Dixie Chicks - Gaslighter

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Gaslighter Tracklist:


Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!


Average and would be better without Natalie for sure :-( No different than Hanoi Jane...


Theirs was up long ago. They were never that great from jump, tired rehashed lyrical themes and limited “talent” otherwise


Really. My lips are sealed.


Can’t wait for the whole album!

derek salvo

waste of space on Apple.


The Gaslighter single is so good. Release more songs already! May is so far away. This is the music we all need right now.


So happy you’re back!!! And if you pay taxes then you can get political all you want!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Makes me love you even more! Long live the Dixie Chicks!!! I don’t buy music ever & will continue to buy your albums. A forever fan 🤩


Stop knocking them down for their political views. They have 100% right to express their opinions. You guys are being fascists.


I love the video and the message behind it. I’m happy to see and hear you guys are back! 😀


What a song!


I buy any music they make. Praise to the truth-tellers. Love to each of you and your families from Arkansas.

Mickey Mack Mack

They’re finally back and I love it!!


This is nothing compared to the music they use to make. Also people come on drop the politics it’s not necessary! Can’t we enjoy anything with out you people dividing us left and right? Music is music you can enjoy it or hate it without even knowing where an artist stands.


The ladies are back. Love them


Long time coming.....awesome new song.....can’t wait for the entire album to be released!


Why stand out when you can sound like every other female country artist right now...


What a comeback song!!!! Classic Dixie Chicks!! But that Gaslighter music video was awful. So is the album cover. But whatever. I’m here to enjoy the music.


We’ve been waiting and hoping. Thank y’all for being you. Soooo excited for this song and album!


This song is lame sounds like it was written by preteen middle schooler .


So ready for this album! Love the Dixie chicks!!!


”Gaslighter” as a first release song from a group that has actually always been edgy and marching to their own beat is refreshing in a world that has been filled with repop and “I need constant validation” every time you are turning around. Did they shake some things up and get backlash for voicing their opinions? They actually stopped people in their tracks and made them think as they are again if you listen to their lyrics in this song. However, this time it has different packaging and presentation and a different time and approach. They’re older and wiser, still the same girls come women. Still shaking the bushes and creating great music.


Stupid, boring political artists that were never good in the first place.

J. Oliver Johnson

They’re betting on gimmicks, but nobody will remember any of these songs three months after they’re released.


So glad you ladies are back. I have been a fan for along time you can get as political whenever you want and I will always stand by “Dixie Chicks! This song is awesome.

franco carmarrillo

Waited so long for these ladies to come back and now they have come back and I’m super excited..




Have always and will continue to love to the Dixie Chicks! Can’t wait to hear your new music!


I was really hoping to like it but the lyrics were SO repetitive that I was instantly wanting to be done listening to it. You don’t have to guess what the name of the song is.....definitely Gaslighter. I wanted to set a match to it. I’ll stick to their old stuff 🥰(more easy country, less production fluff).


Not interested. Ever.


Always loved them! So HAPPY they’re back!!! They NEVER should have been treated like that.


The Dixie Chicks have done it again! Love everything they do and Gaslighter didn’t disappoint! Hope they hit #1 with this song! They belong on top of the world!


Sounds good- more listenable for my taste-Looking forward to hear the rest!


So glad they’re back. Can’t stop singing this song.


Hope the other songs are more of your country y’all use to do just have to wait and see but gaslighter is more pop but has good sound though I still buy it cause it’s catchy


Sounds great! Perfect timing too. Glad they’re back


I thought they were finished, done, over...should have stayed that way.


Glad the Dixie Chicks are finally making a major come back!! Country music needs more female artists & hope they can bring it BACK!


The Dixie Chicks were the soundtrack for a lot of us in the 90s and early 00s. To have them back at a time that is so divisive in our country - and with what seems an increased willingness to speak up - is like a breath of fresh air a lot of us need.

Electric Skydog

Well not sure what’s funnier the chicks or the rapping bear on tv. I guess it’s all good fun in the name of music.

Nickname 1000000

Thank You Dixie Chick for the Great song and can't wait to hear the new album!

kelci h

They still got it y’all!! Who doesn’t hate all their lying ex’s👏🏾👏🏾

Pauleen 2

Love the Dixie Chicks. Great music ❤️

Chicks Kick in NC

Are they a pop group now? They are way too good to put this out. Love the Chicks, hope the album is better than the single.




I enjoyed them...they are talented...but involk too much politics, I'll turn you down!


We love you 😍🥰👏🏻


That was a long vacation ladies! Thank God new songs,Texas women have missed them😘

Not The Best Bro

This is exactly how you make a comeback folks.