Alanis Morissette - Flavors of Entanglement (Deluxe Edition)

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Flavors of Entanglement (Deluxe Edition) Tracklist:






This is one of the best albums ever. Yes. Ever.


I really like Alanis...this isn't as solid a collection of songs as Jagged or URS but it's a more interesting one. Not as We, Moratorium and Tapes are masterpieces. Buy them, and give the rest (except for Straightjacket) a go.


I was not too content when I sampled some of the songs on this album by Alanis. There was just too much electronic music that drowned her beautiful mezzo-sopranic voice, thereby making it all the more difficult to appreciate the songs. I think it would have fared a lot better with critics like me who enjoyed SFIJ and JLP if Alanis had done more "free" songs on this album with just her voice and a few instruments like a flute or piano or violin to accompany her. That said, it's still a wonderous album overall, it's just missing that 'edge' that captures Alanis' unique talent. 8/10


Buy this version instead of the "regular" one. On the tequila, Madness and The guy who leaves, make an already great record- absolutley brillant! Her best since Suppossed Former Infatuation Junkie.


I really like this cd it isn't for the close minded


I have not purchased an Alanis Morissette CD since So Called Chaos. I was browsing thru iTunes 2 weeks ago, and saw her new CD Havoc and Bright Lights advertised, being a casual Alanis Fan, I sampled it. I loved it so much I purchased it within 30 minutes the packaging in iTunes also helped convince me to go that route. I havent been able to stop listening since, so 2 days ago, I decided to give Flavors of Entanglement a sample listening. The new sound sort of surprised me, it seemed ok, so I went to best buy and picked up the Delux CD. This is by Far my Favorite Alanis Morissette work. It is like taking a trip into her mind, to feel what she was feeling when she wrote those lyrics it is a very mystical experience, Madness and Limbo no More are such amazing tracks. This CD Is an ALANIS MORISSETTE Masterwork. Do Yourself a Favor and Pick it Up. Thank You Alanis and see you in Waterbury CT on Friday October 19th 2012 Love YOU!


The way I have always processed this album is that the lyrics are all there. I just wish many of these songs weren't as overproduced as they were. I would love to hear a "Flavors of Entanglement: Acoustic" album. Because I heard her sing "Incomplete" live, and I was almost in tears. But the overproduced version here doesn't strike the same nerve. I think "Underneath", "Not as We", "Tapes", "Madness", "Orchid", "Versions of Violence", "Limbo No More", and "Incomplete" are BEAUTIFUL songs- masterpieces. It's just that the electronic sounds should have been more minimal to really get to the heart of the lyrics and the music as a whole. She will always remain my favorite musician, and I believe that the writing on this album was far better than "So-Called Chaos" and equivalent to "Under Rug Swept". I just hope for "Havoc and Bright Lights" she goes back to a more earthy, acoustic touch (I felt like Madness, Limbo No More, Torch and Not as We accomplished that on this album)

Kimberly Bonner

OMG - I love this album!!! It shows how talented Alanis Morissette is. I had the opportunity to see her in concert and all I can say is WOW, what a great entertainor! My favorite female artist of all time!!!


One of the best Alanis albums out there. Her first two albums were amazing. I was worried with Under Rug Swept and So Called Chaos. I love those albums but u have to be a die hard fan to love them. This album is amazing and I'm surprised about the negatives and the low response. Buy It


She is an amazing singer BUT, this album is so over produced and it's not right. She has an amazing talent for writing lyrics and singing then, she doesn't need such production, she needs a sound to back up her vocals, not sounds that overpower her amazing singing. 5 stars for the album cover though, I think that picture of her is so nice.

David Colbert, Pittsburgh PA

In the process of me re-discovering Alanis, I bought Jagged Little Pill first, and now this. Wow! It's really really good!! Starting listening to this album from song #1 and it all flows together really nice. If you're a new Alanis fan, or re-discovering her like I am; definitely buy this. You won't be disappointed.


This was the first Alanis album I bought and I am finally really beginning to enjoy it. So I turned around and bought "Jagged Little Pill"…. phhhht. This album beats "Jagged" by a really big edge. Between the two, she has really matured. I wish she'd put more albums together like this one. Good stuff!

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Still great. Still beautiful.


My favorite cd of alanis's ...


we get a stripped-down verson of this album without the bells and whistles. There's a reason these producers have to work so hard on a Britney Spears or Madonna CD becuase there is nothing underneath the surface noise. Here you have a talanted songwriter who has to hide under beats and synths. Its really kind of sad.


Man, was this ever a painful album to endure. Don't get me wrong; I've been a huge Alanis Morrisette fan since the angsty-90s. I love all of her in-your-face hits including "Thank You", "You Oughta Know", "Crazy", and my personal favorite, "Eight Easy Steps". But I could not find one single song to even like on "Flavors of Entaglement". Instead, I felt like I was drowning in her moody misery. I kept listening in hopes of the album getting better, to no avail. It was a truly amuzing coincidence that just as I was searching my new ipod touch for the pause button, she sang "someone help me find the pause button". Yes, please! I can not listen to this whining any longer! This album does in fact feel like Ms. Morrisette is in a therapy session -- and while every now and then she seems to feel a few rays of sun, she is definitely does not seem healed yet. I hope Alanis' next album echos her "Flavors of Enlightenment" instead. It's time to feel GOOD and move on!


Ever changing, she always manages to stay relevant, and continues to stay in the top 40, just like out of her notebook we get insight into a beautiful troubled world, gorgeous songs, arrangements, a softer alanis, always cool. underneath, not as we, moratorium, tapes, orchid, giggling again, straight jacket, etc.......this is full of amazing songs, perfect


All the songs of this album all sound like bubble gum. The only song I like on this album is Incomplete. So, it's terrible bubble gum album. Don't buy this terrible bubble gum, at least if you want your ears to get damage, don't be that sorry.


Do I have 2 point out to all of you that even though it's pop, it sounds nothing lyk other artists? Even tho itz a different style, the songs r still chilling and have such creattttive lyrics. Sure, it's nothing like Jagged Little Pill, but come on, that was 15 years ago! I mean, she's in her thhhirties now. You can't expect exactly the same thing. I luv this album, personally. Sure, it's pop, but it's a real fun listen. Especially the bonus tracks-"Madness" is one of the favorite songs I've heard. These are songs I could imagine in angry scenes in a movie, wouldn't you agree?

Troyus Maximus

It's been a very, very long time since I bought a CD/Album that didn't have a single BAD SONG on it. This is perfect! She should charge double considering the other crap that's out there.


She's such a rocker ;)


Great album, an all-cut killer. In Praise Of The Vulnerable Man is the stop you in your tracks song.




Orchid, Madness are the best tracks. I don't like the sound, Under Rug Swept had the best sound of all Alanis' career.


The most amazing album. As a therapist, I wish I could give it to all my clients as an acceptance soundtrack, especially, Madness... amazing artistic work as well as personal growth. Alanis, my hat is off to you, sister.... keep up the outstanding gift you give to this universe. It is clear you are on an amazing growth path, and enjoying the rapture.


The same woman who was in such a rage all the time? Alanis has NEVER done anything for me. I have always hated her stuff and though she was strange. But amazingly this album has opened my eyes. I have missed out on a lot of her great stuff. Keep in mind I do not like everything she has done. I would say Under Rug Swept up till now is her greatest stuff. But this album is her greatest triumph. She has grown up and is more at peace with her self and her surroundings. And that makes for a truly wonderful and inspiring album. Plus pairing up with Guy Sigsworth helps a ton too. This album is like candy, you want to eat it (in this case listen) all the time! Thank you so much Alanis for finally releasing what I think is your greatest masterpiece. I hope the rest of your album that you will release in the future are this great! 1. Citizen of the Planet- A rock out song! Love this whole song, everything about it. From the lyrics, to the tune, and Alanis's vocal arrangements. Awesome album opener. 10/10 2. Underneath- Personally I think she could have gone with a better single, because this is most defiantly not the best song on here. But still nice. 8/10 3. Straitjacket - My least favorite song. Defiantly could have fit in with 'Jagged Little Pill'. An enraged song about not so perfect lover. Watch out parents this has the F-bomb in it plus a few s**ts. It does have a rather good beat to it though. 7/10 4. Versions of Violence - Dark is one word to describe this. Very eclectic. (In a good way). 8.5/10 5. Not As We - A very pretty song. I do prefer the radio version better though. 9.5/10 6. In Praiser of the Vulnerable Man - A catchy song. Easily likable. 9/10 7. Moratorium - Eclectic. A little on the weak side for me but still great. 8/10 8. Torch - Alanis, this is a truly fantastic song. THANK YOU for having amazing insight and sharing this JEM with us. 20/10 9. Giggling Again For No Reason - A bubbly summer song. 8.5/10 10. Tapes - Another raw emotional song. 9/10 11. Incomplete - Feel good, let it all out, confessional song. Wonderful. 10/10 12. Orchid- I think some of the best songs on here are the bonus tracks. I really love this song it's so original and classy. 10/10 13. The Guy Who Leaves - A dance track in it's truest form. Fun. 9.5/10 14. Madness - My favorite song by Alanis Morissette period. (Besides 'Precious Illusions'). Emotional, raw, and just plain wonderful. Beautiful. 20/10 15. Limbo No More - Another great and inspiring song. Alanis sound beautiful on this one. 10/10 16. Bring On the Tequila - Pure fun!! 9.5/10


I can't say a bad thing about this album. The deluxe version is definitely worth the extra money, the tracks are awesome (not just throwaway tracks), "The Guy Who Leaves" is a great example of that. Other great tracks are "Straightjacket" and "Citizen of the Planet". It's definitely a new sound for Alanis, but it works! Recommended for anyone who's been waiting for proper followup to "Jagged Little Pill".

TRC Texas

Once in while an album comes along that is nothing short of a for lack of a better term - a religious experience. Tracks that surely were nothing short of agony to write and produce. Guy Sigsworth is genius at building these songs around Alanis. Nearly every song hints at pain from the Ryan Reynolds breakup. Not sure what happened, but the pain is clearly evident and as a result produced an amazing piece of work.


This album really surprised me. As a long-time fan, I didn't think she could keep up with her previous hits. Fortunately, I was wrong! This is a great album and unique in that it combines catchy beats with her always thoughtful lyrics. Standout tracks for me include Orchid, Not as We, In Praise of the vulnerable man (which I am!), and Versions of Violence. A great album that will please most and a must for Alanis fans! Thanks Alanis!!!


I downloaded this CD the day it released and fell in love with it. It's the type of CD that you can slowly get to know. Finding one favorite song that is amazing, then there comes another. I love to experience music like this. This CD is off the charts in my book. It didn't seem to get a lot of attention or is my head in the clouds? I didn't even realize that so many people loved it until I began to read these reviews today. This one will be one of those CD's that will always have a song or two in my favs playlist. I'd love to see her perform live!


I have been captivated by Alanis' album Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie (1998). No other album was able to hook me the way that one did, until June 10, 2008. I took an instant liking to Flavors of Entanglement. In a weird way it reminded me of the world music beats and rhythms of SFIJ. Get the 2 CD edition. The best songs are Versions Of Violence, Not As We, Torch, Tapes, Incomplete, Orchid, Limbo No More,


I was going through a break-up at this time it was released. It was as though every song was speaking how I felt. Not As We, Tapes, The Guy who leaves are stand-outs. It got me through. The song Tequila made me feel as though there was a light at the end of the dark tunnel and you can have fun, even when your in emotional pain. 5 Stars plus!!! PS bonus tracks Orchid and Limbo No More are also healing songs, as well. Thank you Alanis for sharing your thoughts creating this beautiful and haunting album!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is one of those albums that I can listen to start to finish without chronically skipping songs. The the vocals / lyrics are outstanding, crisp and complex. The album is a mix of sound that starkly contrasts the tracks. The bonus tracks on the Deluxe version are worth it. Anyone who loved Jagged Little Pill will dig this album. The fact that these songs didn't get played endlessly on the radio makes them that much more enjoyable.


One of her best for sure..... Buy it and you'll thank yourself later....


I have never even written a review despite being very critical of music. This is her best CD hands down. I'm just sad I didn't find it sooner. "Versions of Violence" is brilliant, and "Tapes" is the first song that has given me chills in a few years.

Max 5

I get the sense that Alanis Morissette is really trying to have some deep lyrics that work on multiple levels. The sort of songs that you can just sit back and relax to, but also find a little something new with each listen as well. But, just as Morissette's "Ironic" from her 1995 album 'Jagged Little Pill' failed to be, well, uh - ironic, so do her attempts at reaching those desired depths on "In Praise of the Vulnerable Man." At first it doesn't seem like a bad tune, but after repeated playbacks I'm left wondering what exactly I just listened to. I get a little frustrated, which isn't why I am down on this, but I get nothing more out of it when I hear it again. I end up without much desire to hear it again and it falls flat.


I am so pleasantly surprised at the change of pace and tone with this very introspective album. It blatantly declares the writer's inner struggle and desire to change. There is a strong grasp of guilt, responsibility, moderation, healing, and self-denial. I see so much growth in her writing style and get a clear picture of a journey she underwent to get to where she is now. This is so refreshing and was glad to give her another chance, after being rather disinclined to listen to her music after "Jagged Little Pill." Well done and thank you, Alanis.

The Steves

Jagged Little Pill is 15 years old. The steady downhill progression continues. Trying to make up for a lack of anything to say with wall of sound filler. Yuck.


I'm pretty much blown away by this album. Alanis' lyrical combinations and vocal melodies are as strong as ever, and the production is astoudning. Guy Sigsworth can definitely do no wrong, as too Alanis. The range this album explores is astonishing...the faint piano of Not As We...the dark, almost scary Versions of Violence...None of her albums have been as strong since Jagged...awesome work!

Green Justin

I've been an Alanis fan for years and while there are some strong tracks on this disc, as an album it does not feel as passionate as her previous efforts... like she was just trying to get through some of the songs.


this is a great album! her voice really shines! keep up the good work alanis!


THIS ALBUM IS THE BEST BY FAR!!!! Straightjacket and Limbo are something I can completely relate to......


Wow. This album is AMAZING! All of the tracks are beautiful in their own way and have great beats to them. Standout tracks are Versions of Violence(the best one), Underneath, Not As We and Citizen of the Planet.


This album is simply one of the best of 2008! The personal emotion that is the core of this album is placed in our hands as we take in all of Alanis Morissette's sorrows and can't help but feel that we all have it better. However, she shows that, although broken-hearted from the nasty breakup with Ryan Reynolds, she is not to be messed with. One of the songs that really stands out to me is actually a bonus track; 'Madness' is both lyrically and vocally outstanding. Other songs such as 'In Praise of the Vulnerable Man', 'Incomplete', and 'Not As We' stand out as well. But honestly, this album is so wonderful that it is very hard to pick a favorite. This album is so raw, so powerful, and so beautiful.


Loved every song on the album!


This album is amazing. I would have to say I love every song on this album. Every song is worth buying and the bonus tracks are shockingly awesome as well. I would recommend this album to anyone. I am happily married, but anyone who experienced a break up in the close past would find this album very therapeutic. It is very raw and you have a glimpse into how much pain she experienced in her latest break up.


It hasnt been since Alanis' Jagged Little Pill Album that I have enjoyed her music this much. I have been listening to this album from start to finish for almost a month now and I find it hard to get sick of it. My favorites are Straitjacket, Not As We, Torch, Orchid, and Madness and Limbo No More. Much love!


Alanis is definately back with a few surprises up her sleeve! Rarely could I just press play on my ipod and listen to every song off a disc. This is classic Alanis served with a Twist! Straightjacket is simply AMAZING!!! This is a must have for any Alanis fan, and a great introduction for any new fans. Go on, click on 'buy disc' you will not be disappointed!