Dropkick Murphys - The Meanest of Times (Deluxe Edition)

℗ 2007 Born & Bred Records

The Meanest of Times (Deluxe Edition) Tracklist:

Trust and Us



From SOM, to Johnny I hardly knew ya to God willing, this album is the greatest masterpiece by DKM

Haggis Bane

Whether you're new or old to Murphys, this is the one. Best bridge between old and new school sound, best overall album.

DKM fan Am

One of the best bands I have ever heard favorite johny I hardly knew ya


The dropkick murphys are unique, combining Irish with punk and local Bostonian culture, making them my favorite band and the meanest of times (favorite 2 songs: state of massachusetts and loyal to no one) my favorite album, it's all good, not just a song or two

Jesse campbell

I am a fan of classical music and oldies rock+jazz but I am head over heels for these guys! Buy these songs as singles or an album, my fav isn't on this albume. It's shippen to Boston!!! Peace

It's a hoot

Really loved last nite in MKE. Love the band. Ty great album too. Waiting for new one!! Jigsaw here at Starbucks :)


One of the best bands that ver came out of Massachuessts. But that's not a bad thing. Bang Camaro was also amazing.


Dropkick Murphys blend already roudy Irish music with the even roudier punk rock in a way no adrenaline junky could turn down. If you like Irish music, buy it. If you like punk buy it. If you like them mixed together, you probably already have it.


This album took a few listens to grow on me, but around the 3rd time through, I loved it. They are still one of the raddest punk rock bands around, and this album keeps with the blue-collar ethic they've championed forever. I'm all about it. Great album.


the murphys are my favorite band ever fav songs jhonny i hardley knew ya, loyal to no one, surrender, the state of massachutes, and fair mont hill. also two greats songs i love is from the gangs all here are the fightin 69th, Amazing grace. sadly the band is not very popular i think they need to go on tour BIG TIME.


they had drums and guns and guns and drums haroo haroo

3355awesomehit radio

I love this album and I love the Dropkick Murphys! Two Favorite songs, The State of Massachusetts and Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya.

Awsome game!

They should thank nitro circus that's where I listened to the song


great album.known fro the obvious songs like shipping up to boston and others and that is a shame.songs like god willing,echoes,johnny, I could go on but the album truly rocks.If your from boston its even better plus there awesome live.


This band should thank Travis Pastrana for all the sales his show has gotten them(including me) :)


Hey I'm friends with one of the members on the band on the PSN on PS3 his name is dropkick1497. My name on it is drdeath6516 so add both of us o yea love the song


It's completely crazy music, but it works. Although i wish they'd cut down to the main singer. The other ones aren't very good.


Best Dropkick Murphys Album Yet. This album truely turned me into a dropkick murphys fan. The songs will never get old. I really enjoyed the song "The State of Massachusetts. I'm now ready for another Dropkick Murphys album!


one of the best rock albums of the 21st century


good song. glad it isnt 1.29 like the other f_cking songs.

State of TX

Love the song The State of Massachusetts and was very excited when Nitro Circus used it as their theme song.

The Tossers Rule

I can understand why some fans have been disappointed with the murphys lately. They aren't as hardcore as they used to be and they are becoming more mainstream with each album. I agree that they are not the band that they used to be, they've changed so much that I consider the old murphys (Do or die, gangs all here....) a completely different band than the new dropkick murphys. I still love both eras though and I agree with every body that says this album is awesome, but i understand why some are giving it one or two stars. Anyways in my opinion this is a fantastic album it was worth the wait but there are a couple fillers that are just boring. Fortunately for me and my fellow dropkick fanatics it also includes many new anthems like loyal to no one, famous for nothing, surrender, tomorrow's industry, and god willing. And they've even graced us with new covers of classic irish songs as well as a new version of forever. If your new to the band I think this or the warriors code is a good place to start, but be sure to venture into the older louder band the murphys used to be in the 90s.


I own the album, and it is one of my favorite Dropkick Murphys albums.....one problem. I WANT THESE VIDEOS and I can't get them on here without buying the whole album again. Anyone know another way I can get them without buying the album again?


better then Sing Loud, Sing Proud.

98 Fan

I first saw the Murphy's open for The Business in 98. I was instantly hooked. They were a great 3/4 chord punk band with an Irish twist that was so original and well played. I hated to see Mike go, but Al filled in nicely. After seeing them 20+ times and waiting for each new disc, i'm now starting to make excuses why not to see them when they come around. After Sing Loud, they seem to have become a gimmick band. The new album is just too "busy" for me. Song structures are all over the place, hooks are forced. IMO they are too far from their punk roots. While the songs are well played, they just don't seem well written.This album tries to do too much and rarely accomplishes it. One plus...lyrics are great as always

da dude

i'm giving this album a 5 purely for Flannigan's Ball!!!! the whole album is amazing but Flannigan's Ball is just so damn hard, dude!!!!

UM freak

I'm from Massachusetts and i'll tell you, this music is as food as it gets. The Dropkick Murphy's have seriously got this Irish rock thing down. there is nothing better than hearing the Murphy's when you walk into a pub after a Sox game. This album just sums up what I'm saying as nicely as you want it to be. This is as good as rock gets!

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Buy it. Don't ask questions, either. When you take a little listen, you'll know the answer.


This albumn is probably one of the most solid albumns i've seen recently. It is very well put together from song to song.


I made the mistake of only buying a couple of tracks before I ended up buying the whole dang thing.


keep dishing em out there dropkick murpheys if u do that ur gonna have thousands of one hit wonders but it will be thousand hit wonders. Anyways back to the song very good song good beat good lyrics and best of all its about the most awesomest and cooliest state in the U.S. So any viewers that are going to buy this buy it I promise you wont regret it VERY VERY VERY GOOD SONG. SO FIVE STARS and TWO THOUSAND THUMBS UP. BUY IT


When I first bought this album, i thought it was amazing. The first three songs are great, and so is Flannigan's Ball. But when you start to listen to the other songs, the lyrics really don't even make sense. The songs are kind of pointless. Everything starts to run together, and you realize the quality of each song is pretty low. This isn't like the usual Dropkick Murphys. The Warrior's Code was far better. I can't help but think this album was written just to fill in time and make a few extra dollars.


*insert title here* thats really all i have to say about this album harooooo hartoooooo

Shallow Believer

I mean the Dropkicks are awesome, but a lot of this cd sound the same: a lot of it has group singing, same instruments at the same time, and some of the stuff just doesn't stand out. This is still a good cd. My favorites are The State of Massachusetts, God Willing, and (F)lannigan's Ball.


This is an awesome album, I loved all the tracks especially (F)lannigans ball.. Ronnie Drew is great, the mentor and the young guns... I will definitely pick up more ..


I blast this from my car every morning, it is sick. Some tracks I'd personnaly recommend are "(F)lannigans Ball", "State of Massachsettes", and "Loyal To No One". DROPKICK FOREVER


ever since they made blackout they've been a disappointment, and the trend continues. remember when not all frat kids, people that like baseball, and trendy kids didn't like dropkicks? it's just cool to like them now.


I first listened to Dropkick in 97' when I was 16; they have only gotten better through the years. Their music has matured through the decade as their following grows. Great band to see live.


some people may think i'm biased, being from boston... those people are yankee fans... when the schoolbell rings on famous for nothing, you begin a trip into the hearts and souls of the members of DKM. the state of massachusetts, vices and virtues, and shattered show their anger at the problems in the world. echoes on a street and never forget show how they've matured over the years. and (f)lannigan's ball (why is the f in parentheses?) and johnny. i hardly knew ya are the best songs on the album. go dropkicks. GO SOX

Jamacian Pr1est

the song i like on this is Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya


I had decent hopes for the new Flogging Molly album "Float," and wasn't too suprised to find that it didn't even come close to being as good as this album. It's a great Murphy's album and a perfect album for St. Patty's. Pick this one up somewhere. I suggest you buy it here, because it's 3 dollars cheaper than Best Buy and you get, I think, 2 more songs. That is, unless you have a super-sound machine and want the higher kbps.

Jesse Savona

awful...just awful

Man wit da Plan

this is just another example of why dropkick murphys is one of the greatest bands of all time! although not all songs in this album are as insane as Shipping up to Boston, some of them come pretty darn close. if you have any common sense and enough money in your account, i definately reccomend that you buy this album!!!!


but they have an image of a PUNK irish band. i love them so dearly. Flogging Molly is awesome as well. but i enjoy the classic irish tune covers donr by murphys. green feilds of france was done excelently and so was johnny i hardly knew ya. their shows were amazing, especially the tour of this album. i went to their concert the day after this album got released. i downloaded it here, and listened to it non stop the whole day and the show was great. i love them. great punk band, and great album.


great CD. i love the irish sound it has.

DKM fan2

This is great. Every song is at least pretty good. There are only two songs which aren't amazing. The rest are awesome. A great cd and highly recommended

Trance LI

Even though I am diehard yankee fan doesnt mean that I don't like Dropkick Murphys. They have got everything to make a great band plus bag pipes. Don't be hating because we have 26 rings and class.


i got the regular album for christmas. it is amazing. ya, i liked the "gangs all here" but this album destroys it and "The Warriors Code". the lyrics are about the working class, underdogs and plain old irish tunes i loved the original song "johnny i hardly knew ya" before and when i heard it on this album i was pumped. echoes on A street was good. same with god willing and famous for nothing trust me buy the whole album i enjoy listening to the album better than picking the songs on my ipod they just flow on the album oh and P.S. i am a redsox fan but i hate baseball (its boring play lacrosse ya pansy) and tessie is a horrible song (that will probably make everyone say this reveiw wans't helpful but w/e) if u want real irish music check out: the clancy brothers , wolftones, the dubliners, and Donal clancy


YES!! These guys are true Bostonians!! MA pride!!