Various Artists - American Hustle (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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American Hustle (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Tracklist:


This song can hang with any of today’s music. Great movie with a great cast.

Sharla K

Does this soundtrack come with “I Feel Love” by Donna Summer or by Wonder Band (remix)? I’m looking for the Wonder Band remix version as played in the movie.


Love the songs and the movie!


I just bought it on vinyl and it has Dirty work and 5 other songs that were missing. Hope this helps.


Would be an A+ soundtrack if they would have included Steeley Dans Dirty Work. I love the movie and watch it all the time. Thanks to all who made this movie. Growing up in the 70s I felt like I was 20 years old again. Kudos

To my heart

This movie is not a movies without this soundtrack. Soooo good. Thought i heard Grace Slick, but i don't see her on the album. Either, needless to say I would have not enjoyed this movie without the soundtrack.


It's not in chronological order of when they come in the movie and it could have Steely Dan; also, when it plays in my iPod it says all the songs are Duke Ellington? Whatever, it's still great music!


Can't stop listening to Stream of Stars. Brilliant.


I think this is the movie with the best soundtrack of the year! I love all these songs and they were perfect for the movie!


Where is the Todd Rundgren song ? I believe it was "hello it's me"


This movie is not worth the time, money or effort to watch it. It is tedious and boring. None of the characters have any redeeming value. Don't waste your money on this one!

Sleepy smiley who is tired

Love every song and it fits in the movie so well. But they forgot "Dirty Work" :(


Overall I felt this film was just OK, but the soundtrack is absolutely incredible. Very diverse and eclectic. Jeff Lynne’s original composition “Stream of Stars” is perfect!


What happened to the "lead in" song to the movie steely dan's dirty work?!! I was disappointed to see that it had been omitted!


Wheres Davd Bowie's Jean Genie and Steely Dan's Dirty Work? I mean if your're going to have a soundtrack you've got to put all the songs on it. The soundtrack is missing pieces that makes it perfect. im not saying i dont like the soundtrack Im just upset about it.


This is a great compliment to the movie. I especially LOVE Donna Summer's I Feel Love track. Incredible yesterday, today and for future generations


The music puts you right back into the 70's. Almost makes you feel you are wearing platforms & bell bottoms.


..”You Just Might Get It!”..Thank you; David O. Russell & Danny Elfman for your impeccable Taste & Timing in the use of these Classic 1970’s songs in your impressive film; “American Hustle!”-(Having personally Disco-ed and Funk-a-fied and Rocked-out during “The Decade That Taste Forgot”-You Nailed It!)-You have to remember; Everybody had the AM/FM Radio on in their cars & Blasting Stereos at home; Music was the fabric of both High & Low life; All Day/All Night!-Dig It; Again!!


Only half of the songs on the movie (30) are on this soundtrack. I really love the Arabic version of "white rabbit".


An amazing film that I can't stop thinking about that wouldn't be complete without a killer soundtrack!


I love the movie and the soundtrack, but leaving out Steely Dan's "Dirty Work" was a major omission. If that song isn't perfect for the movie, I don't know what is.




This soundtrack is the best movie soundtrack I've ever heard. IT IS ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!

robs pooch

Thank you David O. Russell, for reviving ELO's "10538 Overture"


Where is "Dirty Work"? Come of the best songs.

Seven days later

I loved watching this movie largely because of its outstanding soundtrack, but I’m confused as to why this has left out some great songs that were featured in the film. For instance, where’s steely dan’s “dirty work” or Chicago’s “Does anybody really know what time it is”?


Where is Steely Dan's Dirty Work?


A Lot of Soundtracks While Not Bad Seem To Seperate Theirselves From The Movie! Not American Hustle! All These Classic 70's Hits Blend Within Helping This Movie Work! Get Your Hustle and Listen to it!


The movie was extraordinary, and is definitely the best movie I saw in 2013. One of the first things I said after exiting the movie theater was how amazing the soundtrack was! This sountrack earns more than 5 stars, but nevertheless, it was perfect!

Luke Bizzy

If ever a soundtrack was created to compliment… to define... the mood of the storyline as it unfolded… This is the one! American Hustle has the feel of a Classic Movie in the making… it has it all… superb acting, great plot twists and its soundtrack helped push it over the top!


Lives on!!! I'm not surprised that Donna Summer track is the one who totally defines the 70's, while sounding like the most current track on the collection! Recorded 36 years ago, I Feel Love is truly the song of the future! Though all the songs on here are classic 70's.. NOTHING can compare to I FEEL LOVE!


I love the movie and the soundtrack. The song are great for it.


The music is great, but not actually right for the time period, so it doesn't set the right mood. Those songs by Elton John, ELO, Bowie, Steely Dan, Wings, and America were all released in either '72 or '73 and the movie is supposed to take place in '79/'80 when ABSCAM actually took place. So, if it's just a collection of songs, works great, but if they're meant to be emblematic of the time, they're not.

1 humble opinion

The songs perfectly evoke the time, place, and emotional space of the movie, and in fact also sound amazing — in particular the selections from ELO and Wings. Perfect, cinematic rock. They don’t make music like this anymore — but they should!




American Hustle is an excellent film. The soundtrack is well suited to an era where the music had to follow the 60s Pop Explosion, and the fashion was horrendous, at best! This is an excellent soundtrack - if you lived and suffered the 70s, then you'll be singing along halfway through the film!

J Portman

Great soundtrack ! Especially the song " live to live " by Chris Stills. Great swagger for a film that has all that and more. Love all the retro tunes as well. Well done Mr Russell , you are on a roll.

Words can't describe.

American Hustle was an extraordinary movie. Really brings out the 70's in all the character like I was actually in 1978. It's perfect for 14 and up, because it has appropriate scenery and maturity that most teens should have. Definitely worth my time and money. :)

kyle butler

Only problem is that this could be a double album. So many songs go well with this movie.


'American Hustle' is not ‘American Hustle’ without its retro soundtrack. The pre-existing selections and newly composed works bring David O. Russell’s 1970’s NY and NJ to life. You will find that a good portion of the energy and drive behind the film is in this soundtrack.

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