Silverstein - Dead Reflection

℗ 2017 Rise Records

Dead Reflection Tracklist:


One of my top 3 favorite albums of all time. All songs are bangers. So good!!!


Love it


This album is spectacular!!! Definitely one of my favorites, I love every song! Each so is so relative it can fit into every aspect and emotion of life. Silverstein rules!!


I mean I am a oldschool fan. Been with these guys since the beginning. One of the first screamo bands I’ve ever heard. Im all about the old stuff but dang this new album is LIT!


The whole album is great. No disappointments.


Great album! Going to their concert next week I'm stoked.

Greens avenue

Great album


I haven’t really caught up with Silverstein since A Shipwreck in the Sand and I’m confused after listening to this album. I still gave it a chance but I couldn’t really get into it. They do have a few songs in this album that I actually enjoyed.


Silverstein is just as amazing as the first time I heard them when I was 17 (When Broken Is Easily Fixed). Each album is as good, if not better than the previous one. It's no wonder why they've stayed my all time favorite band.


I like the change in sound from the other albums. 10/10 would let it enter my ears again


Clean record. Sonically pristine.


I haven't been a big fan of their last couple of albums, but they came back in a big way for me with this album! It reminds me a lot more of their first albums. So good! Thank you Silverstein


Top 3 Songs: 1. Ghost This track is solid, the guitar intro always gets me pumped. I LOVE the breakdown and the chorus is constantly stuck in my head. This is also the first track written by Silverstein that uses the F word, and boy do they use it well! This is PURE Silverstein! 2. Last Looks If there’s one thing that’s consistent on all Silverstein albums, it’s the guarantee of a hard opening track and ‘Last Looks’ is no exception. This song easily sets the tone for the rest of the album. Fun fact: This song is based off the story of George Best, who was a football player that died from drinking after receiving a liver transplant. Right before he died, he called the press to his hospital bed and said, “Don’t die like me”, which is echoed throughout the song. 3. Lost Positives I did NOT like this song when Silverstein debuted it before the album was released. It’s very different than anything they’ve done before, and to me it kind of sounds like the band Red. The reason I started to love this song is because you can feel the raw emotion from Shane, the struggle he’s gone through, the heartbreak. It also shows, once again, that Silverstein is capable of maintaining their trademark sound while also writing something that sounds completely different from the rest of their discography. ________________________________________________________ Honorable Mentions: 1. Wake Up The perfect combination of slow and hard, such raw emotion. This song immediately takes me to dark places though, so I have to listen to it very sparingly. 2. Retrograde The ideal moshing song. I love the line, “The Devil’s finally admitted everything”. This track seems like it was written as a continuation of Ghost, both lyrically and musically. The riffs in this song are on point. 3. Whiplash Another pure Silverstein track, Whiplash has fast paced riffs, break downs, and is a great display of Shane’s vocal prowess. ________________________________________________________ Least Favorites: 1. The Afterglow This isn’t a terrible song, it’s just a little too poppy for my taste. It sounds like it was written by All Time Low. 2. Aquamarine When Erin and I first listened to this album all the way through we were jamming to the first 4 tracks and then Aquamarine started playing and I said, “Did Spotify start playing a completely different artist?” I said this jokingly but it IS NOT trademark Silverstein. However, I ended up liking this song quite a bit. This song sounds like it belongs on Arrivals and Departures, and that’s why I started to like it. The chorus is good and the bridge gets me pumped as hell.

Sweet T 08

From start to finish, this album is perfect, every song. Silverstein never disappoints.


What happened to Silverstein?!?

Gre Loves Bri

Just discovered this band. Best metalcore/post hardcore I've heard in years


Silverstein went all out on this album. By FAR their best work, start to finish this is straight gold. Well done guys!


I don't think I have ever been disappointed by a Silverstein album, and this is just another masterpiece and a great album! Awesome work!




From start to finish, this album is perfection! Every song is incredible! This is by far Silverstein's best album in their amazing career!


This album sounds more personal than alot of Silverstein's work. It seems to build off the last album and dives deeper. Musically it starts out at the heaviest Silverstein has been. There are also some very good catchy tunes.


This band is great no matter what when I was little my uncle put me on to Silverstein and the song he put me on to is Massachusetts my favorite song to this day but this album is great it's song aquarium really gos back to when the old days


Silverstein always finds its way to my heart and this album did not let me down one bit 💓 it reminds me of why I'm a devoted fan.


Silverstein is one of the longest-lasting bands in this genre and this album is a gleaming example of why they have been able continue to kill it in this scene. Not a bad song on this album. These guys just know how to write a record. Buy it now!


I've been listening to Silverstein since 03 they never disappoint. This album is amazing must buy for all Silverstein fans he'll everyone should buy this


Such a great album! listened to the whole thing, every track is great. "Mirror Box" in particular may be their best song since "call it karma" & "my heroine" ...worth the buy


This album marks the new gold standard in music. Many bands begin their journeys and shift away from their origins. Not only has this band progressed through their journey but they have taken their origins and improved on them from When Broken Is Easily Fixed to Dead Reflection. With eloquent melodic lines that captivate and grab the listeners attention, along with gritty, rough, dirty vocals that evoke some of the most painful yet beautiful emotions. This album has an eclectic mix of music that bridges the gaps between punk to pop to metal to blues. Paul, Josh, Paul and Billy show that the band has some serious musical chops while Shane paints a vivid and deep picture that can only be described as awe inspiring. The band may not be mainstream but this album is yet another reminder why their fans wave the banner for them with such devotion. Not only did it live up to the hype of its promotion but Silverstein delivered with this album. Listen to it from beginning to end and you will come to understand what a truly BRILLIANT band can do. Buy this album, spend the money, and support this group so they can continue to make amazing music!


Caaaaannnnnttttt wwwwaaaaiiittttt


When Ghost first came out, I was ecstatic... because Silverstein is amazing!!! Then Retrograde is no different. This band has been so true to themselves since their beginning, and is honestly my all time favorite band. It's a perfect blend of toon and scream... and even though Shane told me personally he doesn't like swearing too much, these last two songs have random F-bombs, so I like that he's getting out of his comfort level a bit :) Can't wait for the release!!! :):):)


Just listened to Lost Positives, and it was absolutely amazing, but i'm not seeing it in the store?? Is it a glitch or did they remove it for a reason?

Music Addict 88

Neither do I.


Amazing, album will be amazing too:)


Shane and Silverstein never seem to get it wrong. They reach the borders but stay in their lane and it works. Fans can feel confident that this band won’t stray from what we fell in love with.


Silverstein is the best!


Yes Yes Yes