardly* the case, as The Foo Fighters are an *excellent* band, and I *personally* don't think about Nirvana's ghost while listening to The Foo Fighers; this alone should tell you something (or at least it would tell you that I disagree with the editorial review on this page.) In other words, The Foo Fighters (to me) stand on their own, and don't remind me much of Nirvana. Recorded in one week during October of 1994 (just months after Kurt Cobain's death, and Nirvana's demise), but released in July of 1995, this debut album is jam-packed with chewy, sweet-tasting pop confections -- of course shielded with lush, heavy guitars which produce a thick wall-of-sound -- and is hard not to fall in love with. Like another reviewer stated, it's one thing to know Dave has talent as a vocalist, drummer and tunesmith, but to know he almost *literally* single-handedly did the album by himself -- writing the songs, playing *all* of the instruments -- just makes one a bit envious of his talent. Along with pounding, melodic rockers like "This Is A Call," "I'll Stick Around," "Good Grief," not to mention the pleasantly goofy, get-in-the-mosh-pit intensity of "Weenie Beenie," you get tasty Beatle-esque melodicism and craftsmanship in "Big Me," and speaking of The Beatles, you get a beautifully-atmospheric rocker in the form of "Oh, George," which is a tribute to no other than George Harrison (supposedly his favorite Beatle), and superbly-made tracks like "For All The Cows," which amalgamates elegant bluesy 7th chords, fronted by Dave's smooth-as-silk vocals for the soft parts on the verses, before bursting into explosive, heavy choruses. To close out the album, you get the oceanic, atmospheric heaviness of "Exhausted." This is an *excellent* album; one of the very best "alternative" albums of the 90s; an album where *every* track on the album is as good as gold. I'd put it in my "top 10" of favorites from the 90s "alternative" scene. It's *that* good, and it holds up quite well after nearly a decade since it's release. Highly recommended.


the best foo fighters album. every song is great. loads of power and real passion. get it, 10/10


By far the best Foo Fighters album. Every other album has songs that sound exactly the same and all of the major hit pop songs are just Dave trying to be Kurt Cobain screaming into the mic and trying to pull off a big time rock ballad. Every thing here though is sincere and well done (even more impressive considering it was only Dave except for X-static). The one song I could see not being on here is Weenie Beenie. The highlights are This Is A Call, radio hits I'll Stick Around and Big Me, and the end song, Exhausted. Buy this album, it really is a must have for any rock fan.


This album is just great Dave did the whole dang thing by himself as a solo project! The only song that wasnt completely him was x-static. Screw who ever hates on this it's awesome! There's like 6 amazing songs and the rest rock like any other foo song:)