Rage Against the Machine - Evil Empire

℗ 1996 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Evil Empire Tracklist:


I was in high school when this album came out. At that time, I was naive and believed this band really had something to say. As years progressed, I came to the determination that they’re doing nothing more than screaming communist slogans while raking in money in a capitalist market. I only give it two stars because I thought it sounded cool back in 1996.


This band should focus more on their skills/practice time instead of politics.

Darby Agnew

Rocks all over the place. Their best album


Bulls. On. Parade.


Not quite as good as there first one,but nonetheless a classic!


I had never heard of this band before, until I found this in my dad's old CD collection this is really awesome!


I remember the very first time I heard bulls on parade. I was at my grandfather's house watching TV and I came on the box music video channel. I was instantly hooked! I remember buying the cd and listening to it over and over. I never got to see them live. It's almost as good as their first album. Evil Empire is on my top 25 albums of all time. If you don't own it then download it right now!

Your mom's ex husband

I literally can't find one song on this album that I don't like. I'm about to buy all of their albums and listen to them all in one sitting.


Don't knock RATM for its political message. Whether you agree or disagree, there's no denying that this is good music.

Guy from San Pedro

This is Rage Against The Machines greatest album. This features one of Rages most infamous songs,Bulls on Parade!!!!!!! Down Rodeo and Wind Below are the best songs on this album. Though all the songs on this album are great. Buy this album and Rage Against The Machine,that is the second greatest album by them.


My all time favorite rage album. Can't go wrong with Vietnow, Bulls on Parade, Without a Face, et cetra! Imo, underrated, that's for sure. A must have!


Enough said…


Some one should tell the guy that the bands dedication to left-wing politics couldn't possibly have them shouting out "libertarian" slogans. Um, "Libertarians" are the opposite of "liberals", at least in the modern definitions of those terms. The modern Libertarian movement is right-wing. The Tea Party movement is largely Libertarian. Libertarians are for free-market capitalism, small government, little or no welfare, and low if any taxes. Hardly left-wing or the message the band is trying to send. The author of the review would have been accurate to say, "liberal" or "progressive" slogans. Maybe he needs to take a poly-sci class.

Kyle Montesanti

This album is definitely among the greatest Rage Against the Machine albums ever released (although, the group did not release a “bad" album). Contained within this album are extremely artistic musical arrangements that harness the diverse capabilities of Tom Morello’s guitar expertise along with the unique vocality of singer/songwriter Zack de la Rocha. The essence of passion is certainly a key element to this album as the songs contain political, societal, and philosophical references. ‘Evil Empire’ is truly a must have for any artistic admirer.


People of the sun and bulls on parade are the best songs on here the rest are also pretty good too


Zack has the best vocals ever Tom is the best guitarist Tim is the best bassist and Brad is the best drummer ever. If u disagree then get a life....NOW


Without a doubt their best, rawest and most influential album. Defining album of the 90's as well. If you don't know this album, you don't know Rage.

reservoir dog 45

Best rage album yet, I drum the whole thing and it tires you out, after you get through one or two songs your pooped


All the songs are great but one.

Big Cat

Zack is naive. Go live in a communist country a bit and let me know how well the people are treated. I've been to two of them and you really have no idea. By the way, seems you don't mind the capitalist money you hypocrite.


While not as intense as Rage's first album, Evil Empire delivers some chilling riffs and hard-hitting rhymes, and succeeds in places where its predecessor did not. This is an album that will live throughout the ages.

Shredder 3

Any person who likes real music will like evil empire. Rage against the machine is awesome get there other albums to! Listen to Bulls on parade Vietnow Revolver and all the others. All the others are awesome to! So be a man and buy this album!


Bulls on parade-fav. EVA!




This album is pretty good. A classic in some ways. But does anybody find it ironic that Rage Against the Machine is selling music on itunes? I'm sure it's been posted and deleted by the machine( this is for You, guy who decides what posts can be posted), but it bothers me that this band has been forced to become what its not. I will walk down the aisle to Bulls on Parade.


I used to ride bmx an freestyle to this always got me pumped up still does


wit' a pocket full of shells


Best rage album!


Can't go wrong with Down Rodeo, Without A Face (one of my favorite bass riffs), People of the Sun, Bulls on Parade, Vietnow (definitely influenced from Led Zeppelin's The Wanton Song), Tire Me, Wind Below, Roll Right, and of course Year of the Boomerang.

I'm down to 1 finger

This album is one of the best metal albums ever.


Great album, great band, great music, great stance. Theast part of 'Bulls on Parade' after the guitar solo just makes me wanna rock out! \m/


Honestly I'm just doing this to reply to the person below me. 1. It makes you look stupid when you can't use proper grammar and call someone else stupid. 2. This album is from the 90's, when most of today's kids were just being born. It's not a new thing. 3. If you don't like it, leave. Haters like you are part of what made this band so popular. It helps your side if you just don't say how bad it is. 4. Deuces.

Sheeps foot

A must have for rage against the machine and metal fans

Death Doom & Thrash Metal Head

Without a Face, People of the Sun, Bulls on Parade, Revolver and Down Rodeo are essentials, the rest are classics. Nothing bad on this album and a true classic five star masterpiece.

paul 103

i loe rage against the machine roll right sounds so much like red hot chili peppers


GREAT album!! If only there was a clean version...


Rage is nothing but great. Wish something new was in the works, but still happy with their past work. This music by Rage never gets old AT ALL!!!


This is a DEFINITE RAGING ALBUM!!! this album has crazy songs like "Bulls on Parade" "Tire Me" "People of the Sun" "Year of tha Boomerang" and "Snakecharmer"!!!! Yes the rest are awesome!!!!! Right now for me this album is better than "Rage Against the Machine" their self-titled album... Because it doesnt have as much RAGE... And a powerful crazy sound. 1. People of the Sun 5/5 2. Bulls on Parade 5/5 3. Vietnow 4.9/5 4. Revolver 5/5 5. Snakecharmer 5/5 6. Tire Me 5/5 7. Down Rodeo 5/5 8. Without a Face 4.9/5 9. Wind Below 4.8/5 10. Roll Right 5/5 11. Year of tha Boomerang 5/5


Enough said...


I love this album so much. Roll Right is probably my favorite track, but the whole album is sweet. True music will always live on.


No other Rage captured as much passion and angst as this album did. I recently bought the album that has the track How I Can Just Kill a Man, thinking that it might have as much rawness as their first two albums. But to my dismay, it has very little creativity and energy that Evil Empire had. This is Rage in their heyday and is a must for any rock enthusiast!


By far, this is Rage's best album. Be sure to listen to the overlooked songs! Snakecharmer, Tire Me, Wind Below, Roll Right, and Vietnow are the songs I recommend. (oh, and the rest too!) All songs are great: 10/10!!! This is a great must buy for anyone that loves Rage Against the Machine, and anyone that likes REAL music.