Foo Fighters - Concrete and Gold

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Concrete and Gold Tracklist:



Run. The end


4/5ths of this band used to be in punk rock bands! What's goin on here guys? Time to rediscover your punk/grunge/garage rock roots!


I’m sorry I’ve given the album multiple listens and I think as far as I’m concerned this is the their worst album ever


Mr. Grohl's vocals are very whiny and long winded. he needed some more screams. Anyways I thought Nick Lachey was going to be the new singer????? Sounds like fake news!!!!


Im young and grew up on this music. Foo Fighters have been an inspiration to me. I love listening to rock music like this and I love this band in general. One of my favorite bands!!


Not as good as their other stuff, but songs like run, sky is a neighborhood, and la dee da we’re pretty freaking good.


T-shirt. Meh Run. Good Make it right. Good The sky is a neighborhood. Good La dee da Great or good Dirty water. Nah arrows. Good Happy ever after. Great Sunday sun. Amazing The line. Good Concrete and gold. Great

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See title


I've been a Foo fan since the beginning, but I just do not get this album. I listened to it a few times to see if it would grow on me, but no. Was this an attempt at a Sgt Pepper kind of thing? The sound quality is just bad and none of these songs resemble what I love about the Foo Fighters.


Though not as good as the Foos’ earlier stuff, there is no question this is still a very good album, with my favorite songs being “Make it Right” and “La Dee Da”. Definitely an album any fan of Alternative Rock should check out


These men know how to create beautiful music. For over 25 years they have been pioneers in the music industry-This album is proof of that.


Lots of complaints about sound, mix, production, etc.. What it boils down to though is poor song writing and a lack of creativity. Time for FF to take a vacation and recharge their batteries. Oh, forget politics too because it very rarely leads to creative clarity in music.

i mak reviews

Dave Grohl is still pretty stellar, but not as good as he was with nirvana and the first few Foo Fighters albums.

C Stefano

Love the new songs, however when played the volume of the downloaded tracks is 1/2 to 1/3 of the volume of any other recording on my phone. Not disappointed in the record but in ITunes.


I can listen through this entire record! My faves Run, Sky, Sunday Rain, and Arrows. That is Taylor singing on Sunday rain- really reminds me of an Eagle-esque song.


Dave, I am sick of hesaring from you on your political thoughts and how ashamed you are. Well F 0ff!! You have no clue about politics! So stop trying to preach to people and just play and create music. Well yoiu lost me and many other past fans i know. Keep playing to people who listen to idiots like yourself, who think because you are a celebrity you know what you are talking about. Go Out and give your money to people who need it in this country, and go out and create jobs for people here in THE GREAT USA!! Stop telling us how ashamed you are. Just leave then and shut up!!


I don’t know how they do it from album to album, but the foos always find a way to make every album have its unique sound!!! Greatest rock band of all time!!! Catch their tour, was fortunate enough to see them at the woodlands this year!!!


Hello, lover 😍 This album is going to sound even more amazing live!! Got my tickets and cannot wait to see them in Phoenix in October 🤩

All about the 90s

Sounds like Coldplay pop music. Thnx Dave for ruining my favorite band


Dirty Water is one of my new favorite songs! I love this album. It’s different. The songs, in my opinion, have more depth and meaning. Yes the sound is more “quite” . It’s beautiful! Great job. Seriously!🥂

The true Arianator

Mozart was not very popular during his time. His musical compositions were dominated by inferior ones thanks to the policy of the mainstream. Consider this to be hope when you hear this on the radio in the future.


Let me start off by saying that I’m a HUGE Foo Fighters fan fogging back to the beginning. This is the first album of theirs where I’ve said “meh”. I’ve loved all of their albums except this one. About half is great and the other half is a bore fest (sorry Dave). Maybe do the next one without Justin Timberlake. Just saying.


Worst album they’ve came out with.....


This is one of their best works... I can hear different bands in it, like Metallica in Run and Linkin Park in Arrows, The Beatles in Happy Ever After. I’m just really sad that my speakers don’t go any louder...

johnny hopkins

It’s Foo you leave less than 5 stars then go listen to someone else.


Terrible!!! Not sure they could make this album any worse.


Great stuff.

MikeG 312

Great album, even better live on tour!! FF!


I was hooked the minute I downloaded this album after hearing the sky is a neighborhood! The songs are all strong, the music is phenomenal, and in my opinion, may be the best Foo album yet. I can’t get enough of Sunday rain, make it right, la dee da, etc. if you’re a Foo fan, or just kinda like them, you’ll love this album!


I'm sooooo happy they're back !


I have loved Foo Fighters since day one and this is not my favorite. Might be your favorite though! A few songs have grown on me, not many. If “T-shirt” was a full length song, it would be the best song on the album. already is the best, just wish it was longer....


I thought this album was a breath of fresh air from their normal releases. I am surprised to see a lot of negative reviews and I am actually quite happy they didn't put out a stock album. Admittedly, I haven't been a huge fan of Foo Firghters for years because their sound and formula just seemed to get stale and repetitve to me. On Concrete and Gold It seems like they tried to incorporate a lot more of their classic rock type influences and create something slightly different but still easily identifiable as them. I wouldn't go as far as to say that it is experimental but it is more open minded and they seems to approach some of the song writing from a different perspective. From the heavier use of background vocal melodies all over the place to an unexpected drum style on 'Run', they are just more creative overall and it pays off usually. Grohl even throws Hawkins a bone; letting him do lead vocals on a song while McCartney handles drums. It's an okay track but again something different and relatively fresh. There are some songs that fall flat and it's no epic masterpiece by any means however I do feel they succeeded in creating something slightly different without losing their identity. I respect that as a lot of bands I follow try too hard to do something different and lose what made them enjoyable in the first place. I was expecting just another stock FF album and was happily surprised.


Best song of this record!!

Frostbite 27

Love this album as all of the others please come to Hershey PA

Jeremy Lumsdon

This album was a melodic masterpiece! LOVED THE SKY IS A NEIGHBORHOOD!!! The Foo Fighters are BY FAR my favorite band and really wish i could see them for my birthday! Keep it up Foos!


long time fan of Foo. This is now my favorite


For those of you who say the Foo Fighters are getting old, you are correct. But to say this album is not as edgy because Grohl is tired is just wrong. It’s totally his style to mix things up. He does what he wants and changes direction when he wants. Go to a Foo Fighters concert. Dave may be in his 50’s but he runs around the stage like a mad man.

Fins Up In Indiana

This is just a collection of nothing. Not a single track has an identity to distinguish it from the other tracks other than a name and a number. What has happened?


i’m really excited that they’re doing something different with their music for this album, i hope they make more like this! keep working with greg kurstin he’s a genius!

Foos Fan

Dave and I share a birthday month and year. This is relevant in that I have been a fan for a looooong time--This new album *still* rocks!!!!!! My ears and brain are excited to take it in, but I am also stoked because the band is still enjoying making music and stretching their creativity; AND because they are so down to earth and wonderful guys. They rocked Lollapalooza last month in Berlin and I'm excited to see them tonight in Greensboro! Their shows are THE. BEST. Yay Foos!



strange cousin

Love the Foo Fighters, but this record is short of mediocre. Hopefully the next one will be better.


Different from other Foo albums, but I still love it! Going to be a favorite for the year. Thanks FF's.


This is one of my favorite albums of all time besides the very best of Foo Fighters. But this is awesome. I'm not sure what people are saying that the sound I'm muffled it sounds amazing to me. Thank you foo fighters for making me feel like the future of music is going to be better than all this crappy rap. Thank you so much for making all the hard days at school and at home into good one's. You've definitely changed my life. I've listened to the album at least 15 times in less than a day. Thanks!


Love the band but only couple decent songs, disappointed but Dave is the best


What the hell is this ?? This record is awful. Only good song is Run. I wish i could get my $8 back because i wont be listening to this record.


First off, all the people that say "volume quality" need to invest in something better than 5 dollar Bluetooth headphones. It's the Foo Fighters, have a little respect. All the rest: haters are going to hate. Go listen to Bieber and stop breathing my air.


This is a band that is out of ideas. I am a very long time, very loyal Foo Fighters fan, but this record is the worst. Is Dave trying to be Paul McCartney? We don't need another White Album, we need new Foo Fighters. And by the way, the production is horrible. Maybe they should take a hiatus.


The Foos are saving Rock and Roll as we know it. Dave Grohl is the new King of Rock and Roll! Elvis will remain the original.


Love the Foos but the sound quality is awful... I assume it's an I-tunes issue...disappointed..