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This is not great old Coldplay was 🔥!

Meredyth Wilson

I was personally getting tired of the poppiness of the last few albums. I didn't think they were bad, I just didn't love them nearly as much as their older albums. This, however, is the complete upheaval that my soul was yearning for. The strong messages, the mix of genres, and the truly beautiful songwriting made this album one that I listened to over and over again. Nothing wrong with some occasional dance pop, but nothing beats gospel choirs, orchestral openings, and the stark contrast between the raucousness of songs like Guns and Arabesque and the gentility of others like Old Friends and Everyday Life. People are in here complaining about missing "the old sound" but I definitely hear it here! Especially in comparison to Viva La Vida and Prospekt's March.


Well, Coldplay just entered the “jump the shark” world. I kind of wish the rumor was true and they did breakup the band after A Head Full of Dreams.


This is an album that you need to listen to several times before you will fully appreciate it (much like ghost stories). It is definitely not pop. It is very different than past albums and demonstrates Coldplay’s ability to evolve. Chris Martin said that if they do another album it will be different and it is. This is what self actualization sounds like. After some time away from this I re-listened along with the videos. As a result I increased my rating. Brilliant album especially in this post covid age.


Like title says, this happens to every band. I truly do not care for one single track on this album, that is all I am going to say, still a fan obviously but this is not for me at all.


Kind of hate the explicit lyrics in some of the songs like it’s hard to listen to. It’s not the cool version it’s just angry


I’ve always looked forward a new album to come out by Coldplay. I love their style, love their music, but I was very disappointed by their newest album. They should’ve just vacationed, and had fun singing with the natives or whatever they were doing, but shouldn’t have recorded it. It. Is. Terrible.☹️


I’ve loved Coldplay my entire life. I grew up with it and it’s so catchy and fun! I was so excited when I saw you guys came out with a new album. But this new album has EXPLICIT?! Explicit language is just boring and lazy. You guys were unique and special by NOT using language and still sounding amazing. Instead of having a clean version, you should of just started with the clean version to begin with. I’m very disappointed and will not be listening to these songs. They don’t sound like the Coldplay styles I know and love. I hope you correct your mistake in the next album. ☹️☹️


Nobody wants this album and we need our band back. They made amazing albums to make one awful one.

Hope A.

This album is intense, empathetic, somber and soulful. Arabesque is funky, Sunrise is too beautiful for words, and Trouble in Town echoes the horrible reality of navigating life in a world riddled with injustice and hate. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. From Brothers&Sisters to Parachutes to Ghost Stories. Each Coldplay album is a true work of art. Johnny, Will, Guy & Chris, thanks for another awesome album! Much respect from Wisconsin.

Big cat fan

Like some other reviewers I've seen on here, I'm honestly quite surprised by the amount of hate this album has received. They've taken music to a whole new level by experimenting with the world, and I for one find that risk worthwhile. Not to mention it reminds me of their older albums, such as Viva La Vida and even going as far back as Parachutes. While it is certainly different from their poppier albums (and I'll admit, I am not a fan of pop), it still holds true to the pop culture. All in all, I'm glad I gave this one a try on Spotify. It was well worth the download.

Celeste Corbeaux

This is incredible music that transends EVERYTHING!!!!


I bought and downloaded album. All the songs are the same! 6 sunrise songs and 6 sunset songs. Where are the other 14 songs?Apple Music messed up on this one big time! I am a Coldplay fan though. Great traveling music!




Let me preface this review by saying that Coldplay is my favorite band. I enjoy songs on ever one of their albums and many off of their albums too. By no means do I blindly approve of everything they come out with because I do not. When I say this is a 5 star album, I really do mean it. It may not entirely be what I’ve come to expect or remember from the band, but I found these to be a net good. Additionally, I assume these differences will live only on this album and perhaps be referenced on later ones. We see two transitional tracks as well as one intro track, similar to Mylo Xyloto. The intro, “Sunrise”, was a beautiful violin piece that gave feelings of waking up, doing your daily routine, shaking off melancholy, and being filled with hope. The other two seemed more of a pallet cleanser. “Church” is a heartfelt song about having someone special in your life. It utilizes many stretched out vocals and a short guitar solo that makes me feel happy every time I hear it. Songs like “Trouble in Town” and “Daddy” add to the experience of the album, bringing our minds to darker places but still leaving in a glimmer of hope that the world can get better. The angry guitar solo in “Trouble in Town” is an amazing thing to hear in juxtaposition to actual police body cam audio of police brutality. Hearing “Broken” after gives me a sense of recovery. Same with “When I Need a Friend.” “Arabesque” on the other hand is a begging for peace and adds new emotion to the album. Its use of improvisational-feeling sax adds to this in a way that is not seen on any other Coldplay album. Unique tracks like “Guns” give more texture to the album overall and show us the range Coldplay, and more specifically Chris can accomplish. I really enjoyed having a more subtle, yet powerful message in “Orphans” immediately after was a neat juxtaposition. Many people complained about this track, though I think it is one of the strongest despite its more pop feel. We finish with “Everyday Life”, a ballad about how we should come together and see the pain in each other as well as what makes everyone special. Ending with the repetition of hallelujah was beautiful and a great way to set the metaphorical sun. With a thought-provoking theme and meaningful features, this album is definitely worth a buy and full listen through from time to time.




Bands change , there sound is full of emotion and energy just not in the way of explosion of joy . Sometimes to understand what you wanna say in music you must look from a different perspective and this one I enjoy a lot .


This album is so refreshing. Breaking free from the constraints of formulaic and the forgettable pop song (not that I find any of Coldplay’s songs forgettable or formulaic), Coldplay finds an originality and intimate feel in this offering that is exhilarating. I was reminded of the inspirational feeling I get when creating. I love this music.

Jonny U5

I was dissapointed that Coldplay broke up after A Head Full of Dreams. When I read that they reunited for one more album I was excited. Everydaylife does have explict lyrics but, they don't dwell too much on our political state and the other stuff going on. Coldplay does curse if you listen to one of their live albums. So many great tracks and the vocals take me to heaven.


In response to the negative reviews of this album: I’ve always been a fan of Coldplay and will continue to be. Their creativity evolves. I don’t like every song but I don’t have to. I choose which ones I like. Some have a beat, tone and lyrics that speak to me and some don’t. Every band changes over time. Just listen to the Beatles! They went from “I Want To Hold Your Hand” to “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”. Just because they started out one way doesn’t mean they stay that way. This band writes and performs because they love doing it. Their job is NOT to pacify you or to make sure you always love their sound. Get Real People! And go listen to more Coldplay. By the way, if you aren’t moved by the song “Daddy” on this album then you might just be made of Stone.


The first album we get in five years and this is what we’re given...

K to the E ven

Yet I know enough to write a review! Yellow was terrible. The band is terrible. The end.


Coldplay has beautiful music. This is not typical Coldplay. Sounds like music people in their 20s and 30s will not listen to. I have downloaded music on my phone by them, but I will not do with this album.


I’m a HUGE Coldplay and I’m beyond disappointed in this album! This album carries zero weight. Just blah...

Amanda Lochmann

Boring and there is a song tittle written in the language that muslim terrorists use.




This is Horrible Cold play has lost their touch.. PLUS THE LANGUAGE & Lyrics is NASTY why have this trash influence your brain.. DON’T Buy


So surprised for all the hate. They are giving us a new sound that I find to be perfection. It is that perfect balance between old and new music. Bands change and evolve. Who are we to stop them? This album is ethereal and beautiful


I don’t know, I’m kind of liking it. I think it captures a more worldly style, showing Coldplay has matured and expanded out of their U2-esque shadow. Their last couple albums have shown a wider range of their talents. Chris even has changed his vocal style on some of the tracks. This one almost harkens back to the old concept albums from some of the progressive rock masters of the past. Nice efforts here.


I love this album so much! A collective group of songs and music that paint an accurate portrayal of todays world. I can't stop listening to it. I feel this is their best work to date and would highly recommend it. It's one of those albums that should be listened to from beginning to end to get the full experience. It's truly amazing!


I see many people here complain about how they feel that Coldplay has changed and they wish that they went back to the “good old days.” All I have to say is that one can’t expect things to be the same all the time. People change, tastes change, times change, and there is no going back. Personally, I love this album. It’s a nice mix of classic and modern music and I enjoy every aspect of it. I like how Coldplay decided to explore something new. I am especially happy that they made another album after 4 years. I missed them and I welcome their music with open arms.




A beautiful description of our current time through lyrics and amazing complex yet mellow production. I would suggest this album to whoever needs to breath of fresh air (and artistic expression of calmness) in these chaotic times. It is a way for me to exhale. Thank you 🙏 guys!


Bands are allowed to change, of course. They’re people like the rest of us. But I’ve never heard such an uninteresting and offputting collection of songs from a band who also made one of the few albums that doesn’t have a single song that I would skip (X&Y). There’s no joy in their music anymore, and that’s a real bummer.




This album Is so fitting for our troubled times today. For a band that Is as big as they are to put themselves aside and create something so diverse touching hearts of many In a troubled society and planet, selfless Is all I can say! This album Is golden and has so many messages throughout! Thank you Coldplay, I feel It!



[email protected]

CP rocks!


It’s their best work since Viva La Vida! A true work of art!


Coldplay has an eclectic portfolio. Some albums land perfectly with the entire set reaching its audience; others just meander around becoming fairly unforgettable after the couple of singles. Unfortunately, Everyday Life is the most disappointing thing since Ghost Stories. You keep waiting for that song you can connect with, but so many cuts are notably short and don't go anywhere in particular. Of the 16 tracks, about five are hummable and enjoyable, the other are "what the ...?" Random noise, cussing, arguing ... sorry, it doesn't add anyting to the music; it's just offputting. I'll try to enjoy a couple of songs here, but won't take the CD off the shelf except on very rare occasions. A shame; I love the band.


I’m sorry but this new music is not great


I connect to this album a lot, and it feels like going home. The album is filled with soul and heart, something we need in the midst of all that’s going on in the Middle East and the world. Thank you for taking a step out and saying what needs to be said ❤️



Connor in bama

Amazing album, great tracks!


It seems as if the bubblegum moniker has gotten to the lads and they set out to make an album that would land some critical acclaim while retaining their fan base. Sadly, this album will likely do neither. While the lead track lends some hope to the fan base, such hope is quickly distinguished upon pressing play to this disjointed mess.


This is an OK Coldplay album. Not one of their best. Sill good to put into the playlist. but def doesn't have that Coldplay "wow" factor we have come to expect.

B Johnson in MN

Beautifully crafted. Thank you for pushing boundaries musically and being thoughtful bringing your platform to the masses. Love the band! It’s good for all. Can’t wait to see if they tour soon!!!


Just Because It’s Political And Pop Music Doesn’t Mean It Deserves, Don’t Listen to the haters, this album is a great album and it might my new favorite album since Viva La Vida


It's definitely different from what I was expecting from them, but it wasn't necessarily bad! (I am having issue with it showing up in my music app with all the songs having the same name though..even tried redownloading it all & still doing it. Please fix!)

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